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Control which fields to show in my profile
Is it possible to edit which fields to show in my profile, without customizing the block? ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
19/09/2020 00:24:52
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Sort tabs at product page
Is it possible to sort the tabs in the product page without customizing the blocks (read through configuration options)? ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
18/09/2020 23:28:16
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Snippet in E-mail
Hi there, I try to add a snippet in an E-mail but cannot find where I can add it. Can somebody please help me with this? Best regards Gerard ...
Gerard Kocks
16/09/2020 11:36:31
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Rapido 4.0
Hi, A question about Rapido 4.0. Will there be a upgrade wizard/package from 3.4 to 4.0? We are about start a new project and it would be nice to know if 3.4 is upgradable to 4.0? Regards / Aki ...
Aki Ruuskanen
14/09/2020 13:21:46
Last post: 15/09/2020 16:50:16
Best approch to add product fields to viewgrid in productlist
Hi I would like to add eg. ProductManufacturerId to the viewgrid in the productlist. What is the best way of doing that? Running DW v9.8.8 and Rapido v3.3.1 ...
Lars Larsen
09/09/2020 12:54:13
Last post: 15/09/2020 16:48:36
Custom website settings in Rapido
Hi, I have created two custom website settings (link to pages) in the custom website itemtype - how do I the render the content in the product template? have tried different tage - ex. var freeShippingPage = Pageview.Area.Item["FreeShippingPage"]; Bu ...
Søren Bremholm Jakobsen
29/05/2018 12:44:00
Last post: 15/09/2020 09:14:27
Rapido BaseMegaMenu error after upgrading to 9.9.0
Hello, Rapido version 3.4 I get the following error after upgrading from DW version 9.8.9 to 9.9.0 The Web.config has been merged and netstandard is referenced <compilation debug="false" targetFramework="4.7.2"> <assemblies> <add assem ...
Søren Ravn Lund
08/09/2020 10:53:49
Last post: 08/09/2020 12:19:51
Font Preview Not Working
Hi All, Inside of the Font Family edit screen, I can see the name of the font stylized accordingly but the Lorem Ipsum text below each font name is not. I flipped through multiple pages and searched for "hand" to see if any of those fonts work but th ...
Richard D. Lee
26/08/2020 19:12:47
Last post: 28/08/2020 10:53:45
Promotion header - missing button and header?
I've activated the promotion header in a product group. The text and the promotion image is displaying fine, but the button and heading is not. gylling in the cloud. Is this a rapido error or something I didn't do? Rapido 3.3 and DW 9.8.8 ...
Siv Hansen
09/07/2020 12:11:14
Last post: 28/08/2020 08:13:57
Missing navigation file
Hi, There is a template named "BreadcrumbParagraph.cshtml" in Rapido. That template renders a breadcrumb with : @Navigation.RenderNavigation("Navigation/Breadcrumbs.cshtml", navigationSettings) Problem is that the "Breadcrumbs.cshtml" is nowhere to b ...
Aki Ruuskanen
21/08/2020 13:11:37
Last post: 28/08/2020 07:50:14
Checkout UX - Billing and shipping address
In Rapido 3.4 the user have to enter both billing and shipping address.. Please consider one of these options UX guidelines (case A): Let user enter a billing address. Have a checkbox "Shipping address same as billing". UX guidelines (case B): Let us ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
27/08/2020 08:53:25
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Using an image to create brand colors - not working in Chrome
Hi All, I noticed recently that I am unable to easily change the brand colors by uploading an image containing them. This appears only in Chrome but works properly in Firefox. Richard ...
Richard D. Lee
20/08/2020 18:54:37
Last post: 26/08/2020 19:47:50
Saved Cards show up regardless of Payment method
Hi, We normally have multiple payment methods (PO order + Credit Card) and the normal Rapido templates render the saved cards regardless of the selected shipping method. It would be nice if that dropdown/block would only be rendered if the selected p ...
Nuno Aguiar
09/07/2020 19:20:33
Last post: 25/08/2020 14:41:41
Rapido loader animation
Hi, Where do I change the deafult Rapido animation, with my own SVG file? ...
Morten Falslund
25/08/2020 08:37:09
Last post: 25/08/2020 09:27:40
Order list search not retrieving results when searching by dates only
Hi there When applying a date range to search for orders in the orders list, it doesn't retrieve any orders. It's only when you choose a product that you get results. For a user point of view, I would expect to get all orders within that searched dat ...
Fabio Monte
19/08/2020 13:35:15
Last post: 20/08/2020 15:07:24
Renaming design folder will cause settings not to take effect
I got a fresh Rapido and renamed the design folder 'Rapido' to the name of the site I was working on. Afterwards I experienced that changing fonts, colors etc. in website settings, it did not take effect anymore. I then renamed the folder to 'Rapido' ...
Roald Haahr Jensen
18/02/2019 13:19:40
Last post: 20/08/2020 13:23:23
System.IndexOutOfRangeException: GridRowHideForPhones
Hi Dynamicweb When I install DW 9.8.10 and Rapido 3.4 I get the error GridRowHideForPhones see attachment. Best regards Kim ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
17/08/2020 14:28:07
Last post: 19/08/2020 12:33:05
Adding order context to "Add to cart" button
Hi I want to add different order context to the "Add to cart" button for individual products in the productlist. How can that be accomplished? ...
Lars Larsen
17/08/2020 11:33:03
Last post: 19/08/2020 08:34:36
Extending the product list
Hi I am new to the concept of extending Rapido using blocks. Therefore I have tried to extend the product list using the example from this page. First isn't a typo when it says: Open the Rapido/eCom/ProductList/Blocks/CustomBlocks.cshtml template Sho ...
Lars Larsen
17/08/2020 10:14:25
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Configurable BOM
Is the configurable BOM still not supported in Rapido frontend? ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
15/07/2020 20:59:33
Last post: 13/08/2020 10:50:10