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Checkout handler POST callback
Hey there, I am developing a checkout handler and the pattern of this payment provider is as follows: 1. The store sends a POST request for the creation of a new payment order with information about user and a single callback url. 2. The payment prov ...
Reynir Viðar Ingason
22/05/2019 12:03:03
Last post: 24/05/2019 10:47:33
Error in razor template
Hi guys, When I look at live site Event viewver I see "Error in razor template", but cannot understand where error happend. How can I find out where erro is? This is Log content: 2019-04-07 05:28:55.513: Error in razor template. System.Threading.Thre ...
Ivan Marijanović
07/04/2019 08:39:35
Last post: 24/05/2019 10:35:31
Using Maps for delivery address selection
Hi there Does anyone have any expirience with using Google Maps as source for selection of delivery address. Our customer has a list of partners who can be used as delivery points (like GLS parcels shops). When user goes to cart I would like to open  ...
Ivan Marijanović
23/05/2019 17:07:53
Last post: 24/05/2019 10:34:40
Mailchimp integration, API requests.
Hey, I'm trying to implement a basic MailChimp integration using their API. Unfourtunately the MailChimp API doesn't allow CORS requests, which blocks making this using clientside scripting. To get around this, I need to do a basic api-requests from  ...
Villlads Nielsen
13/05/2019 13:56:19
Last post: 21/05/2019 23:28:09
Navigation ProcessTree override is ignored in 9.6.7
Hi, Ater upgrading to 9.6.7 my override ProcessTree is no longer executed. My code has run for a long period and is build like the example here But after upgrading from 9.3. ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
17/05/2019 12:40:58
Last post: 21/05/2019 09:50:40
AddInParameter reads double value wrong in our CustomShippingProvider
Hi, We have a Custom shipping provider, with AddInParameters of type double, using the FloatingPointNumberParameterEditor. As long as the inpunt in these fields is a nice round number, everything works fine. But now our client changed the value 6.00  ...
Hans Kloppenborg
16/05/2019 16:43:22
Last post: 21/05/2019 08:42:45
Direct paths, redirects and api
Hi, What is the order in which the redirects are handled? Is it correct, that if a page is not found, the settings for direct paths is checked. If no rule exists here, the 404-page is shown? If I want to hook into this, and create my own extension fo ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
14/05/2019 10:07:35
Last post: 20/05/2019 15:25:51
DLL Issues in an MVC project
Hello! I have tried to set up an environment in an MVC structure for a few days now, but something always breaks. The newest issue I have is that while logged in to backend the dlls are sometimes skipped, see attached image. Only sometimes though. An ...
Oscar Romin
16/05/2019 10:24:27
Last post: 16/05/2019 12:23:26
Extending ValidateOrder(settings As ModuleSettings, order As Order)
Hi Dynamicweb, We need to make some custom validation on the orders. Will it be possible to hook into the validation rutine in: ValidateOrder(settings As ModuleSettings, order As Order), so we can add our custom validations and errors to the list? Be ...
Anders Ebdrup
11/04/2019 17:51:41
Last post: 16/05/2019 11:12:44
Dynamic list of related products
Hi, We want to dynamically generate the list of related products. That is, instead of manually adding the related products (, the related products should be automatically chosen ...
Tomas Gomez
09/05/2019 16:02:06
Last post: 09/05/2019 16:13:47
Get dropdownlist label
Hi I use Dynamicweb.Services.Items.GetItemByPageId(pageid, false) to get an item. This item has a dropdown list field and I want to get both its selected value and label. How can I get the label? ...
Lars Larsen
09/05/2019 14:59:55
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Edit Product Discount Name
Dear All, I created the discount on Order discounts. I changed the discount name. Then I checked in EcomDiscount table The discount name didn't change in EcomDiscount table but the change in EcomDiscountTranslation table (please refer to the attached ...
Tin Ma Ma
03/05/2019 07:40:54
Last post: 05/05/2019 17:10:12
Voucher Code applied but not effect on price
Hi All, I am implementing Dynamicweb API for mobile. I set the voucher code in order and save the order. myOrder.VoucherCode = voucherCode; orderService.Save(myOrder); The voucher code is applied in order but the price doesn't effect. One time set th ...
Zayar Minn
24/04/2019 09:25:25
Last post: 02/05/2019 14:05:25
Exception in assortment handling
Hi Dynamicweb, We have a critical error in the assortment handling for 9.6.6. In GetProductSql we have this code section: If Not IsNothing(user) Then Dim assortments As IEnumerable(Of String) = Services.Assortments.GetAssortmentIdsByUser(user).ToArra ...
Anders Ebdrup
14/04/2019 09:35:29
Last post: 02/05/2019 09:26:25
commentArgs always return
Hi commentArgs is always null when I run this code (Sample from api doc), I have no problem with other notifications. Its the same with all the CommentNotifications i have tried. What can be wrong? using Dynamicweb.Extensibility.Notifications; using  ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
30/04/2019 23:11:31
Last post: 30/04/2019 23:59:16
Add new (Loyalty point) transaction trough API
Hi, is there a method for adding a point transaction to the EcomLoyaltyUserTransaction table? I see you can do it manually through the backend, but can't find a method for that in the Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Loyalty namespace ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
27/04/2019 19:52:36
Last post: 29/04/2019 12:45:45
OrderLine Custom FieldValues
Hi All, I am trying to retrieve OrderLineFieldValue. But it doesn’t come out. Could you please guide me? Here is my referencing and code. Ref: Custom Fields: A1.PNG Codes: A ...
Zayar Minn
25/02/2019 07:37:05
Last post: 24/04/2019 09:08:09
Abandon cart Email data not generating correctly
We have implimented Abandon Cart Email template according to the instructions but body data of the email is not correct. Example . -: The three users with different carts logged in to the site in different time. 94.tester1 > first logged in to the ...
Shiwanka Chathuranga
19/04/2019 07:25:02
Last post: 24/04/2019 06:22:39
Manual Insert of Forms for editors
As usual we are doing some custom contact us forms and this means for various good reasons we have to insert the collected data to the forms for editors structure. So I tried this: Dynamicweb.Forms.Submit submit = new Dynamicweb.Forms.Submit(); submi ...
Kevin O'Driscoll
15/04/2019 12:10:11
Last post: 23/04/2019 18:31:31
SQL settings from GlobalSettings
Hello, I am trying to find a notification subscriber that triggers before Dynamicweb loads the SQL information (sql server, database, user/password) from GlobalSettings.aspx. So far unsuccesfull, I have tried the subscribers from here but it seems th ...
Søren Ravn Lund
23/04/2019 10:21:32
Last post: 23/04/2019 16:43:13