Dynamicweb PIM is a Product Information Management system – a set of tools which allow you to manage all aspects of your product portfolio from one central location, before publishing them to various channels, e.g. Dynamicweb Ecommerce, desktop publishing software such as Adobe InDesign, and so on. This provides you with greater control over all aspects of the product lifecycle than more traditional Ecommerce setups.

With PIM you can easily organize cross-departmental processes such as:

  • Adding essential product data like namesproduct numbersdescriptions, etc.
  • Enriching products with technical data like weight, volume, stock states, and product units
  • The localization and translation of products and product data
  • Working with variants including the inheritance of field values and images from main products
  • The publication of product data across multiple channels

In more practical terms, Dynamicweb PIM enables you to:

  • Organize your product portfolio in warehouses and warehouse groups, or via dynamic queries
  • Design and standardize internal processes using workflows
  • Enrich the product portfolio using bulk-editing and other enrichment tools
  • Publish content from the portfolio across built-in or custom-defined channels

There is no significant technical overhead when using Dynamicweb PIM, but since it depends on Dynamicweb Indexing and the Integration Framework, some knowledge of these is necessary during the configuration phase.

It is perfectly possible to work with PIM without technical knowledge, however.