Hi and welcome to the Dynamicweb Training & Certification area.

The objective of the Training and Certification Program is to ensure that the Dynamicweb Partners have the knowledge and competencies to sell, scope and deliver successful solutions based on the Dynamicweb All-in-One Platform.

The program offers a series of training sessions. The training sessions target different roles with the objective to qualify the practitioner for the certification program.

In order to enter the Dynamicweb Partner Program the Dynamicweb Partner need a certain number of Dynamicweb Certified employees. The Certification Program is developed for different roles and is based on submission of a successful multiple-choice test.  A Successful Certification test will require that the practitioner has attended the suggested training or has learned the material by self-study.

Sign up for a course below - all course sessions are scheduled to take place from 9:00-16:00. If you require training session in Copenhagen, please write to

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