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Product Index fails
If I try to build index i get an error, anyone know where to start ? Another question, why is index marked as ok in overview ? From logfile: 2022-08-11 13:33:49.308: Reading next batch, starting from ProductautoID: 0. ThreadID: 183 2022-08-11 13:33:5 ...
Jesper Splidsboel
11/08/2022 13:53:36
Last post: 16/08/2022 12:33:36
Calling /dwapi/ecommerce/products/{productId}?FilledProperties=StandardFields gives NullReferenceException
Hi DW, As the title states, calling /dwapi/ecommerce/products/{productId}?FilledProperties=StandardFields gives this error (i've attached it as a picture aswell for better readability): { "Message": "An error has occurred.", & ...
Mikkel Hammer
10/08/2022 12:34:50
Last post: 11/08/2022 12:41:16
OrderPaymentsController is obsolete?
Dear Dynamicweb, I can see that the OrderPaymentsController is marked as obsolete in the webapi. What is the plan for capturing orders form outside Dynamicweb when this is obsolete? Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
09/08/2022 13:32:26
Last post: 10/08/2022 19:31:45
best database tables to get information about logins and visited paths by user?
Hello, we are trying to build 2 reports with the following outputs: All login instances All visited paths by user can someone please advise what are the best database tables to look to this information? Thank you. ...
Pedro Meias
02/08/2022 18:28:47
Last post: 09/08/2022 16:29:01
Register new activities in Audit
Hi guys, I was wondering if I can extend the Audit section to support additional events. I am thinking specifically about a change of workflow status, for example. Is this possible? Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
28/07/2022 14:17:31
Last post: 08/08/2022 13:57:49
LoadVariantInfo times out on group by
In DW 9.9.6 in a solution with two shops and 500k+ products. When trying to build a product index, LoadVariantInfo times out on the expression: SELECT VariantOptionsProductRelationProductID FROM EcomVariantOptionsProductRelation LEFT JOIN EcomProduct ...
Lasse Larsen
30/05/2022 09:41:26
Last post: 08/08/2022 10:39:46
Get ProductCategoryField options through API
Hi guys, Is there an easy way to access all options of a specific ProductCategoryField via the API? Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
14/07/2022 16:48:33
Last post: 31/07/2022 18:19:48
Extending the parameters of the index build
Hi guys, There may have been other similar questions on this topic but I can;t find them, so I will just repeat the question. Can I extend the parameters of an index build? I am thinking about Index only products with a specific WorkflowStateID (or a ...
Adrian Ursu
28/07/2022 13:32:10
Last post: 29/07/2022 14:21:09
Avoid System.Web in custom webapi
Hi, We are building some custom webapi's and are trying to get rid of the System.web dependencies, much like we do with all Razor templates. I looked at some recent threads such as ...
Nuno Aguiar
26/07/2022 11:25:22
Last post: 27/07/2022 10:14:38
Null exception from FillRow in UserRepository
I have a solution that has started throwing null exceptions when trying to save users: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Dynamicweb.Security.UserManagement.UserRepository.FillRow(DataRow row, User ...
Tor Leeberg
21/07/2022 11:13:55
Last post: 25/07/2022 07:30:59
SetUnitPrice Overload doesnt set price or unitprice
SetUnitPrice(OrderLine orderLine, PriceInfo priceInfo, bool forcePriceRecalculation) Doesnt update unitprice or price on orderline no error is thrown. Why does this happen? DW version : 9.13.25 ...
Theodor Perrier
20/07/2022 12:17:45
Last post: 21/07/2022 10:35:32
Convert translations.xml to excel file
Hi, We have a client who wants to do all the translations in an excel file. Is there a way to convert translations.xml to Excel file and then convert back to Xml and upload to DW? BR, Ricardo P. ...
Ricardo Pereira
19/07/2022 13:06:29
Last post: 19/07/2022 13:08:49
ThreadAbortException Klarna V3
Quick question. What is the reasoning behind this code? Are thread abort exceptions common? And what exactly does the string.Empty do for the calling code? UPDATE: Can see that it is present in most of the standard chekout handlers. Not just Klarna. ...
Martin Moen
13/07/2022 20:49:53
Last post: 14/07/2022 09:03:38
Index - Data is null when building
Hey all, I've encountered this rather odd issue. We are multiple devs working on the same project I've found that we, from time to time, have issues building our local index. We're all working on the same development database which has product data,  ...
Mikkel Toustrup Olsen
19/10/2017 15:08:41
Last post: 13/07/2022 14:21:01
Error message capturing order from API
We have a strange error occuring: 2022-07-06 18:19:31.068 Error capturing order, orderId: ORDERXXXX. System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range. at System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHRInternal(Int32  ...
Martin Moen
06/07/2022 18:44:12
Last post: 11/07/2022 15:17:41
ERP payment & shipping method ids
Hi, Can we add a standard field to shipping and payment methods for the corresponding method´s ID in the ERP system? Today we either manually map this in code or we use a shipping provider to include this parameter, which get's annoying when you star ...
Arnór Halldórsson
20/05/2021 16:23:08
Last post: 04/07/2022 23:28:22
ShippingProvider Render method not called
Hi, We have some logic in a ShippingProvider to determine whether or not day or evening delivery is possible based on the current cart. We are experiencing issues with the aforementioned logic when users navigate back from the payment gateway (in cas ...
Vincent Gercke
22/06/2022 11:01:56
Last post: 30/06/2022 09:29:20
Notifications for order processing errors
hi guys, I have a solution where the whole ordering process is pretty sensitive. I want to be able to stay one step ahead of our customers and be notified when something goes wrong in the ordering process. Right now, I have in mind 2 possible scenari ...
Adrian Ursu
10/06/2022 14:51:53
Last post: 29/06/2022 09:15:05
Custom Shipping Provider AddIn
Hello I'm trying to implement a custom shipping provider to an installation of DW, a provider where you select pickup location in the cart etc.. I'm struggling to finde any example of how this is done, using the ShippingProvider AddIn I'm ...
Allan Roel
28/06/2022 15:30:01
Last post: 29/06/2022 08:36:01
Best future proof method for querying products by custom field?
Hi guys, I need to build some code that is supposed to enrich some products based on data from external sources. I am basically building an Add-in that should loop over a list of products and adjust ProductCategoryField values based on some external  ...
Adrian Ursu
24/06/2022 12:51:36
Last post: 27/06/2022 22:03:18