It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small – all modern web solutions work with users.

Some need to administer only a small group of backend user, others need to handle thousands – or hundreds of thousands – of registered front-end users, customers, editors, and so forth.

Working with users in Dynamicweb is easy:

  • Register users, and all the necessary information about them, using standard or custom user fields.
  • See in-depth statistics on the behavior of each user on your website, and how they interact with your solution – order lists, email marketing statistics, loyalty point, saved credit cards, etc.
  • Organize your users in User groups – and make user maintenance and administration easy.
  • Enable users to register, login, or edit their user profiles with the Extranet module – or list groups of user on the frontend.
  • Set permissions for individual users and user groups – and control which users have access to what content, and which modules – frontend and backend.
  • Create dynamic user groups with user smart searches – based on user information, audit data, or even on the behavior of your users on your website or in relation to your email marketing efforts.

In short, user management in Dynamicweb is both easy and useful, and provides you with a wide range of opportunities for delivering great service, increasing conversion rates, and maximizing value generation.

Watch a short introduction to users here: