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Best way to handle removing products from a productlist - to maintain paging
Hi, I have tried to find a solution, and searched the forum, but am unable to find the best solution to remove products from a productlist - and maintain the paging. If ProductList.BeforePaging is used it will only remove the product. What I am tryin ...
Jan Sangill
20/03/2022 09:34:24
Last post: 21/03/2022 00:40:45
Show the Created Cart Function
Hi, I am trying to create the cart automatically after the order completed. I succeeded to add the cart in admin site but the cart does not show in the front end and I already try to use setCart function. The code is in the txt file and the result is ...
Rivan Chandra
09/03/2022 09:56:16
Last post: 20/03/2022 01:50:14
unable to add product to cart after losing VPN connection in the middle of request on DW 9.13.2
Hi DW, I was trying to add a product to a cart via the /dwapi/ecommerce/carts/8106a0cda70342058a34839c44fde1f5/items/, with the body: { "ProductId": "SGK070", "ProductVariantId": "SP10642.SP5786", "Quantit ...
Mikkel Hammer
18/03/2022 18:44:13
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User Macro not working after recycle
Hi guys, I have a project where we have developed a UserMacro that is supposed to return a comma-separated list of ProductNumbers based on some information in a custom table. Nothing fancy so far. Setting up the Macro in the query worked pretty well, ...
Adrian Ursu
15/03/2022 16:56:51
Last post: 16/03/2022 14:46:05
NotificationSubscriber - Cart line removed
Hi, I have an issue, where the subscribe made for Ecommerce.Cart.Line.Removed (DWN_ECOM_CART_LINE_REMOVED) is not getting triggered when we use a cart cmd. We have a notification subscriber for the "add" which works perfectly fine. The site ...
Nicklas Vilster
15/03/2022 11:18:42
Last post: 15/03/2022 11:46:55
Can't access web installer : redirected you too many times
I have a problem with installing Dynamicweb.. I have installed version 9.12 using the Zip file. I followed the procedures, I copied the contents in dynamicweb.web.config into Web.config. When accessing the page I think it redirects infinitely between ...
Joel Setterberg
07/02/2022 14:15:36
Last post: 14/03/2022 11:25:49
UserAddressOnAfterSave receives empty args when saving AccessUser address
Dear Dynamicweb, We're trying to update the Carts customer information, with a UserAddressOnAfterSave NotificationSubscriber, when a user changes their default address through the Extranet module in the frontend. It's so they don't need t ...
Mikkel Hammer
14/12/2021 11:45:43
Last post: 14/03/2022 11:20:19
Stop Extranet-module sending mails
Hi, I'm using the notification subscriber UserOnBeforeSave to check user creation with Google reCaptcha. This part is working fine, but I need to stop the Extranet-module from sending a notification mail to the user, if the validation from Google ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
11/03/2022 10:26:43
Last post: 14/03/2022 10:42:51
Get live price from /dwapi/ecommerce/products
I dont get the live price from Dynamics through tha API. Is it correct that the API currently does not work with the live price provider? ...
Martin Moen
12/12/2021 22:41:12
Last post: 08/03/2022 10:09:09
FavoriteProduct Quantity
Why is not the Quantity available through the FavoriteProduct class? Note is there, but not Quanity. ...
Martin Moen
06/03/2022 17:33:35
Last post: 08/03/2022 09:29:43
Dynamicweb API - Product endpoint - CORS restriction
Good afternoon! I ran into a small inconvenience with CORS while developing against the new awesome DW API. When sendinga POST request against the "/dwapi/ecommerce/products" endpoint I started getting the following error. So i figured i'd set up a l ...
Snaevar Petursson
11/03/2021 19:09:05
Last post: 25/02/2022 10:25:00
product cache doesn't update immediately
Hi, I am trying to update product information through a schedular. But it does not update the product in the website's product catalog immediately after the schedular run. it took at least 15 min to see the change in front end. in DW backend sql  ...
Arker Soe
06/10/2021 04:06:44
Last post: 24/02/2022 04:06:19
Error on Razor Engine
Could not delete C:\Windows\TEMP\RazorEngine_twyaoezb.xx5: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'CompiledRazorTemplates.Dynamic.RazorEngine_d0d203368fb64296945dbb5fad64359c.dll' is denied. at System.IO.Directory.DeleteHelper ...
Shiwanka Chathuranga
15/02/2022 06:07:14
Last post: 23/02/2022 05:58:59
Custom validator for code first items
Hello, We have been trying to create a custom validator for code first items, but are struggling to get something elegant to work. The code for a working version was like this: using Dynamicweb.Content; using Dynamicweb.Content.Items.Editors; using D ...
Hans Kloppenborg
22/02/2022 11:02:40
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GetCookie returns null
Is there something that I am missing here or what? I have the following code. List<string> cookies = CookieManager.GetDynamicwebCookiesList(); var cookie = CookieManager.GetCookie("Email"); The list of cookies look like this But GetCo ...
Unnsteinn Garðarsson
18/02/2022 16:17:23
Last post: 21/02/2022 10:34:02
Wrong count statistics TotalProductSale
We have a customer who is experiencing wrong values when using the statistics module in Dynamiweb and I've identified an issue: This is the query which is executed (TotalProductSale.cs) as of now: The first rows ProductAmount should be 4 and not  ...
Vincent Gercke
11/02/2022 11:36:55
Last post: 15/02/2022 18:49:38
Is it possible to automatically deactivate masterproduct when all variants are inactive?
Hi We have an ecom solution where we import products from daily. Products are imported as separate products, and then combined into variant groups. That´s all fine. Proucts/Variants are enriched in PIM, but some of the data is updated via Impor ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
10/02/2022 13:40:07
Last post: 10/02/2022 14:19:14
Adding multiple translations from file eg. .json or .csv
Hi, I was wondering if its a planned feature, to add translations from a .csv or .json file. For scaleability and when the customer needs a site in a new language, it would be preffered to be able to add translations from something like a CSV import. ...
Theodor Perrier
10/02/2022 11:06:57
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/dwapi/ecommerce/carts/{secret} && /dwapi/ecommerce/carts/{secret}/items/{itemId}
After patch orderline on cart with new variant on the given orderline, the ordeline retains the original productVariantName, even when it doesnt match the updated variant. ...
Theodor Perrier
16/12/2021 12:12:46
Last post: 10/02/2022 10:44:42
Updated example code custom WebAPI
Are there any updated examples on how to create a custom WebAPI that works with DW 9.13? Have tried this (link), but since it is from 2019 I would like to know if there are any new ways of doing this? ...
Martin Moen
06/02/2022 15:20:11
Last post: 09/02/2022 22:49:34