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Rapido 3.4 to 3.4.3 upgrade steps

Frederik Rossen
Frederik Rossen


I have a customer with 6 solutions each containing 5-10 sites. 

I am currently upgrading rapido to 3.4.3 and noticed the following in the upgrade steps: 

Is there a reason for doing this? I don't see any changes in the upgrade that could warrant doing this, and it would save me a lot of manual work if it could be avoided.


Edit: An additional question: Is there a place to download the older rapido versions? I like to do a file compare to see what files have changed, but I can't find the older versions anywhere.


Nicolai Pedersen

I think it is just the regular upgrade guide. So you should be able to do a manual merge of the files, or just copy them over.

BR Nicolai


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