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Issue with HTTPS Links in Development Environment
I recently migrated my application from production to development, and I've noticed that all links are still loading with https, even though I've disabled SSL. The CSS and images are trying to be fetched from https:// URLs, which is not confi ...
Tomislav Bušić
28/11/2023 13:47:50
Last post: 28/11/2023 14:46:09
Issue with HTTPS Links in Development Environment
I recently migrated my application from production to development, and I've noticed that all links are still loading with https, even though I've disabled SSL. The CSS and images are trying to be fetched from https:// URLs, which is not confi ...
Tomislav Bušić
28/11/2023 13:47:49
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Problem with display product discount only for anonymous user
Hi, I need help with settings on discount for anonymous users. We need to set up discount on the web to display only for anonymous user (not log in) and users in B2C user group. I set up that product discount display only for anonymous users and for  ...
Pamela Šokčević
23/11/2023 13:33:44
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Pamela Šokčević
23/11/2023 13:33:35
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Sign in Modal popping up when returning from the cart
Hi, There's a strange bug with the LastAddedProduct modal notification. If you add a product to the cart, click proceed to cart and then click the return button and go back to the Product List (or Product Detail), the Sign in modal pops up, even thou ...
Mafalda Correa
03/12/2019 13:07:13
Last post: 22/11/2023 09:54:20
Issue with Quantity Reduction for Orders with Decimal Quantities
Hi, I'm currently encountering an issue where the quantity reduction doesn't seem to work correctly when I place an order with a decimal quantity. To illustrate this, I've attached a screenshot for your reference. For instance, I have a t ...
Thuzar Win
27/10/2023 05:46:31
Last post: 03/11/2023 04:17:42
Get FieldOptionName from Product
Hello. is it possible to get the selected FieldOptionName from a Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Products.Product? I have a Product field of the type List box where the Name and Value in the options are different, but it seems that it is only possible to retrie ...
Kasper Pedersen
25/10/2023 17:07:04
Last post: 26/10/2023 11:27:10
Total not cleared when CartCmd DelOrderLine removes last product
Hi all We are experiencing a weird issue when removing products from a cart manually using the DelOrderLine CartCmd. When removing the last remaining item in the cart the total price before deletion is still present in the view and the returned feed. ...
Torben Grove
24/08/2023 14:53:33
Last post: 25/08/2023 07:04:52
Google Analytics 4 conversions from Rapido
Has anyone managed to implement conversions from Rapido to GA4? Can you share your experience on how you accomplished this in Rapido? ...
Barry Geukdjian
07/07/2023 09:33:44
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Liveprices discount in Rapido Feeds
Hi, We have a customer who are using Rapido on their solution. They are using liveprices as well. I have issues with rendering the discount in the Rapido feeds. If I use a good old style template with templatetags it renders just as expected :) But i ...
Marie Louise Veigert
09/06/2023 07:49:06
Last post: 09/06/2023 09:48:01
Refactor Favorites logic in Rapido feeds
Hi guys, I am trying to refactor the Rapido feed to use the new ProductCatalogViewModels instead of the old ProductCatalog. I have managed to refactor most of the code but I got stuck on the Favorites logic. I have noticed a few new methods and servi ...
Adrian Ursu
05/06/2023 13:14:06
Last post: 06/06/2023 12:29:44
Wrong value in templatetag Ecom:Product:Field.Segment.Label. Dw 9.12.9 - Rapido 3.4.2
Hello I am running a DW version 9.12.9 and Rapido version 3.4.2. When trying to access the template tag Ecom:Product:Field.Segment.Label I receive the Value of the field and not the name. However when I add TemplateTags() to the code I receive the co ...
Tobias Nordvig
14/04/2023 12:27:39
Last post: 17/04/2023 12:24:24
Update a Rapido 3.4 solution to DW 9.15
When trying to Update a Rapido 3.4 solution to Dynamicweb 9.15, the grid/column templates fail. These are standard Rapidop templates I have made a screenshot of the error message here Anyone know how to fix thi ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
02/03/2023 11:28:54
Last post: 13/03/2023 14:58:37
Rapido - Show personal price when logged in
Hi, I have tried to find some documentation to how personal price from the pricematrix is rendered in the frontend. I have at first added customernumber on the price + on the user logged in. Are there a setting, which I could be missing? Running the  ...
Marie Louise Veigert
02/03/2023 15:19:09
Last post: 02/03/2023 15:54:16
Latest version of DW for digital-warehouse
Hi What is the latest version of DW compatible with Rapido digital-warehouse with printable papers? 9.12.7 gives this error message System.Exception: Pdf creator constructor exception ---> System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being ab ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
24/02/2023 12:28:38
Last post: 24/02/2023 15:25:01
Azure AD SSO
Hi guys, Is it possible to setup AD SSO pointing to Azure AD? I've taken a look at the documentation but looks like it only support on-prem AD. Thanks, Terri ...
Terri Donahue
16/12/2019 19:56:20
Last post: 07/02/2023 16:09:24
Global Elements - Content Page
Hi there. I have an issue with the standard items belonging to the "Content page" item/pagetype, when i try to add an item like the "Standard Paragraph Three" as an global element. I get the error attached. It says this: "Restriction settings for con ...
Mikkel Hornbech Nielsen
13/01/2021 10:55:25
Last post: 20/01/2023 12:56:49
Tracking Settings
Hi. Is there any documentation on the differences between Enable Tracking and Enable Statistics? All of the Dw stats tables cause some issues with our larger implementations (to the point of causing site failures once those tables grow). Would love t ...
Terri Donahue
21/05/2020 16:03:15
Last post: 20/01/2023 01:24:59
Second cart on Rapido solution
Hi everybody we have request to implement another cart on dw so that the user can select to which cart he will add products. Also this second cart should be automatically completed / converted to order at specific time (for example every friday the c ...
Ivan Marijanović
06/12/2022 11:17:54
Last post: 07/12/2022 13:05:38
ProductList related cookie
Hi! Does anyone know what the following cookies are used for (see attachement)? Are they used for caching templates related to products? ...
Vincent Gercke
02/12/2019 13:32:09
Last post: 09/11/2022 09:29:40