Item Relation List

An item relation list is a field which is used to add relations to other items of a specific type. As an example, consider this:

  • You have a Department item type which is used as a part of an organizational diagram.
  • On each instance of the Department item type you want to be able to select which Employee (another item type) belongs to this department.

In this case you would add an Item Relation List field to the department item type and tie it to the Employees item type. When someone creates an instance of the Department item type, they can then select a number of existing Employee items and relate them to the department.

When you add this field type to an item type you have access to the following parameters (Figure 1.2):

You can:

  • Select an Item type – this item type must be enabled for ItemLists
  • Edit field options – this controls which fields are shown in the list of related items on the item type, in the example above the only active field is Name
  • Select a sort by and sort order value – None means the items are sorted in the order they are selected
  • Select an item source:
    • Inline allows you to add items of the selected type directly in the database. Deleting the item relation list does not delete the item, so use with care.
    • Pages allows you to select pages
    • Pages and paragraphs allows you to select both pages and paragraphs
    • Paragraphs allows you to select paragraphs
  • Specify a minimum and a maximum number of items which must be selected before the item can be saved.

Please note that the fields selected under field options have no impact on the fields which can be edited when creating items inline.