Example 9: New Blocks paragraph

Start by reading ( Link to previous section ) “Example 1: Pagebefore diving into this, as most of the concepts are very similar

The only addition you need to be aware of, is that there are some @includes that you will have to integrate with your existing cshtml file. A Paragraph template is not automatically integrated with another template, the way a Page template is integrated with a Master template.  

This means that nothing is automatically included. All the includes must be set just before the “@RenderBlockList”.  

The first thing you will have to include is the Blocks rendering engine: 

@* Include the required Grid builder (Contains the methods @RenderBlockList and @RenderBlock) *@ @Include("../Components/GridBuilder.cshtml")

Then you can optionallyinclude the needed component template “packages”, like this: 

@* Include the components *@ @Include("../Components/GeneralComponents.cshtml") @Include("../Components/EcommerceComponents.cshtml")

To get proper code hintingremember to add the references to the top of the template i.e. 

@using Dynamicweb.Rapido.Blocks.Components.Ecommerce