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Support quantity on RelatedProducts
Hi guys, I have already 2 projects asking about a similar feature. There are some products that require purchasing of additional accessories. In most cases, the accessories require just 1 unit but there are situations where a product requires more th ...
Adrian Ursu
30/04/2022 11:32:21
Last post: 03/05/2022 09:50:16
Product category does not remember state on save of field
Hi, I have multiple Product Categories with multiple fields in each category. When I open a product category, go to page 2 of fields and open a field for edit. When I click on “Save & close” it returns me back to page 1 and I must man ...
Andreas Pettersson
26/04/2022 12:51:38
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9.13 Bugfixes page
Hi, Looks like the 9.13 bug fixes page is missing like Best Regards, Nuno Aguiar ...
Nuno Aguiar
21/04/2022 15:05:07
Last post: 22/04/2022 11:12:49
Product Index Settings - SkipAllExtendedFields
Hi, We'd like to request that there's a "SkipOrders", "SkipCampaign", "SkipAssortments" and other more granular settings. Currently we have "SkipAllExtendedFields" and that's very broad. According t ...
Nuno Aguiar
10/02/2022 13:18:14
Last post: 13/04/2022 22:03:46
dwapi/content/pages hide in menu pages not in response
I am wondering if you can return pages that are marked as "Hide in menu" to us so that we can actually use them in the front end but hide it in the navigation menu? We would really want this for our headless solutions because right now &quo ...
Unnsteinn Garðarsson
01/04/2022 18:51:19
Last post: 09/04/2022 13:36:28
Content and Row DataItem Provider
Hi, Using the Deployment tool with the Content and Row DataItem Providers, there is no name, only ID, and figuring out the actual Row is tricky and requires inspecting with DevTools and looking into the markup. Would be great to at least have the Ite ...
Nuno Aguiar
06/04/2022 12:10:03
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Releated products - adding same products to multiple products
One of our clients are adding the same products as releated products to mulitple products, which in the enrichment phase can be very treadious process. Could it be possible to add 'Related products' from the Product list, so the selected prod ...
Michael Knudsen
10/03/2022 08:48:20
Last post: 28/03/2022 09:01:45
Inegation framework - order capture date as humanly readable value when exporting order data
Hi We have a customer that exports order data monthly, and tey want to get an overview of when the orders where captured. But the only value we get exported, is a field containing XML and where the timestamp is a binary field The Field OrderCaptureIn ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
25/03/2022 15:19:12
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Linking to paragraphs from the rich text editor
Hi DW, It would be great if linking to paragraphs from the CKEditor had the expected behaviour of scrolling to the paragraph ...
Dan Tomicic
21/02/2022 10:40:04
Last post: 09/03/2022 13:51:43
Monitoring to log referrer
Hi, It would be very useful if when there's errors or warning in Monitoring we could get the referrer. Here's my use case: A page renders a Razor error I know it's page ID 123 - I know I have to do something about it I don't know which pages are link ...
Nuno Aguiar
20/07/2020 10:51:22
Last post: 24/02/2022 10:41:59
Monitoring paging
Hi, The Monitoring tool has a paging size, but it does not have paging. It would be nice if we could really page, even if it was limited to only a subset of pages (assuming there are concerns on having to get all of the data to calculate how many pos ...
Nuno Aguiar
24/02/2022 10:40:01
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Monitoring > Health > Ecommerce data additions
Hi, Due to how some imports work, sometimes we can have duplicate product/order/orderline custom field definitions OR (due to some odd situations) apparently have the custom field definition in the backend, but the database schema hasn't been cha ...
Nuno Aguiar
24/02/2022 10:25:04
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Ability to edit page from frontend
Hello. We have a customer who wants to be able to go directly to the administration to edit a page from the frontend, if they are logged in as a administrator user. They are suggesting a fixed button/link of some kind placed somewhere on the page, wh ...
Vincent Gercke
23/02/2022 13:59:31
Last post: 24/02/2022 08:20:02
Handle NULL or empty fields when Exporting or importing
Hi guys, I have had some issues trying to migrate data between 2 Dynamicweb solutions using EcomProvider and/or DynamicwebProvider and Excel. My scenario is simple. I want to export some data from one solution and import it into another solution. Bot ...
Adrian Ursu
23/02/2022 19:53:03
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Sorting of family members
Hi, I cant find any way to sort familymembers after a family is created in the PIM. Have I missed something or is it not possible? If not possible, the I humbly would like to make a feature reuest. :) Regards / Aki ...
Aki Ruuskanen
19/11/2021 15:30:11
Last post: 15/02/2022 12:22:15
Seperate column when exporting til Excel from statistics
It would be great if the product name and product quantity was seperate columns when exporting to Excel from the statistics module: ...
Vincent Gercke
11/02/2022 14:26:28
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Some more common Facets in Swift
Hi There, I have a request for a feature that in my experience a lot of customers will want to use. In a sense I think I'm asking for multiple features, but all around the same topic. I find the current possibilities to define navigation and filt ...
Justin Sjouw
11/02/2022 10:48:04
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Product Catalogue - Productlist should not show product, when all variants are deactivated
Hi When products are combined to a product variant group, and all the variants are deactivated (only the mastrproduct/containerproduct is active), the product should not be part of the productlist being published through Product Catalogue. /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
10/02/2022 14:00:34
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Extend logging of ipbanner
Dear Dynamicweb, We have some solutions where users are blocked now and then, and it is hard for us to determine the exact reason. So it will be great to have the identified string logged in the file placed in: Log/IpBanner Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
23/06/2021 09:51:49
Last post: 10/02/2022 08:14:08
Cannot save a user with an email for the TLD .studio
I get an error "Email address has incorrect format". Maybe loosen up on the email address validation? :-) Thanks, Jonas ...
Jonas Krarup Dam
15/09/2021 13:28:26
Last post: 10/02/2022 00:12:55