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Important:  Consent module - any plans yet?
Are there any plans on how to implement a consent module for the new GDPR? ...
Kevin Steffer
22/11/2017 14:55:00
Last post: 14/05/2018 15:15:52
Sort page status options
Hi, For consistency reasons, please make the order in which the page status are listed the same In the Ribbon bar, "Hide in menu" is middle option, but in new page (or copy) it's the last option. Nuno Aguiar ...
Nuno Aguiar
17/07/2018 16:31:19
Last post: 17/07/2018 16:50:05
I forbindelse med oprettelse af med 3 websites for ét domæne er vi løbet ind i nogle udfordringer med at kunne følge vores Best Practice. Vi har nogle kunder, som ønsker flere sproglag på samme domæne uden at skulle benytte subdomæner. Vore ...
Søren Brock
08/06/2017 08:48:44
Last post: 17/07/2018 12:31:40
Global elements - fix or kill :)
Hey We have a few customers who are very happy about the Global Element feature, however it seems that with every update to Dynamicweb, the feature gets more and more buggy. Just a few cases: I have a current case where a simple global element refren ...
Claus Kølbæk
12/07/2018 09:31:06
Last post: 17/07/2018 11:30:17
First login in smart search
Hi, Is it possible to add ‘First login time’ to the fields in the smart searches? We have a portal for our customer and we would like to know when a partner has logged in for the first time. Best regards Gerard ...
Gerard Kocks
16/07/2018 17:02:44
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Image Patterns enhancements
Hi, Working with many thousands of products we found that image patterns are lacking a few options. Here's what we need (and use in our current implementations, though the UI only partly supports is): Custom fields - {ProductCustomFieldX} The ability ...
Nuno Aguiar
05/06/2018 11:02:32
Last post: 16/07/2018 16:06:58
Ability to delete a page
Hi, (Catchy subject, I know :P) In 9.4.8, when viewing subpages as a list (the new feature to show subpages in the content section rather than in a tree), I cannot delete a page. Would be nice to have the epsillon option, just like we have the in tre ...
Nuno Aguiar
14/05/2018 23:17:12
Last post: 13/07/2018 10:59:35
Layout and stats notifications on forms for editors
Hi, As we use the forms a lot for our marketing activities we also use the notifications a lot. Because the notifications lay out options are limited we use the newsletter template (workaroud) to send notifications, we use the scheduler to do it. Dis ...
Gerard Kocks
09/07/2018 14:52:52
Last post: 12/07/2018 12:22:05
Unsubscribe function for different groups
Hi, We would like to have a function that an user can unsubscribe for a newsletter from a specific categorie, but still can be subscribed for a different newsletter categorie. (if the user is in different groups). Is this possible to make? BR, Manon  ...
Manon Wekking
07/06/2018 17:36:47
Last post: 12/07/2018 07:06:38
Published/Unpublished state for Ecom Product groups
It would be great to be able to toggle a published/unpublished state for a product group, just like you can for a normal page. The goal is to have greater control of the urls that loads ecommerce content (groups). The current product group settings f ...
Jens Jakob Kristensen
06/07/2018 11:55:40
Last post: 06/07/2018 16:32:54
Query Right Expression type - Field
Hi, Would be nice to be able to set the right expression on a query to match a field. We have a project where the customer wants to find products where 2 fields are equal to each other (i.e. Product Name and NAV Name, or Cost <= Price), so that th ...
Nuno Aguiar
03/07/2018 10:58:28
Last post: 03/07/2018 11:57:45
Connect eCommerce "Publication periods" to discounts
Hi, just a thought, it could be smart to connect eCommerce "Publication periods" to discounts (Order discounts/Sales discounts) and maybe allow adding multiple periods at once. This should replace the current date pickers. For example, if I want to r ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
27/06/2018 13:32:08
Last post: 29/06/2018 11:57:47
Adding PIM queries to discount product picker
In DW "PIM" the way you work with queries is a little more user friendly (You can see the result) then under "Repositories", so what about showing PIM queries on the discount/product picker? Regards Kim ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
29/06/2018 11:03:45
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Multiple product categories
Hi, The limitation of only one product category for each product, prevents us from implementing useful specifications tables for products using standard Dynamicweb. We need something to group the fileds by, to create an overview that is not confusing ...
Mikkel Ulstrup
27/06/2018 10:29:05
Last post: 28/06/2018 19:21:37
Query products from repositories in Ecommerce > Product Catalogue
Hi, Would be nice to be able getting products in the Product Catalogue using a query from repositories - like you could with Smart Search in DW8. For example: Showing all products where Stock equals 0 for quick editing. I am aware that PIM is probabl ...
Lars Pham
28/06/2018 11:49:35
Last post: 28/06/2018 14:08:03
Edit Quotes (and Orders)
Hi Guys, We have seen recent requests that editing the quotes (and possibly orders) should also allow to edit the Shipping method and/or charges. The same goes for the Payment method. What do you think? Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
27/06/2018 14:03:08
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Discount options
Hi, A have a few suggestions/requests for the Order Discounts: Add a user selector much like Email Marketing, instead of specific field for user and user group This will add flexibility to assign multiple users or multiple groups or even a user query ...
Nuno Aguiar
22/06/2018 17:42:44
Last post: 22/06/2018 18:44:57
Option to turn off price loading per EcomModule
It would be nice if we could turn off price loading per-ecom-module-basis. For instance, if we are implementing a type-ahead search, where we know we don't want to display prices - we suffer performance loss just because prices are being loaded for s ...
Evaldas Raisutis
22/06/2018 14:26:11
Last post: 22/06/2018 18:20:37
Page name editable with Item as Page
Hi, When you has an Item as a Page and you assign an Item field to the the Page title, everything works beatifully when you are editing the Item. We've run into situations where users go to the Page's properties to updates a few things, among others  ...
Nuno Aguiar
22/06/2018 16:41:37
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Multiple tracking codes and invoices per order
Hi, More and more with B2B scenarios we see the following request: Multiple tracking codes Typically associated with orderlines, but there are edge cases where we have an orderline with 10 quantities and 2 are associated with tarcking code #1 and the ...
Nuno Aguiar
25/10/2017 13:08:55
Last post: 21/06/2018 13:03:25