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Order.GetOrders Method (String, Boolean) obselete, but no replacement?
Hi, this method have been marked as obselete. I cant seem to find its replacement. In orderService you have a GetOrders - but thats all orders retrieved. Does a method exist ...
Jan Sangill
02/07/2018 12:38:41
Last post: 19/07/2018 13:36:09
Hi Been trying to figure out why i cant access the web service. Went through the guide and did everything that was told in the guide. The iis registers the project and i can browse through it in the website but the problem is when i'm trying to acces ...
Jón Heiðar Sigmundsson
12/07/2018 18:58:23
Last post: 13/07/2018 12:55:44
AssortmentsCalculateUserAssortments not working properly in DW9.4
Hi Dynamicweb, We have a solution where only sales agents has access to some products and when impersonating a customer, then we are using the subscriber to overrule assortments for the impersonated user. After upgrading the solution from 9.3 to 9.4  ...
Anders Ebdrup
26/06/2018 22:46:21
Last post: 13/07/2018 12:40:04
ProductService.GetProductById not returning product variant
Hi, Under the ProductService class we have the function GetProductById that has various input schemes: public Product GetProductById(string productId, string productVariantId, bool useDefaultLanguage); public Product GetProductById(string productId,  ...
Arnór Halldórsson
11/07/2018 17:17:44
Last post: 12/07/2018 13:03:27
Payment provider server notification handling
Hi there, We recently build our own payment provider handler. The payment provider has two feeback methods, one trough user redirect and the other trough server notifications. We are currently having issues handling the the server notifications. The  ...
Antek Drzewiecki
11/07/2018 13:00:47
Last post: 11/07/2018 14:26:01
DW 9.3 Creating links for products/groups pulled from index via the api
I had to combine several search results from the index, so I figured performance wise it should be best if I ran searches directly against the api. I built a webApi controller to for interaction between front-end and backend - results are returned as ...
Evaldas Raisutis
09/07/2018 07:44:20
Last post: 09/07/2018 09:20:20
Render Products
Hi, I am trying to load products in a view like this Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Frontend.Renderer render = new Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Frontend.Renderer(); string sql = "SELECT * FROM EcomProducts WHERE CompatibleProducts LIKE '%@" + product.Id + "@%'"; rende ...
Umar Farooq
28/06/2018 10:56:57
Last post: 28/06/2018 12:26:25
Question regarding Economic integration
Hello DW guys, Please feel free to correct me if my first rough understanding of this one... I wanted to ask you if it is possible to do something like this: We need to setup a DW eCom shop that would use data from Economic setup somewhere on another ...
Dmitrij Jazel
30/05/2012 13:13:31
Last post: 26/06/2018 15:20:00
Custom modules not showing up until after a recycle
Hi there, Could it be that module permissions are cached a bit too aggressively? I just registered a new custom module on 9.4.11 but I could not get the module to show up when editing a paragraph. I had to recycle the application pool for it to appea ...
Imar Spaanjaars
19/06/2018 10:50:28
Last post: 26/06/2018 15:00:49
Notification before added to cart
Hi, Our customer would like to be able to upload an image from the product page, just before it is added to the cart. I've added a custom orderline field and rendered a file-input field instead of the normal text-input, on the frontend. Is there a wa ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
24/06/2018 11:48:02
Last post: 24/06/2018 20:01:58
Discount - Offer random product from group
Hi, We have a customer that wants to set a Discount that offers any product from a specific group. I have 3 ideas (1 bad, 1 worse and 1 godd) Bad idea Build a Discount Provider that mimics everything (or as much as needed) from Order Discounts and te ...
Nuno Aguiar
22/06/2018 17:51:12
Last post: 22/06/2018 18:19:21
RenderFrontend in ShippingProvider
Hi Dynamicweb, We are working with a custom shipping provider and can see that only html can be set in the custom provider in this method Public Overridable Function RenderFrontend(order As Order) As String Return Nothing End Function I really hope t ...
Anders Ebdrup
22/06/2018 14:03:48
Last post: 22/06/2018 18:04:21
Url to sitemap in robots.txt
Hi Dynamicweb, We have a minor issue with the automatic link to the sitemap in the robots.txt, as the link does not take ssl into account. Even if the website is set to force ssl, the sitemap link is still which wil ...
Anders Ebdrup
06/12/2016 22:42:15
Last post: 19/06/2018 11:49:49
Ignoring an invalid row in a table script
Hello, I'm creating some Table Scripts and there are times when the row from the source isn't a valid row. I would like to have that be ignored rather than entering the data from the invalid row. What's the best way to null out or invalidate the row  ...
Scott Forsyth
16/06/2018 18:37:22
Last post: 18/06/2018 16:14:32
Dynamicweb 9 / Nuget.
Lately i have had the pleasure of working with Dynamicweb 9 and Nuget, and find it quite exciting, but also often a challenge... First of. I installed a version 9.3.4 and a version 9.3.5 both from scratch and completely new installations. Followed yo ...
Per Jensen
14/11/2017 12:06:35
Last post: 15/06/2018 15:22:05
Page ID must be greater than 0, but it was 0
Hi, I have upgraded a solution from DW 9.2 to 9.4.14 and now i get the following error. Page ID must be greater than 0, but it was 0 Can anoyone help? BR Thomas ...
Thomas Larsen
15/06/2018 08:10:19
Last post: 15/06/2018 08:21:54
Dynamicweb 9 Wrap
Hi, I'm trying to test different dynamicweb versions for a bug involving paragraph expiration timers. To test this i want to have a standard setup of dynamicweb 9. However i am unable to find any downloads for the Files folder and sql db both for dyn ...
Anders Ditlevsen
10/06/2018 15:23:44
Last post: 11/06/2018 15:03:10
Use Dynamicweb as External login provider for another application
Hello, I have a custom mvc application next to a Dynamicweb solution. Right now it uses its own login provider. I would like to be able to log into that application using the user credentials from Dynamicweb. I need 2 features : The customer should b ...
Gaëtan Di Caro
16/05/2018 15:05:01
Last post: 11/06/2018 09:54:12
Nuget install : Unable to load one or more of the requested types.
Hello, I have tried to install a DW solution using nuget, but I'm having this error message when I run the website (see screenshot) : "Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information." I  ...
Gaëtan Di Caro
30/04/2018 11:34:30
Last post: 07/06/2018 14:24:40
Google Calendar API
Have anyone used the Google Calendar API in a project? I have to use it in a event calendar, basiscly just to pull events from the calendar, and display them on the frontend. Anyone have an ide ...
Jens Mouritzen
04/06/2018 20:19:16
Last post: 07/06/2018 13:41:56