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eCom - select orderlines to invoice and print on split order
When handling an order as a split order (when only part of the order is handled and shipped, due to delivery delay for some of the products in the order), it is a much needed feature to be able to print an invoice only containing the handled and ship ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
09/02/2022 15:14:06
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Remember last folder opened in Image selector
Hi guys, We have a project where the users are supposed to create a lot of content every day and in most cases, that means using a lot of images. Because of this, they have requested us to find a way to remember the last folder opened by the Image se ...
Adrian Ursu
06/02/2022 15:59:52
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Add AccessUserId entry to EcomOrderDebuggingInfo
This is hopefully a quick feature, but it will be very valuable. We sometimes need to track down a missing cart or order that goes missing for some reason or other. It's difficult to do so after a cart or order is fully deleted. Sometimes we have ...
Scott Forsyth
27/07/2021 15:02:34
Last post: 27/01/2022 15:09:05
Add throttle to email mailing
Hello, When sending large number of emails and rendering unique content, it's not uncommon to overwhelm the server. Worse yet, large mailings usually correspond to important events when it's all the more important to have the site running at  ...
Scott Forsyth
06/10/2021 05:15:34
Last post: 22/01/2022 18:37:28
Support changing AccessUserUserAndGroupType
Hello, It would be nice if we could change AccessUserUserAndGroupType from the backend. There is pretty good support for this field when you follow a happy path to create it, but sometimes users can be created other methods (Extranet module, integrat ...
Scott Forsyth
20/01/2022 16:09:39
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Copy feed
Would be nice to have the possibility to copy feeds under PIM > Feeds. ...
Martin Moen
19/01/2022 09:50:52
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Variant options in FieldDisplayGroups
Hi guys, I have a project where product families grouped as variants would use for Variant options the same properties as I should use for specifications. In this case, in order to provide the information in FieldDisplayGroups, I would have to duplic ...
Adrian Ursu
18/01/2022 10:18:16
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Add "Information" section to the bottom of the Order Total report in Statistics
We've been asked about the possibility of having a similar "Information" section added to the bottom of the "Order Total" report under Ecommerce Statistics. You can see an example of that section on the "Turnover" re ...
Ryan Burnham
14/01/2022 20:02:05
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Copy related products
Would be nice to be able to copy related products from another product, and/or make shared product relation groups that only have to be managed one place. When you have multiple products that have the same set of related products it woulc be nice to  ...
Martin Moen
14/01/2022 10:47:18
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PIM - Images
Hi guys, During the implementation of PIM queries in our newest project, we have captured some requirements from our customers in regard to the use of Images in Queries and Completeness rules. The use case was to be able to set a completeness rule ba ...
Adrian Ursu
24/10/2020 13:24:02
Last post: 12/01/2022 12:19:41
Drag and drop images to ecom/PIM "image assets"
It is pretty cumbersome, to add images to image assets in Pim/ECOM. Would be sooo nice if it was possible to drag and drop images to the products? Hopefully this is an update in DW10? /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
10/01/2022 16:53:02
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2factor auth on admin login
Hi, With the ever rising threat of hackers taking company data hostage, has there been a discussion on adding 2factor auth to the admin login? Simple sms code or even an authentication app? Best regards, ArnĂ³r ...
Arnór Halldórsson
06/01/2022 09:18:55
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Additional settings in UserIndexBuilder
Hi, It would be great if we could have some additional settings in the UserIndexBuilder settings GroupIds to Include AND/OR GroupsIds to exclude SkipOrdersInfo SkipBoughtProducts SkipLoyaltyInfo (would also ski ...
Nuno Aguiar
21/12/2021 12:23:11
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Flat Tax Provider additional settings
Hi, We need a few additional settings to the Flat Rate Tax Provider (so we stop making some customizations on it): Include Payment Fee (checkbox) Include Shipping Fee (checkbox) Tax Exempt Users (User / User Group select box) The first two basically  ...
Nuno Aguiar
13/12/2021 13:03:32
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Internal Link building with Rich Text Editor
HI DW. I have a customer who would really like to do more with linkbuilding in their solution. They would like to have links inside their Rich Text Editor text, that links to internal pages. However, using the Rich Text Editor, you can only specific  ...
Daniel Hollmann
08/12/2021 08:38:44
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Use of custom fields with UnitsFieldTypeProvider in JSON feeds
[This post is moved from PIM forum, since no activity] I have a number of integrated product fields (from ERP) based on a Field Type which is using the UnitsFieldTypeProvider. The intension is to use the UnitsFieldTypeProvider to 'transform'  ...
Michael Knudsen
07/12/2021 16:13:46
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Monitoring requests
Hello, I have 2 requests for the Monitoring in the backend: It would be valuable to have paging in the Monitoring section in the backend. Currently you can select how many records to show, but it doesn't let you move to the 2nd or subsequent page ...
Scott Forsyth
03/12/2021 21:40:49
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Favorite lists - refresh cache when adding/removing from backoffice
Hi, When adding/removing products in a Favorite list from the backoffice interface the cache is not refreshed. In the screenshot an example wihere one product is removed in the backoffice but it still shows in the frontend(the star is gone but the pr ...
Peter Krusell
08/11/2021 17:14:54
Last post: 24/11/2021 20:53:38
Direct Path - couldn't we get it in front of the execution pipeline?
We and customers often get confused by not being able to do Direct Paths for existing URLS in the CMS. And I have investigated it a long time ago and found out that the Direct Path module is written within the 404 handler. Couldn't that logic be  ...
Kevin Steffer
17/11/2021 20:03:43
Last post: 19/11/2021 08:54:48
Enterprise level logging of backend events
Hello, It would be nice to have logging of everything done in the backend. We often get asked that of our enterprise customers and enterprise prospect customers. They expect that we can see who made any given change. Today I had a real-world situatio ...
Scott Forsyth
17/11/2021 15:50:57
Last post: 18/11/2021 00:17:46