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NavigationViewModel property or alternative?
Hi, We are implementing automated QA testing (in Swift) and we're missing one key feature to optimize the process, and that is related to navigation. Currently we need to do things like this (1 example out of many) looking for specific menu items ...
Nuno Aguiar
29/09/2022 20:04:20
Last post: 30/09/2022 11:36:02
Ability to use custom format on currency
Hi, We have a customer requesting the ability to use a specific format for their prices. As of now the FormatCurrency uses the culture to format the prices, but it would be great to have the ability to control the format with a new field on the curre ...
Vincent Gercke
29/09/2022 09:42:23
Last post: 29/09/2022 13:47:48
[VisualEditor] Remember last file path navigated
Hi guys, It would be very useful to remember the last path navigated in the file manager when opening a new instance of the file manager browser. The use case is that the admin can upload a bunch of files in a folder with the purpose of adding them t ...
Adrian Ursu
11/09/2022 11:43:54
Last post: 11/09/2022 19:14:00
Add CCFilterFromDay + CCFilterToDay to CustomerCenter handling (order drafts)
We would like to be able to filter by day in customer center order drafts. Today it is only possible via month + year. Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.CustomerCenter.CustomerCenterHandler.HandleRequestToGetPagedOrders + associated. CCFilterFromDay CCFilterToDay ...
Allan Iversen
22/08/2022 10:14:13
Last post: 22/08/2022 15:48:19
Visual Editor settings
Hi, It would be great that in the Visual Editor we could have the following settings: "Accessibility" Choose the adaptive behavior to render as a Mobile, Tablet or Desktop Publication Period Choose a date-time to simulate how the page would ...
Nuno Aguiar
17/08/2022 21:33:55
Last post: 18/08/2022 10:28:44
Testing Future-Dated Pricing
Hi, Would it be possible for you to provide a feature that takes several inputs (below) and outputs the price (including PriceId) that would be selected by the platform? Inputs: "Effective" date, or the date on which I want to evaluate pric ...
Carolee Schuck
06/08/2022 21:50:09
Last post: 31/08/2022 21:44:16
dwapi products search with POST
Hi, Can we have /dwapi/products/search accept POST (not just GET) requests? The reason is because using we are using the dwapi to get product data for some B2B projects. But being B2B projects it's not unrealistic to have long product lists where ...
Nuno Aguiar
22/07/2022 15:40:53
Last post: 05/08/2022 18:57:41
Forms for Editors: Conditional fields
We've had a request to utilize Forms for Editors to create an event registration form that allows for multiple attendees and attendee info in one submission. That is, the user could submit the Name, Title, and Email (or other input as desired) pe ...
Melissa Borgmann
22/06/2022 22:58:42
Last post: 23/06/2022 17:40:47
Hi guys, In the top of the global settings we have the PartnerEmail node. This renders a clickable email address on the CMS login screen. This is something we have always used to communicate our support email address to our customers / cms moderators ...
Peter Leleulya
21/06/2022 08:33:38
Last post: 22/06/2022 15:59:38
Navigate pages when using "List sub pages"
Hi guys, I have a project where we have a pretty deep structure of pages and because of that, we have used the "List sub pages" option. Everything seems pretty fine so far except for the navigation back to the previous level. When you navig ...
Adrian Ursu
23/05/2022 18:11:45
Last post: 24/05/2022 07:57:26
Extra information for item types in dwapi
Hello, I am wondering if you have thought about providing the group name for a given item type field when returning the item types from the API? For example, these fields should have the group name in the response. This would be very helpfull in our  ...
Unnsteinn Garðarsson
18/05/2022 13:15:33
Last post: 18/05/2022 16:58:08
WebApi: Get product prices based on discount code
Dear Dynamicweb, We have a request from one of our clients to be able by the webapi to get a list of products, where the prices are discounted based on a voucher/discount code that is part of the post/get request. Can this be added to the webapi? Bes ...
Anders Ebdrup
18/05/2022 07:58:17
Last post: 18/05/2022 15:48:33
Possibility to exclude specific products from sitemap
Hello, We have a customer, who is requesting the ability to exclude specific products from the sitemap. At the moment, we can implement a custom solution, but it would be nice to have as standard functionality at some point. BR Vincent ...
Vincent Gercke
02/05/2022 08:32:06
Last post: 09/09/2022 08:50:42
Support quantity on RelatedProducts
Hi guys, I have already 2 projects asking about a similar feature. There are some products that require purchasing of additional accessories. In most cases, the accessories require just 1 unit but there are situations where a product requires more th ...
Adrian Ursu
30/04/2022 11:32:21
Last post: 03/05/2022 09:50:16
9.13 Bugfixes page
Hi, Looks like the 9.13 bug fixes page is missing like Best Regards, Nuno Aguiar ...
Nuno Aguiar
21/04/2022 15:05:07
Last post: 22/04/2022 11:12:49
dwapi/content/pages hide in menu pages not in response
I am wondering if you can return pages that are marked as "Hide in menu" to us so that we can actually use them in the front end but hide it in the navigation menu? We would really want this for our headless solutions because right now &quo ...
Unnsteinn Garðarsson
01/04/2022 18:51:19
Last post: 09/04/2022 13:36:28
Shared Dashboards
Hi, We have a request from a couple of customers who would like to be able to have shared dashboards. It's quite hard, if you have many editors, to set up customized dashboards for each user and keep them updated. It would be very nice to be able ...
Aki Ruuskanen
28/03/2022 09:06:16
Last post: 04/05/2022 13:23:26
Releated products - adding same products to multiple products
One of our clients are adding the same products as releated products to mulitple products, which in the enrichment phase can be very treadious process. Could it be possible to add 'Related products' from the Product list, so the selected prod ...
Michael Knudsen
10/03/2022 08:48:20
Last post: 28/03/2022 09:01:45
Ability to edit page from frontend
Hello. We have a customer who wants to be able to go directly to the administration to edit a page from the frontend, if they are logged in as a administrator user. They are suggesting a fixed button/link of some kind placed somewhere on the page, wh ...
Vincent Gercke
23/02/2022 13:59:31
Last post: 24/02/2022 08:20:02
Ecommerce Navigation Root Group
Hi, We would like for a simple addition to Ecommerce navigation, to mimic the behavior of menus as pages, where we point to the root page, and what we get is the subpages. It would be an additional radio option (i.e. "Root group" or "P ...
Nuno Aguiar
23/02/2022 12:59:42
Last post: 26/07/2022 18:36:58