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Custom list control inheriting ListEditor not working after 9.10 Dynamicweb upgrade
Hello, We developed a custom control that inherited the ListEditor<T> and worked fine, until 9.10 when the method RenderList has been marked as internal: internal virtual void RenderList(TextWriter output, T selectedItem) { throw new NotImpleme ...
Emil Dumitrescu
25/01/2022 16:33:24
Last post: 09/02/2022 17:31:23
Local solution doesnt display Ecommerce menu
ver. 9.12.4 locally my solution doesnt display Ecommerce menu correctly, im able to see the menu in stageing, its the same DB that is used in both instances. cleaning and rebuilding doesn't help, and recycling the pool in IIS doesn't work eit ...
Theodor Perrier
08/02/2022 13:21:41
Last post: 09/02/2022 08:47:27
Dear Dynamicweb, We see some issues with not having the price calculated right on orders, where the field ORDERPRICECALCULATIONDATE is set in EcomOrders to a date in the past. So when is this field set (And we are not posting an OrderTime in the requ ...
Anders Ebdrup
01/02/2022 10:54:03
Last post: 07/02/2022 10:27:27
Use domain for cookies cached
Hello, I encountered an issue with the "Use domain for cookies" flag in the Cookie Manager, if I want to deselect it, I have to recycle the application pool afterwards for it to take effect. Regards. ...
Unnsteinn Garðarsson
03/02/2022 14:20:21
Last post: 03/02/2022 15:41:04
problems with syncing webshop cart with endpoint cart
Hi DW, We're having some trouble "syncing" our carts if we manipulate and access through both the webshop and dwapi. If we create a cart through the POST /dwapi/ecommerce/carts endpoint, and add to products to it with the /dwapi/ecommer ...
Mikkel Hammer
01/02/2022 15:19:35
Last post: 02/02/2022 14:36:23
DWAPI - notification subscribers and other improvements
Hi Dynamicweb, Would it be possible to get a notification subscriber that fires when a cart is loaded by the DWAPI? As for now, it is impossible to manipulate data in custom orderfields and custom orderline fields, e.g. the OrderBeforeSave notificati ...
Niels Foldager
08/12/2021 21:39:03
Last post: 01/02/2022 11:09:19
Use visual Editor as a stand-alone page
Hoi guys, I have a project where I had to connect a Content page to a product in order to allow a more editable-feature-rich description for products. My need right now is to be able to open the visual builder as a pop-up (outside of the Iframe). I h ...
Adrian Ursu
26/01/2022 19:34:58
Last post: 27/01/2022 09:29:05
Add OptionLabel to
Dear Dynamicweb, When outputting product fields with "Ecom:FieldDisplayGroup.Field" we are missing the "OptionLabel", which is available through "Ecom:Product.CategoryField.XX.OptionLabel". This means that a formatted fi ...
Anders Ebdrup
16/12/2021 09:31:24
Last post: 26/01/2022 10:19:15
Split and merge orderlines from api
Hi, As mentioned in the thread, I need to be able to split and merge orderlines in the cart. Does the built-in functionality with merging similar orderlines also work w ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
11/01/2022 08:04:48
Last post: 19/01/2022 11:46:57
AddIn Editor parameters
Hi, Where can I find a list of all editor parameters? i.e. [AddInParameter("CompareColumns"), AddInParameterEditor(typeof(DropDownParameterEditor), "multiple=true;")] I wanted to add a description to this parameter, so that it wou ...
Nuno Aguiar
30/11/2021 12:45:44
Last post: 14/01/2022 16:05:23
Deadlock at Checkout step
Hi, I am facing deadlock problem when entering into Checkout step. It is not happening for all Orders (average 1250 transactions per day in office hours). But 3 to 9 Orders per day. Here below is some info and logs. Is there any way to avoid? Is it p ...
Zayar Minn
05/01/2022 09:05:45
Last post: 05/01/2022 10:29:56
Applying points to cart after order is passed to payment provider
Hello Dynamicweb coders, I'm having issues applying a point discount to an order, which has been passed to eg. credit card payment. The specific scenario is that a customer has forgotten to apply their loyalty points to the order, and after being ...
Dan Tomicic
16/12/2021 11:29:30
Last post: 22/12/2021 13:11:59
Set Content-Disposition inline
Hi, I have a tricky thing to develop. We're needing to set a response header for "Content-Disposition: inline". After a few trial and errors I ended up placing the code in the last possible event using System; using Dynamicweb.Extensibi ...
Nuno Aguiar
21/12/2021 21:31:42
Last post: 22/12/2021 13:09:01
using UserManagement:User.ManageAddresses.MakeDefault.Javascript to make the address from AccessUser address fields the default hits no notifications
Dear Dynamicweb, As the title says: when we're using UserManagement:User.ManageAddresses.MakeDefault.Javascript and selects the address from AccessUser address fields to make it default, it doesn't hit UserSaved notification or UserAddressOnA ...
Mikkel Hammer
21/12/2021 15:11:15
Last post: 21/12/2021 16:29:07
ProductEditor hardcoded to use assortments
Dear Dynamicweb, We have an issue with the method in ProductEditor, as "ParseValue" is hardcoded to use assortments even though is not activated in the solution. I will suggest that the call to GetProductById is replaced with the version wi ...
Anders Ebdrup
21/12/2021 08:33:44
Last post: 21/12/2021 16:16:12
Implement feed with live prices without PIM
Hi guys, I have a solution running on DW 9.9.x and I need to create a feed with some product information, including the Live Price. I have noticed the PIM is using the new API for getting this info but I am not sure what would be the best approach fo ...
Adrian Ursu
14/12/2021 12:01:03
Last post: 14/12/2021 14:51:31
Dear Dynamicweb, Is it intended that the /dwapi/users/addresses endpoint on 9.12.1, doesn't return the address added to the addresses tab, thats created from the address on the user Best regards, Mikkel ...
Mikkel Hammer
08/12/2021 13:26:36
Last post: 13/12/2021 17:15:56
Custom Provider based App
Hi, I'm building a custom app planning for it to be Provider based. I managed to get the skeleton done and my first provider built and all works out as expected, but my challenge now is to dynamically update the parameters based on the Provider t ...
Nuno Aguiar
06/12/2021 20:33:02
Last post: 13/12/2021 13:06:46
Get unit price /dwapi/ecommerce/products/{id}
Can someone give me an example on how to get the unit price using the /dwapi/ecommerce/products/{id} endpoint? Guess I have to use StockUnitSettings? Would be great to get an example on how to use that setting. ...
Martin Moen
12/12/2021 11:44:25
Last post: 12/12/2021 22:31:43
Token lifecycle /dwapi/users/authenticate
A) What is the expiry length for the token returned in /dwapi/users/authenticate? B) Can the expiry length be changed? ...
Martin Moen
12/12/2021 10:53:25
Last post: 12/12/2021 14:08:36