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SQL - Make 4000 products available for all languages
Hi I want to make 4000 products available in all languages, and was trying to find the correct SQL table to alter this, but I cant find the table/column. Can someone guide me to the correct table? I don´t want to activate them one-by-one, as th ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
13/10/2021 17:41:29
Last post: 14/10/2021 19:37:11
Order capture, refund and cancel
Hi Is cancel button should be active after payment refund? ...
Andrejs Zavorotnijs
12/10/2021 17:10:20
Last post: 13/10/2021 08:57:40
Error translating validation groups
Hi there, I am getting an error when trying to translate a validation group. Here are my steps: Go to Settings | Ecommerce | Orders | Validation Groups Make sure you are in the primary language Open an existing validation group On the toolbar, switch ...
Imar Spaanjaars
11/10/2021 20:30:03
Last post: 13/10/2021 02:07:07
Order Confirmations sometimes not sent
Hi there We have a Client on 9.9.8 with a problem that has been going on for quite som time and the Support team directed me to try to get some help here on the Forum. The problem is that 1 out of maybe 50 orders a confirmation email is not sent to t ...
Anett Nissen
28/06/2021 16:17:42
Last post: 07/10/2021 08:36:42
Save Order problem. Invalid state
Hi guys, We have a solution where we get a lot of the following errors: 2021-03-25 11:57:02.5228|ERROR|Ecom/Order|Save Order problem. Invalid state, saving: CART40409 We see 4-5 of these errors a day. The result in most cases is that the cart is empt ...
Adrian Ursu
01/04/2021 08:51:51
Last post: 05/10/2021 11:01:03
Best method to get the selected unit for a Type based on the WeightFieldTypeProvider
Hi, What is the prefered method to get the selected unit from a custom datatype bases on the WeightFieldTypeProvider? I do not like to retrieve it directly from the database. Kind regards, Ben ...
Ben Doorn
04/10/2021 16:33:33
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Hiding groups without products in navigation (DW 9.10.13)
Hello We are using Ecom navigation in this solution and the customer wants to hide groups that do not have products/are inactive. What's the best solution for this? I've looked into the XSLT template and there's a ProductsCount property a ...
Fabio Monte
01/10/2021 13:35:23
Last post: 01/10/2021 15:31:51
EBizCharge transaction uses saved card name
Hi there, The EBizCharge provider is using the saved card name to create the transaction in EBiz, which is not desirable since the card name (in DW) may not match the person name. A possible fix for this is to change the highlihted code with !string. ...
Mario Santos
30/09/2021 13:33:21
Last post: 01/10/2021 13:29:43
EDM brings the website down
Dear Community, I appologise in advance if this question was discussed before. I could not find anything simular. Our customer sends out EDMs every Friday using 3rd party marketing platform. This brings the website down every week. There is no integr ...
Elena Anisimova
01/10/2021 06:19:53
Last post: 01/10/2021 11:33:07
Stock Status is not refreshing - PIM
Hello team, We have some issue with Stock Status for our customer (DW 9.9.6). We are using PIM for our products, stock state is set but unfortunately stock status is empty and stock number is changing correctly. The stock status is changing only when ...
Adrian Lesik
28/09/2021 13:56:27
Last post: 30/09/2021 03:13:03
Azure B2C login. How to configure
Hi guys, I have a project where I need to auto-login a user that is authenticated with Azure B2C in another application. I have noticed that we have support for Azure AD and Azure B2C in Dynamicweb. I have found the configuration for Azure AD but I c ...
Adrian Ursu
27/09/2021 19:57:16
Last post: 30/09/2021 02:25:17
Saved Cards not working using ChargeLogic Connect
Hi there, We are not able to use saved cards that are tied to ChargeLogic Connect. There is an internal error - Has anyone ran into the same issue? DW: 9.10.12 Thanks! BR, Mario ...
Mario Santos
22/09/2021 17:06:26
Last post: 27/09/2021 18:12:00
Groups cannot be deleted
Hi guys, I see pretty often that Groups (some of them) cannot be deleted from the interface: Recycling the site brings back the ability to delete. The groups are NOT imported. They are created through the interface and it does not happen for all of t ...
Adrian Ursu
27/09/2021 09:37:33
Last post: 27/09/2021 10:39:25
Does Dynamicweb support Nets Easy Checkout "Embedded"?
Are there any payment providers wihin Dynamicweb that can do a Nets Easy Checkout in embedded mode? ...
Kevin Steffer
22/09/2021 14:55:13
Last post: 22/09/2021 15:05:34
Pagination in ProductCategory is broken
Hi guys, I have a solution running on DW 9.10.13. I have a couple of ProductCategories, some of them with a lot of fields. I have noticed that paging through the fields in a ProductCategory does not work. When clicking on the "Next page" bu ...
Adrian Ursu
20/09/2021 18:55:23
Last post: 22/09/2021 14:41:45
Product fields editing is misbehaving
Hi guys, I have a solution running on DW 9.10.13 where I am experiencing a pretty annoying behavior of the interface when trying to add or edit Product fields or ProductCategoryFields. It does not happen for Group Fields. Whenever I hit "Save&qu ...
Adrian Ursu
15/09/2021 14:17:37
Last post: 20/09/2021 09:15:38
Primary Group and Multiple Shops
Hi, We have a solution where we have multiple shops for different countries. We also ha a PIM from where we publish products to one or more shops. In the shops the products could also belong to several groups, like "News" or some group for  ...
Aki Ruuskanen
17/09/2021 11:40:24
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Web API discounts
Hi, In the Ecommerce Web API, when I make a request for a product with a discount, both the Price and the PriceBeforeDiscount are the same. And discount comes back as 0. Here's a quick repro: My feed request ...
Mafalda Correa
14/09/2021 16:55:40
Last post: 16/09/2021 01:50:23
Web API GetProduct variant ID
Hi, I'm using the web api to get a product feed and I need to pass the Variant id, I tried passing it as a parameter, but I still only get the base product and not the variant. ...
Mafalda Correa
14/09/2021 16:16:00
Last post: 15/09/2021 11:36:02
Ecommerce web API
Hi I am trying to use the Ecommerce web API. But I can't get it to work. If for example I request this url: /dwapi/Products/GetProductList?ProductIds=PROD213,PROD214&LanguageId=LANG1&CurrencyCode=DKK&FilledProperties=Id,VariantId,Name I g ...
Lars Larsen
10/09/2020 13:29:16
Last post: 13/09/2021 14:20:49