The Dynamicweb Marketing tools are a powerful combination of tools, which enable you to create and execute focused and intelligent online marketing strategies – strategies which can boost your online sales.

With Dynamicweb Marketing, you have access to:

  • The Leads tool, which helps you identify and act on potential leads, based on the sophisticated (and fully customizable) Engagement Index
  • The Email Marketing tool, which enables you to create and execute intelligent email marketing campaigns, track how your customers interact with them, and conduct evidence based split tests to maximize your conversion rate
  • The Personalization tool, which enables you to profile your visitors and create and show personalized content to them – or simply float profile-relevant products to the top of your ecommerce shop
  • The SMS Module, which enables you to send out text messages to groups of users – groups which you can tailor to your needs, based on e.g. their behavior on your website, their postal code, and so forth.
  • The Social Media Publishing module, which enables you to publish content directly to any number Twitter or Facebook accounts – and to collect and analyze how users interact with that content.
  • The Split Test functionality, which allows you to experiment with variant content and measure which version performs the best – based on customizable criteria, which you can tailor to your needs.

In short, the Dynamicweb Marketing tools are a powerful collection of tools and functions, which enable you to make more money, through fully integrated, measurable efforts – without having to purchase expensive outside licenses.