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What is the best way to include a chatbot in a Rapido shop, so it pops up in a modal box in the lower right corner? I know it can be added to a page with an Overlay paragraph and insert my botcode, "<iframe src=" ...
Th. Møller Jensen
03/03/2021 16:04:36
Last post: 03/03/2021 16:27:28
Dynamic article
Hello, We have an issue with dynimic article. The customer has been using them for a while now and we haven´t made any changes to them but now we are getting errors like this any ideas what could be c ...
Anton Marinó Stefánsson
12/02/2021 15:12:28
Last post: 12/02/2021 15:21:49
Form validation on checkout - Browser Back
Hi We have encountered an issue on the form validation/validation groups on checkout on some of our solutions running Rapido, if user choose to navigate back with browser navigation. Using the "Next" and "Back" button navigation in a checkout flow do ...
Chris Søgaard
10/02/2021 08:12:08
Last post: 10/02/2021 09:00:51
User Group Permissions
Hello, We are hoping that someone can provide insight as to why the User Group Permissions that we have configured are not working correctly. We are trying to have a User that is assigned to a Customer Service User Group have permissions to see only  ...
Nancy Morano
14/01/2021 22:08:16
Last post: 05/02/2021 18:37:58
Add Block in Masterpage from ProductDetail
Hi guys, Is there any way I can add a Block in the MasterPage from the product detail page? If I use this code: BlocksPage masterBlocks = BlocksPage.GetBlockPage("Master"); masterBlocks is not null but I cannot get rid of any of the Subblocks of the  ...
Adrian Ursu
04/02/2021 12:15:42
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Breadcrumb column Rapido 3.4
We have never got the "Breadcrumb" column to work in Rapido 3.4. Is it so that it is not working, or are we doing it all wrong? Is it at all possible to get breadcrumbs in Rapido 3.4? ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
07/11/2020 09:52:32
Last post: 31/01/2021 15:38:07
Bug or feature in Carousel?
I'm trying to make a page responsive and struggles with the mobile view of the carousel. I've set the row height to screen height, but the carousel do not follow. Mobile view Backend Uploaded image is 650x800. My assumption was that the image would d ...
Siv Hansen
19/11/2020 18:20:17
Last post: 20/01/2021 11:34:21
Rapido 3.4 Edit quantity in cart
Hi guys, I have configured a standard Rapido 3.4.2 and I have noticed there is no option to edit quantity in the checkout flow. Am I missing a setting or is this by design? Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
23/12/2020 10:33:38
Last post: 19/01/2021 09:04:45
Release date for 4.0
Hi, Is there any release date for Rapido 4.0. I would need it for some project planning. Regards / Aki ...
Aki Ruuskanen
20/11/2020 09:42:29
Last post: 14/01/2021 10:15:58
Modifying the main tag
Hi I want to add a custom class to the main tag. Therefore I have added this pice of code to Designs\Rapido\MasterBlocks\Custom__Blocks.cshtml BlocksPage customMasterBlocksPage = BlocksPage.GetBlockPage("Master"); var newMasterMainBlock = new Block { ...
Lars Larsen
06/01/2021 12:10:44
Last post: 13/01/2021 15:23:27
How can i trigger minicart (sliding side cart) and trigger cart update from a custom template?
Hi We have a custom - not rapido based template - to show products. Is there any info on how we can trigger the sliding minicart from the side, and update topcart - without reloading the page? Maybe by triggering some standard javascriptfunctions lik ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
08/01/2021 13:56:31
Last post: 08/01/2021 15:23:28
Quote - Order
I am just unable to grasp how to setup quote - order flow. We need for customer to create quote request. after the employee update quote he will have to be able to accept or decline quote and based on that the quote status should be changed to declin ...
Ivan Marijanović
04/01/2021 14:29:29
Last post: 08/01/2021 12:48:50
Maps app
Hi all! I setup maps app on one of pages. It displays map but there is no data about locations even thou I selected Users group with geo locations data which should be used. I use this same group for selection of delivery location in cart and it work ...
Ivan Marijanović
10/01/2020 16:29:19
Last post: 29/12/2020 14:49:18
Bug in QuoteDetails.cshtml template RR3.3
Hi We noticed a bug in the QuoteDetails.cshtml template where it was including the Custom__Blocks.cshtml template from within the OrderDetails folder instead from the QuoteDetails folder Have a look at the screendump from the changes we fixed. ...
Fabio Monte
28/12/2020 16:28:03
Last post: 29/12/2020 05:41:11
form fields after the text
Hi there, I have an issue with the forms for editors. Suddenly in the form some fields appear after the text and the font is suddenly changing. Must be a setting or something but I can't find it. Can someone please help me? Thanks! Best regards Gerar ...
Gerard Kocks
18/12/2020 15:38:57
Last post: 18/12/2020 15:52:59
Overlay rendering no image as background image
Hi, I noticed there's a small bug in the Overlay.cshtml code, which is forcing a placeholder image as background image when the user doesn't choose any image. In the code, the imagePath variable is defined as: string imagePath = Model.Item.GetFile("I ...
Mafalda Correa
14/12/2020 15:08:33
Last post: 18/12/2020 10:34:29
Create user no mail sent to admin
Hi, On our solution we setup registration of users from front end. When user registers he got email but no mail is sent to Admin Notification emails setup on app (Extranet ) Ivan ...
Ivan Marijanović
17/12/2020 11:42:17
Last post: 17/12/2020 13:32:40
Maps App not rendering country
Hi, I'm using the Maps app to render a group of Dealers in Google maps, but I noticed that the country is not being rendered. Even though I set up the Shipping / Billing Country for my dealers, the GetLoop("Locations") is returning an empty string on ...
Mafalda Correa
16/12/2020 11:11:04
Last post: 16/12/2020 15:40:14
No shipping details - avoid being set automatically
Hi I have a Rapido solution where we don't use shipping details in the checkout flow. Therefore I have removed the block "ShippingAddress". But when an order is completed and it is being shown in the backend the billing details are automatically copi ...
Lars Larsen
16/12/2020 14:51:26
Last post: 16/12/2020 15:39:42
activated template for IMPERSONATION and now my site has wrong css
Preparation for tomorrow's workshop with clients, and I changed the layout of the IMPERSONATION, And now my ignite/rapido css is not loading and my website is all gray. This was the only change I did. I have no ide how these two things are related. t ...
Siv Lillevik
14/12/2020 19:44:52
Last post: 15/12/2020 09:56:09