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Resending Failed Emails

Daniel Hollmann


We have a customer, where there was a firewall breakdown which resulted in emails not being send out. We would like to send resend the failed mails, but the following method did not work for us.

We have defined the mail sending through the Settings -> Ecommerce -> Orders -> Order flow. These emails are sent based on state changes, so we tried to set change state of and order and then change it back the original state, that would then re-trigger the flow.
The mail got send and with the correct subject header, but there was no content in the mail.

Our mail template used the default templates tags for orders like:



It looks like the email engine does not pickup the order data, when triggering the flow a second time.

Any suggestions on what to do, or maybe another way of retriggering the flow?

DW version: 9.7.4
Currently we can’t make an upgrade, since we experienced breaking changes in other 9.7.+ versions


Oleg Rodionov Dynamicweb Employee
Oleg Rodionov


I've checked the issue on last DW9.10.4 and was not able to catch any troubles. Received email related to default order flow state has data provided by the tags above every time on changing of state (when the state is assigned again) - proof.

BR, Oleg QA 

Daniel Hollmann

Thanks Oleg.

Maybe it's just my version for DW, that is having trouble, I know of other bugs in the solution, so hopefully a upgrade will solve this


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