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Dynamicweb.Admin 9.10.1 Nuget availability
Any idea on when Dynamicweb.Admin 9.10.1 will be available on Nuget? :-) BR Vincent ...
Vincent Gercke Pedersen
24/02/2021 10:41:09
Last post: 24/02/2021 13:54:19
Avoid having orderlines removed?
Dear Dynamicweb, We have a situation where a salesperson can create a quote for a user with items that are outside the assortment of the user, and the user should then be able to accept the quote with these items. When impersonating we can give the s ...
Anders Ebdrup
24/10/2020 12:39:42
Last post: 23/02/2021 10:32:43
Live integration code bug
When using v2 of LiveIntegration 2.X.X and DynamicWeb 9.8.6 we were having a bug with liveprices at FetchProductInfos in Product/ProductManager.cs class. After a previous request with a positive result results were cached and following requests witho ...
Cristina Santos
19/02/2021 09:35:40
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Recalculate order on unit change in cart
Hi guys, I have a project where I have products with different prices depending on the Unit. In my case, the unit is actually connected to the delivery county (don't ask me why). The requirement is to display the price and allow users to add to cart  ...
Adrian Ursu
18/02/2021 10:39:47
Last post: 18/02/2021 16:55:45
Get All Quote States
Hello, We are working on a customization to export quotes via live integration and are having some trouble with getting the list of quote OrderStateIds. We are using OrderState.GetAllQuoteStates, but that is requiring the QuoteFlowId. The only way to ...
Jeremy Fesmire
18/02/2021 00:09:56
Last post: 18/02/2021 16:48:14
DBConcurrencyException: Concurrency violation
Hi, We get this exception sometimes, on the home page after restarting the solution. The exception is triggered only once, as it doesn't appear after refreshing or going to another page. What if the reason for this exception? Any clue? Regards, Tomas ...
Tomas Gomez
12/02/2021 14:04:52
Last post: 17/02/2021 12:26:14
CustomFieldTypes use in facets
Hi guys, I have a project where we had to create a couple of CustomFieldTypes for Products and ProductCategories. The back-end part seems ok (I have a separate post about that) but I have some issues with using them in Facets. The field in question w ...
Adrian Ursu
11/02/2021 14:28:49
Last post: 15/02/2021 19:33:38
Checkout handler post callback (again)
We experience the same problems as described here: The payment provider return a POST request to the callback URL. But when we try to retrieve data from Request.Input ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
10/02/2021 15:14:55
Last post: 15/02/2021 16:25:57
Live integration error
Hi: We have a DW solution that gets live prices from an ERP via a Web Service. This is a requirement of a customer. We downloaded the live integration code from this link ...
Tomas Gomez
12/02/2021 14:22:59
Last post: 15/02/2021 15:39:13
Create user as inactive using Forms for Editors
Hi there, I use the forms for editor module with the "Create user on form submit" to create a new user. That works well but the user is always active. We like to deactivate the user on create so it can be approved and activated by an admin. Is this p ...
Imar Spaanjaars
04/02/2021 17:30:23
Last post: 08/02/2021 16:06:28
Headless DW Routing
Hello We have been looking into how we can take advantage of the WebApi introduced in 9.10 and possibly transition into a SPA frontend. Have you found any solution on how to handle routing in the react/vue app, so that pages & paragraphs can be c ...
Natan Ólafsson
05/02/2021 10:53:17
Last post: 08/02/2021 16:05:11
BeforeCustomFieldValueIsChanged not hit for checkboxes
Dear Dynamicweb, We see that the notification subscriber: BeforeCustomFieldValueIsChanged (and BeforeCustomFieldValueIsSet etc.) is not fired for checkboxes. Please find this code in SetPostValues: Dim valueChanged As Boolean = value <> Convert ...
Anders Ebdrup
02/12/2020 13:32:50
Last post: 08/02/2021 15:29:07
The website you are trying to enter has probably been locked by the administrator.
Greetings, We are having some problems with our solution, my colleague set upp solution that was working fine for him. He could login to the admin with no problem. But when i cloned the git repo and setup the soluton i keep on getting the error shown ...
Anton Marinó Stefánsson
25/06/2019 17:55:50
Last post: 04/02/2021 13:07:38
Field System name in FieldTypeProvider
Hi guys, We have started the development of a few custom FieldTypes and we have reached a Roadblock when trying to use the new fields as ProductCategory fields. To be more specific, in the Render method of ProductFieldTypeProvider we get a property c ...
Adrian Ursu
02/02/2021 17:13:25
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Custom DiscountProvider?
Hi Dynamicweb, We would like to be able to exclude some products that are part of an order discount, if certain data on the individual product means that no discount may be granted on it. In the old discount module we could create our own SalesDiscou ...
Niels Foldager
21/01/2021 10:50:45
Last post: 02/02/2021 09:39:14
Change context of Dynamicweb.Frontend.Navigation.NavigationSettings
I'm trying to change the context of Dynamicweb.Frontend.Navigation.NavigationSettings to fetches the Nodes property with the purpose of generating breadcrumbs, but setting the RootPageId to another page results in no Nodes being returned: The code ab ...
Vincent Gercke Pedersen
29/01/2021 16:41:46
Last post: 02/02/2021 09:22:14
Replace ImageGlue with MagicScaler
Hi there, I am trying to replace ImageGlue with MagicScaler. I can successfully add the package Dynamicweb.Imaging.Providers.MagicScalerProviders to my solution. When I then build my project and manually delete Dynamicweb.Imaging.Providers.ImageGlueP ...
Imar Spaanjaars
02/01/2021 15:33:57
Last post: 01/02/2021 13:56:26
Avoid double discount and discountexternder question
Hi, I have a customer who have this setup: 1) Prices imported for dealers. When logged in they may have a price added via prices on a product where the price and customernumber fits 2) Discounts added for special campaigns via product discounts What  ...
Jan Sangill
26/01/2021 10:00:27
Last post: 01/02/2021 12:52:07
Enabling WebAPI in 9.10.x
Hello, I'm trying to use the new headless WebAPI, but I'm not sure where to get started. The release notes ( mention that it's self documenting at ...
Scott Forsyth
30/01/2021 21:53:14
Last post: 31/01/2021 20:53:22
Render on ProductFieldTypeProvider has changed
I am upgrading an app to 9.10 and have an issue updating code that uses ProductFieldTypeProvider. In the previous version, the code looked as follows; protected override Control Render(string id, bool enabled, string value, bool hasError, List<Dyn ...
Imar Spaanjaars
28/01/2021 22:40:19
Last post: 29/01/2021 09:44:22