Query Publisher

The Query Publisher app is an app for publishing index content to frontend – more specifically content returned by an index query. This is typically used to show a list of search results but can also be used to publish lists of users, files, and so on – basically anything which can be indexed.

In Figure 1.1 we’re publishing a list of users in a specific user group to frontend.

Using the app is straight forward – add the app to a paragraph in the standard manner then:

  1. Select a query to publish the results from – you can also enable search statistics
  2. Select a set of facets to render – and decide if you want to show facet options with no results
  3. Set up custom default parameter values and default sorting overriding the settings on the query if applicable
  4. Specify how many results per page you want (default is 10)
  5. If relevant enable spell check/suggestions
  6. Select a template for rendering the search results

All in all, the query publisher is a simple module which allows you to publish indexed content in a speedy and reliable manner. The only downside is that the index must be rebuilt to be up to date – which is not instantaneous – and that all content which you want to publish must be stored in the index field definitions.