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Index category field names
Dear Dynamicweb, It would be nice to have the category field names indexed in the product index and not only the values as it seems like we cannot search for a category field name. Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
28/09/2023 15:32:29
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Change naming of "empty rows" and "empty columns"
Hi, I have been explaining the visual editor to many people, and there is almost always some confusion about the concept of "empty" rows and columns. I understand that these need to be distuinghuised from template rows and columns, and sinc ...
Justin Sjouw
26/09/2023 22:31:28
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Use address id to determine and change customer/delivery address on cart via DWAPI
Hi DW, We're working on an headless solution, and we're looking for a way to easily determine which address is used for customer(billing) address and delivery address, and more importantly a way to compare the two. Looking at our scenario: We ...
Mikkel Hammer
19/07/2023 14:01:46
Last post: 26/09/2023 14:50:13
Clear cache with Data Integration Job
Hi, It would be great that in the Data Integration app, just like we do in the Deployment tool, we could have a list of the Services Caches we could clear. We do a lot of imports, some with the SQL Provider (meaning, not using Ecom or User providers) ...
Nuno Aguiar
29/11/2022 10:30:10
Last post: 26/09/2023 07:45:46
Set net price for customers
Dear Dynamicweb, I am missing an option to set a price in EcomPrices, to be a "net price" that does not allow any further discounts from the discount calculations. Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
19/09/2023 14:45:25
Last post: 25/09/2023 09:59:37
2 factor authentication
Hi, Are there any plans to implement 2 factor authentication (with the Google authenticator app or the Microsoft authenticator app) in the Extranet (and Admin) login? Kind regards, Ben ...
Ben Doorn
08/11/2017 14:35:06
Last post: 25/09/2023 09:00:35
UPS OAuth 2.0 Support
UPS is ending support for their current API authentication and is moving to OAuth 2.0. As of June 3, 2023 they stopped issuing older API Keys and will sunset support for them in June 2024. Will DW support the new OAuth security model (or does it alre ...
George Jaros
18/09/2023 18:23:15
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Ignore Giftcards from Shipping fee calculation
Hi guys, I have a situation that I believe should be handled in the standard code. When users buy Giftcard, it does not make sense to calculate a shipping charge since there will be no delivery for it. Since the Giftcard is a specific product type, I ...
Adrian Ursu
14/09/2023 12:33:47
Last post: 18/09/2023 09:44:10
Add permissions for item fields and groups for more fine-grained control
Hi, We recently launched a Swift project where we have build row and paragraph templates for the editors. Templates that follows the overall design of the website where it is only the content of the template that should be edited by the editors and n ...
Roald Haahr
08/09/2023 10:16:14
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Admin two-factor authentication
Hi! We have a customer who have requested the ability to active two-factor authentication for the DW administration. Are there any plans to add this feature in a future version of DW? BR Vincent ...
Vincent Gercke
05/09/2023 10:32:34
Last post: 07/09/2023 09:42:51
Recommend Values for Paging
Hello! We have noticed in recent projects that customers are able to eneter any value for paging. This allows them to choose a number that is not divisble by the number of columns in the grid, which leads to gaps when the 'Load more' button i ...
Anjelica-Mae Bueno
02/08/2023 00:41:40
Last post: 01/09/2023 14:50:46
Data integration last run / last successful run
I would like to request a feature that will record the last run of any data integration job. This way we can call a function in the odata filter to retrieve last successful run. (I know there is a workaround with reading log files, but seems convolut ...
Bjørn Ingebrigtsen
28/08/2023 09:50:39
Last post: 01/09/2023 13:04:53
Add favorite lists to WebAPI
Hi We have a customer running DW 9 headless where we have to implement product favorites. It would be great to have favorite list management added to the webapi so we don't have to create a custom solution for this. ...
Tor Leeberg
09/01/2023 07:57:47
Last post: 18/08/2023 15:40:53
Edit Field Display Groups with many fields
Everyone who have been working with Field Display Groups, where the solution have many fields (>50 fields) most have been in the same situation as me... clicking myself halfway dead! Adding and removing fields works very well with ">" ...
Michael Knudsen
15/08/2023 21:58:25
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Extend Favorite lists
Hi guys, We have been playing around with Favorite lists for a while and now that the DWAPI supports interactions with the lists and products, it became even more useful. This is the reason I am thinking that an extension of the favorite lists would  ...
Adrian Ursu
14/08/2023 12:18:59
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PIM feed - enable paging
Would it be possible to add 'paging' to PIM feeds? Some customers are required to deliver a product feed with 'paging' eg. 500 products per page and currently would this require a custom template. This could be checkbox on the feed to ...
Michael Knudsen
02/08/2023 11:27:20
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Monitoring > Health > User management > Duplicate usernames
Hi, In Integration projects, when a bad setup is performed, it is common to end up with duplicate usernames. Can a check be made for it? Something like SELECT AccessUserUsername, AccessUserShopId, COUNT(*) FROM AccessUser GROUP BY AccessUserUsername, ...
Nuno Aguiar
25/07/2023 14:08:35
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Add sort order for GridRowViewModel
Hi guys, Sometimes it would be helpful to know the position of the grid on the page. In my situation specifically, I need to know if it is the first GridRow on the page. But it can be useful to see the position of the grid rows and if it;'s the f ...
Adrian Ursu
16/07/2023 13:10:23
Last post: 17/07/2023 09:10:10
Paginated results in dwapi get carts
The endpoint GET /dwapi/ecommerce/carts returns a list of UserCartsResponse, but the endpoint is paginated and the response doesnt respond with a paginated result i.e. list of results, totalpages. total in result. It would be preferred to have that i ...
Theodor Perrier
12/07/2023 10:17:40
Last post: 12/07/2023 13:37:28
Theodor Perrier
12/07/2023 10:13:43
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