All websites need content – and consequently need a set of processes and technologies for creating and managing that content.

Dynamicweb is a fully-featured content management system (CMS) – well suited to both small websites and major, multi-language solutions with complex requirements.

Whether your needs are modest or major, Dynamicweb caters to them. You can:

  • Create one or more websites on your solution – and create structural mirrors called language layers in minutes
  • Define the structure of your websites by creating pages – and add all sorts of content to them using paragraphs
  • Use items as a generic and powerful way for administrators and editors to generate, manage and present all sorts content – or extend your website-, user- or page-properties with handy item-based features
  • Use drafts and workflows to control and manage the content creation process – making sure everything is up to par, and that team efforts are properly aligned
  • Use the translation tags and interface to easily localize labels and template-content on multi-language sites – and share key translations between designs

Additionally, you have access to a number of content modules, each serving a particular purpose – see more in the menu.

Watch a short introduction to content management in Dynamicweb here: