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Display voucher based discount on products
Hi Guys, We are looking into a way to display voucher based discounts on the product list page (PLP) and the product detail page (PDP), but is looks like that it has been blocked in the core code in DW (please find the screen shot below). I am wonder ...
Anders Ebdrup
11/03/2024 10:19:39
Last post: 13/06/2024 16:02:54
Api response doesn't match swagger documentation
Hi, I need to use the product search endpoint but there are two issues I found. First one is that response model that I get doesn't match the model described in swagger docs and it's missing facet group names. See image below where on the lef ...
Karol Barkowski
10/06/2024 12:53:05
Last post: 13/06/2024 05:02:21
Object reference Error on Dynamicweb.Analytics.Experiments.Experiment.GetExperimentByPageID(Int32 PageID)
DW Version 9.12.2 , did we miss any configuration? the solution is upgraded from 9.10.* to 9.12.2 This is not happen always... Full Error :- 2021-11-24 20:48:32.869: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. System.NullReferenceException: ...
Shiwanka Chathuranga
24/11/2021 17:09:39
Last post: 12/06/2024 16:25:57
Ability to set TotalProductCount
Hi Is it possible to set the TotalProductCount property in the OnBeforeProductList observer? In the OnBeforeProductList observer we are fetching data from a third party system to filter and sort products (Relewise) and that works as intended by using ...
Vincent Gercke
10/06/2024 15:22:41
Last post: 12/06/2024 09:50:23
Datalists using stored procedures with temp tables
Hi DW 9.17.5, Swift v1.26.0 This is a project with a couple of custom tables and we are using datalists to access the records on those tables. Since the original query had a couple of inners joins and that was causing some performance issues. We trie ...
Pedro Meias
08/06/2024 00:32:37
Last post: 11/06/2024 17:41:34
Klarna v3
Hi, In the klarna v3 payment provider we enabled the following option Upon investigation, i found out that the property "allowed_customer_types," which is type List<string>, has not been initialized either in the constructor or elsewh ...
Umar Farooq
22/03/2024 12:58:05
Last post: 06/06/2024 11:41:43
LoginError from azure AD
Hi, I have implemented the azure AD connection. But some times i get a LoginError and a banned IP. Error message: SQL Injection detected from ip : (Match on QueryString LoginError); expression: (?:'|%27|%22|%26|%3B|;|%3D|%23|%00|%7c|--)(?![ |:|&g ...
Andreas Pettersson
27/02/2024 09:13:47
Last post: 03/06/2024 09:59:17
Hi, We have a solution where we implemented the Azure AD Loginprovider. For a number of users we an error saying LoginError=IDX21323 after they try to login. Has anyone encountered this before? Regards / Aki ...
Aki Ruuskanen
03/06/2024 08:33:19
Last post: 03/06/2024 09:55:09
Frontegg external authentication
Hi, We need to implement a new external authentication for Frontegg. Is it much work implement an external loginprovider in DW? I found example code but is there possibl ...
Magnus Holmberg
24/05/2024 11:32:18
Last post: 27/05/2024 11:43:27
Add /de/ to URL for one language layer
Hi, We have a situation where we need to add /de/ to only one language layer. So "" needs to be rewrited to "". Also all of product URLs needs to be rewritten like this. Would the appropr ...
Aki Ruuskanen
21/05/2024 13:39:31
Last post: 22/05/2024 08:18:18
Debugging: No Symbols loaded for Compiled Razor Files
Hi, I'm trying to debug a local solution, but breakpoints in the cshtml files are not hit with the message that symbols are not loaded. I have taken the following steps: Create a new dw10 project with "dotnet new dw10-suite" Add Files f ...
Justin Sjouw
24/11/2023 09:30:09
Last post: 14/05/2024 13:13:37
GroupId in AfterCustomOrderChangeArgs
Dear Dynamicweb, Can the groupid from the related group please be added to: AfterCustomOrderChangeArgs? Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
25/04/2024 16:01:21
Last post: 08/05/2024 12:40:42
Custom ViewModel gets added to PIM feeds automaticly
Hi, We've noticed, that when adding a CustomProductViewModel that inherits from ProductViewModel, it automaticlly gets added to the PIM Feed. They aren't listed within "Included Properties", but still shows in the feed. (Combined sc ...
Mads Poulsen
24/04/2024 08:52:20
Last post: 24/04/2024 11:26:29
Throw validation error on OnAfterSubmitSave
Is it possible to use Dynamicweb.Forms.Notifications.Frontend.OnAfterSubmitSave to make custom server side validation? I would like to validate one of the fields up against the database on submit. If invalid, I need to show a error message. Anyone go ...
Martin Moen
15/03/2024 09:11:31
Last post: 24/04/2024 11:12:26
Two factor admin authentication
Any chance that two factor authentication for the backend with google authenticator or similar will be implemented for dw9 & 10? Or perhaps there are some examples of people who have implemented this themselves? Perhaps with the use of the Extern ...
August Schnell
22/04/2024 08:04:28
Last post: 22/04/2024 17:29:59
I'm following the "Gold membership" example here: I can successfully add a node to the xml, and it i ...
Martin Moen
17/04/2024 13:31:57
Last post: 17/04/2024 15:41:06
Change link in template for every language
Hi, I want to add that my link will change if the website is in a different language. This is the piece of code I have already written: @{ string GetProductPageUrl() { string currentLanguage = "en"; switch (currentLanguage) { case "en- ...
Caro De Weze
11/04/2024 09:01:29
Last post: 12/04/2024 11:37:20
GetImage.ashx returns error 500, in Dynamicweb Admin (9.16.4)
f.x. /Admin/Public/GetImage.ashx?Width=480&crop=0&image=/Files/Files/Add%20a%20heading%20(2).png - will return 500 If the file does not exist then it returns a 404 - so it's finding the file. The error returned is Im unable to debug into  ...
Hreinn Agustsson
11/04/2024 09:48:40
Last post: 11/04/2024 17:44:38
Automating Campaign Removal and Cache Clearing
Hi, We're currently using a scheduled SQL task to remove campaigns from products once they're over, and it's working well. The issue we're facing is with caching: the products keep showing the campaign info until we manually clear the ...
Johanne Glimsdal
05/04/2024 09:33:45
Last post: 09/04/2024 09:38:46
Expand table product variants
Hi, How can I expand the table of product variants? By default, this is how it is shown: Now, for example, I want to show the color per variant as well. I've already looked in the Swift_RelatedProductsList.cshtml file, because I am using the item ...
Caro De Weze
03/04/2024 14:09:10
Last post: 04/04/2024 17:24:51