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Maps cluster issues
I'm using the maps module in a rapide application. I checked the 'enable clustering' checkbox on the module, but no clustering happens. I've even: filled a custom cluster marker Set #FF0000 as cluster color (no idea what format is expected: red? #FF0 ...
Peter Leleulya
02/10/2019 11:55:10
Last post: 29/03/2022 09:39:06
Paypal Express Checkout redirects back to cart on submit
Greetings everyone, I've been trying to set up Paypal Express Checkout in a solution running on DW 9.9.8 and after completing the order it redirects me back to the cart, as shown in the video here. Cart config: ...
04/02/2022 09:19:53
Last post: 04/03/2022 05:30:50
Printable papers content breaks through the page, instead of new page
Hi, I'm a little new to this printable papers... But i have an issue, if the content is too long, it just breaks / cuts through the page instead of starting on a new page. Is there any known common fix for this? I've tried to do someting with ...
Mike Nicolai Bjerregaard
02/03/2022 08:49:24
Last post: 03/03/2022 08:21:55
Cookiebot is blocking Rapido js-files
Hi, We use Cookiebot on Dynamicweb Rapido websites for handling cookies and user consent. But we experience issues about the classification of Rapido .js files resulting in content elements not being visible on the website and inactive search functio ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
26/08/2021 13:08:36
Last post: 02/03/2022 11:00:45
Item 'Paragraph container' does not have enough space for the field names
Using Rapido 2.x on a DW 9.12.7 we are experiencing the the field names do not have enough space rendering it hardly readable. The solution has recently been updated from a 9.5.7, but it was also a problem back then. Any ideas to how we fix this? Kin ...
Roald Haahr
27/01/2022 09:18:33
Last post: 01/03/2022 13:02:42
Translations not picked up but added to translations.xml
Hello, I'm seeing some unexpected behaviour with translations. I have a site with a couple of languages, most of all translations are shown correctly. But some keys seem not be found, and then automatically added to the translations.xml with all  ...
Justin Sjouw
08/02/2022 10:29:48
Last post: 09/02/2022 16:57:49
Grouping of facet options
Hi, I want to create a color facet grouping similar colors. That is, instead of displaying several checkboxes for light blue, dark blue, whatever blue... all those colors should be grouped into a single checkbox "Blue". I tried creating a f ...
Tomas Gomez
26/01/2022 14:15:19
Last post: 27/01/2022 14:07:24
Render Cookie template from a page
Hello, I am wondering if it is possible for me to render the Cookie Modal (ModalWarning.cshtml or PanelWarning.cshtml) templates in a custom page somehow. The reason for me asking this is that I need to be able to present the cookie modal to the cust ...
Unnsteinn Garðarsson
26/01/2022 23:16:07
Last post: 27/01/2022 14:06:38
Cannot change impersonatee (Rapido 3.4.3 | DW 9.12.7)
I have set impersonation up on a project, but I am experiencing that I cannot change impersonatee as an impersonator. Say I have the user Impersonator that can impersonate 'Impersonatee 1' and 'Impersonatee 2'. * If I log in as 'I ...
Roald Haahr
21/01/2022 10:16:52
Last post: 24/01/2022 02:38:26
Custom Sticker in Ecommerce not showing up on Product Pages
On our customer, we're testing the custom sticker functionality ( but when activated, the product field is not showing up. Is there som ...
Ryan Burnham
19/01/2022 21:11:00
Last post: 20/01/2022 15:24:17
Vat doesnt change back to Billing VAT
Hello! Im facing a strange issue, Rapido solution that, has 2 VAT states, for the netherlands 21% and the rest of the countries 0%. On the checkout page, and with an account from NL, it shows prices with VAT (first image). When I change to ship it to ...
Goncalo Faria
02/12/2021 17:25:22
Last post: 29/12/2021 09:11:29
Shipping methods not showing up in One page checkout
Hi there, On a default Rapido installation I don't see shipping methods when I use "One page checkout" on the Cart page. When I switch to "One step checkout", they do show up as expected. I checked that all providers are selected on the cart module.  ...
Imar Spaanjaars
29/03/2021 12:20:00
Last post: 24/12/2021 12:29:05
XSLT Error in Mobile menu
Hello, In a fresh DW 9.10.5 installation with Rapido (Only content no PIM Products) I get an error on the Mobile version of the navigation. At first I thought it might have something todo with the fact that I had only a 443 binding on the site and no ...
Justin Sjouw
29/03/2021 12:14:02
Last post: 24/12/2021 12:23:12
Rapido empty cart not working in Firefox
this is a rapido 3.4 solution, and I am using Firefox (Developer) See the problem here Anyone else experiencing this, and How can this be fixed? /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
16/03/2021 11:36:33
Last post: 23/12/2021 12:54:11
Focal point is missing in background image path for rows
FYI - Focal point is missing in background image path for rows. ...
Daniel Hansen
26/03/2021 12:20:50
Last post: 23/12/2021 12:51:55
Event calendar improvements
Hello there, The event calendar is grouping the events by month but is disregarding the year, this results in a poor user experience specially if the event title does not contains the year. Also, as you can see for each month the events are not sorte ...
Mario Santos
22/12/2021 13:08:03
Last post: 23/12/2021 08:55:18
Where can i find the right template to customize price formatting in productlist
I am trying to control/format the price and currency combination of productlists in rapido. In the template eCom/ProductList/Blocks/ViewList.cshtml i find the handlbar {{price}} on line 437, but I have no idea where i the value of this is set. Same t ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
07/12/2021 23:38:09
Last post: 08/12/2021 13:08:19
Linking to # makes the page reload
Hi, I'm not sure its a rapido related "issue" or me doing it wrong. I'm trying to make a link on my page that goes to a #content - And it seems to work on other custom solutions we have build. But when i do this in Rapido, the link  ...
Mike Nicolai Bjerregaard
18/11/2021 11:28:49
Last post: 19/11/2021 11:54:40
Recurring Orders - DIBS EASY
Hi, From the documentation ( I can see Recurring Orders is supported by the following checkout handlers; Note: Recurring orders are implemented with the following chec ...
Mads Knudsen
16/11/2021 09:28:20
Last post: 16/11/2021 11:39:02
Pdf rendering a blank Page
I have an issue on a Rapido 3.4.3 on a dynamicweb 9.10.13 Stageing site with product List and product details rendering a blank pdf, when the Download Cart is populated with more than one product. I have standard Rapido 3.4.3 setup Where it works, an ...
Alexander Olsen
20/10/2021 09:54:12
Last post: 29/10/2021 11:31:28