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Important:  Consent module - any plans yet?
Are there any plans on how to implement a consent module for the new GDPR? ...
Kevin Steffer
22/11/2017 14:55:00
Last post: 31/07/2018 10:14:20
Option to disable/remove VAT from devivery methods
Hi guys! I have this issue: Which does not seem to be possible to solve with existing standard settings. So here is my request: Add option to disable/remove VAT from delivery methods on lan ...
Jesper Holm Damgaard
18/05/2020 09:27:39
Last post: 19/05/2020 15:21:14
Assortments by website
Hi guys, Would it make sense to have a way to assign an assortment to a website? Just like you select the Shop on the website settings. Or define the Website in the Assortment definition? The main reason behind the request is that we don't have a way ...
Adrian Ursu
18/06/2019 13:13:14
Last post: 15/05/2020 17:01:25
Add url for Module Exceptions to Event Viewer
Dear Dynamicweb, Can you please add the url for Module exceptions? Change this line: LogManager.System.GetLogger(LogCategory.Health, "Module").Error($"An error occurred while attaching module '{paragraph?.ModuleSystemName}' (Dynamicweb.Frontend.Conte ...
Anders Ebdrup
14/05/2020 19:50:53
Last post: 15/05/2020 11:54:33
Add query and post data to event data
Dear Dynamicweb, We are using the great monitoring module, but for reproducing errors it would be nice to have the current url and the post data added to the event data. This is the current view where I cannot figure out how to reproduce: https://www ...
Anders Ebdrup
14/05/2020 11:37:40
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Editor Context for PIM
Hi, In Editor Configuration there is a possibility set editor context for the eCommerce description field. It would be nice if the eCommerce description also applied to the corresponding field in PIM. (I need to limit the number of characters in the  ...
Aki Ruuskanen
13/05/2020 17:01:02
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Advanced URL redirects
Hi, Although low priority, but it would be nice to have some more advanced features in Url Redirects (aka Direct Paths). The current "Url Redirects" fits a lot of scenarios, but soon we need to move to web.config (or directly in IIS) when we have pat ...
Nuno Aguiar
06/05/2020 11:08:10
Last post: 06/05/2020 15:03:21
Form For Editors: Auto-complete
Hey It would be great if we on a field in form for editors could fill out the auto-complete attribute, either by selecting from a list depending on the field type (best case ) - or just an empty text field that the user can fill out themselves. An ex ...
Claus Kølbæk
30/04/2020 01:46:14
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Cookie Manager - Extra info.
Hi When listing the cookies from the cookie manager you seem to only be able to list categories atm. - and even if you create a custom category and add cookies to that list, you cannot in the frontend get a list of the cookies you have added to the c ...
Claus Kølbæk
22/04/2020 15:07:56
Last post: 26/04/2020 16:57:45
Track and Trace name for Orders/Invoices
Hi We had a request from a customer to display the track and trace name in the list of invoices and detail. Checking the template tags, we only have the Ecom:Order.TrackTraceNumber and the Ecom:Order.TrackTraceURL and it would be useful to also have  ...
Fabio Monte
25/02/2020 17:57:47
Last post: 24/04/2020 17:30:56
Consolidated interface for managing product Comments
Hi guys, I would like to suggest adding a consolidated management interface for Product Reviews and Comments. The way it is set up now, the admin would have to go in each individual product for approving comments and this is not exactly efficient. Al ...
Adrian Ursu
19/04/2020 12:51:19
Last post: 20/04/2020 14:12:59
Alt text in Image Selectors
Hi, This is starting to come up more and more because of SEO and Accessibility. We have the image selector scatered around in the system (attached). It would be great if we could set the alt text directly when we choose the image, and then have that  ...
Nuno Aguiar
18/04/2020 02:57:15
Last post: 19/04/2020 11:47:59
Listbox field displayed as selectable images
Hi, When creating fields of type "List box" it would be very nice if you could select something like "Image Select List" in the "Display as" field. When editing a product the user could then select values based on images. Regards / Aki ...
Aki Ruuskanen
24/01/2020 13:27:15
Last post: 16/04/2020 10:56:00
Auto populate Systemname and TemplateTag on custom fields
Hi, A PIM customer noticed that when we create product category fields the System name and Template Tags auto populates from the Name, but the same does not happen for Product fields not Group fields. Would be nive to have that consistent. Here's the ...
Nuno Aguiar
15/04/2020 01:04:25
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Dynamicweb for Marketplace projects
Hi guys, I have seen a lot of buzz around the concept of "Marketplace" for eCommerce lately and I was wondering if you have any plans for better or more specific support for projects of this type. I know it is a large concept, but basically it means  ...
Adrian Ursu
23/01/2020 17:47:08
Last post: 14/04/2020 14:07:12
Show empty (unnasigned) properties in PIM
Hi, Currently in PIM if you have a Product Property in the Visible field, and that product has no value for it, the field does not show. We'd like to request them to be visible. Here's the use case Customers in the USA have their ERPs filled with att ...
Nuno Aguiar
26/03/2020 23:24:06
Last post: 13/04/2020 10:16:33
Translation of Global Elements
Hello, For example. I have a website with English as master language and danish as a sub-language. I create a paragraph on master, translate it on my danish layer. I now add this paragraph as a Global Element on some other page. This will reference t ...
Søren Ravn Lund
30/03/2020 15:12:57
Last post: 06/04/2020 09:24:26
Perserve language layers values on paragraph copy
Hello, For example. I have a website with English as master language and danish as a sub-language. I create a paragraph on master, translate it on my danish layer. If I copy this paragraph from one page to another - my danish translation is lost on t ...
Søren Ravn Lund
30/03/2020 15:07:04
Last post: 31/03/2020 08:21:41
Copy Item Group to another item
Hi Dynamicweb Feature: Copy item group to another item, see Screenshot Thanks Kim ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
27/03/2020 17:06:54
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Better support for multiple webshops in the same solution. Price for anonymous users
Hi guys, Based on our recent experience with implementing multiple shops in the same solution, I believe I might have a suggestion for improvement. Support shop prices for anonymous users. In some situations, we might have 2 B2B2C Shops in the same s ...
Adrian Ursu
21/03/2020 10:57:07
Last post: 25/03/2020 15:32:57