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ProductInfoViewModelExtensions is missing null checks
Hi, The ProductInfoViewModelExtensions is missing some null checks. I was trying to do this simple line of code and when I navigate to a Product that is Discontinued but has no Replacement Product, I get a missing ProductId error. ProductViewModel re ...
Nuno Aguiar
04/09/2023 19:34:41
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/dwapi/frontend/navigations/{areaId} returns hidden page with property ShowInMenu: true
Hi, As title says im wondering why /dwapi/frontend/navigations/{areaId} returns hidden page with ShowInMenu as true. When requesting the api im using IncludeFoldersAndHidden=true but I want to hide hidden pages from the navigation manually via the pr ...
Joakim Sjöbäck
30/08/2023 14:30:17
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Latest “Application” folder
Hi, I posted this in the hosting forum, but that is not too active it seems :-) In the DW cloud new versions of the backend (Application Folder) are automatically added upon release (I think). What is a good way to do that on an own environment autom ...
Justin Sjouw
14/04/2023 08:59:49
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Anonymized database script
Goodmorning, Does anyone happen to have script that will anonymize the DW database? I want to setup a workflow that will allow me to regularly restore production database backups to dev, but for safety best anonymize the database first :-) Thanks, Ju ...
Justin Sjouw
20/03/2023 10:55:45
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MailChimp - Integration including exposing abandoned carts etc
Hi, Anyone integrated to Mailchimp to use their tools such as order notifications (order confirmation, invoice), abandoned cart automations, back in stock, pricedrops on viewed products etc? A customer of ours would like to integrate and move all the ...
Marie Louise Veigert
02/03/2023 10:04:29
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slightly obscure bug
Hey, If you add a productField called "Groups","PrimaryGroup","GroupSorting","VariantGroups","VariantOptions" or "RelatedProducts" to you EcomProducts, it breaks the "export to Excel&qu ...
Jonas Krarup Dam
03/02/2023 10:05:58
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Order field with custom provider
I have created a new custom product field type using the ProductFieldTypeProvider and it works like a charm on products. I can see that the same field type can be chosen for order fields too, but how can I get the order object through the same field  ...
Martin Moen
02/02/2023 09:34:53
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User unable to search when there have special character
Dear Support, We are having some issue when searching user from the impersonated user list with Email address. When I search with first portion of the email it is searched properly however when I search with domain name(Ex:, @dynamicwebapa ...
Yoon Peti Nwe
26/12/2022 08:27:54
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Menu placement on settings items
Dear DW coders, Since around DW 9.13 I have noticed the menu on eg. Grid view settings shows up far down on the page, which of course causes great confusion. Can we get it back where it belongs? :) This is specifically on a solution running DW 9.14.1 ...
Dan Tomicic
03/10/2022 15:06:26
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Old News module - SQL query to get news with custom fields
Hi I am working on an old solution, that uses the old News module. I need to get a SQL query to make a search (SQL based Index). But i can not figure out the relation between news and custom fields. Anyone who can help with a SQL query that fetches n ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
19/04/2022 10:39:16
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WebApi does not take user assortments into account for GetProduct
Dear Dynamicweb, When requesting a product with a call like this:, then this method: HasAccessToProduct, does not take the  ...
Anders Ebdrup
05/04/2022 10:24:37
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unable to add product to cart after losing VPN connection in the middle of request on DW 9.13.2
Hi DW, I was trying to add a product to a cart via the /dwapi/ecommerce/carts/8106a0cda70342058a34839c44fde1f5/items/, with the body: { "ProductId": "SGK070", "ProductVariantId": "SP10642.SP5786", "Quantit ...
Mikkel Hammer
18/03/2022 18:44:13
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Custom validator for code first items
Hello, We have been trying to create a custom validator for code first items, but are struggling to get something elegant to work. The code for a working version was like this: using Dynamicweb.Content; using Dynamicweb.Content.Items.Editors; using D ...
Hans Kloppenborg
22/02/2022 11:02:40
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Adding multiple translations from file eg. .json or .csv
Hi, I was wondering if its a planned feature, to add translations from a .csv or .json file. For scaleability and when the customer needs a site in a new language, it would be preffered to be able to add translations from something like a CSV import. ...
Theodor Perrier
10/02/2022 11:06:57
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Tracking tables, data for marketing and table cleanup
Hi guys, I'm doing some cleanup in one of our solutions, mainly on log, statistics and tracking tables. The client used to use the Statistics feature but after it got deprecated we switched over to the new Tracking feature. However since they mai ...
Arnór Halldórsson
09/12/2021 12:22:39
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RenderProduct on Order State Change
Hello, Im having an issue with RenderProduct on changing Order state. We have a scheduled task that adds the track and trace values on the orders and then changes the state to the next step of the order flow. The issue is that the next step has a ema ...
Goncalo Faria
08/12/2021 15:13:19
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Notification subscriber on translations update
Would it be possible to get a notification subscriber that fires when translations are saved from the administration. ...
Theodor Perrier
25/11/2021 11:20:17
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Get product category field values returned as a list ?
Hi, When using the "FieldDisplayGroups" loop, the "Ecom: Product.CategoryField.OptionLabel" and "Ecom: Product.CategoryField.Value" are both always returned as one string (how they are stored in the database). This gives ...
Casper Rasmussen
04/11/2021 10:38:29
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Webapi: TaxProvider
Hi, I'm trying to use a TaxProvider, but it doesn't seem like any of the logic is activated when going through the webapi. I've tested with both a standard flat tax provider and a custom one, and I couldn't even get it to hit a breakp ...
Tor Leeberg
03/11/2021 09:42:31
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Get ProductCategory definition using API
Hi guys, I have a development where I need to render in the front-end the configuration of the ProductCategory attached to a product. And by this, I mean that I want to list all fields attached to the ProductCategory and their options just like you w ...
Adrian Ursu
16/09/2021 13:12:44
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