Tasks are scheduled activities which rebuild your indexes at predefined intervals. They are created on a repository and then executed by a standard scheduled task called Repository Task Handler which runs every 5 minutes. Like all scheduled tasks, this task is itself executed by a scheduled task on the server so exact timing can be tricky - and you should be careful to base important processes on it.

To create a repository task:

  • Go to Settings > Repositories and open a Repository – then click Add task in the toolbar
  • Provide a name
  • Click OK

This opens the Task configuration view (Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1 The Task configuration view

To configure the task:

  • Select a start time and optionally an end time
  • Select a repeat interval
  • Under Type Parameters select
    1. An index (most likely you have only one per repository)
    2. A builder action (you may have several, depending on the type of index)
  • Click Save and close

As an alternative to repository tasks you can also create a regular scheduled task using the Build repository index add-in. This add-in allows you to select an index with 2 builds (e.g. full and partial) and execute them using the same scheduled task.