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Customer Center reorder and Saved for Later collection
Hi there, We noticed that reordering large orders (around 200 orderlines) was taking a lot of time. After some debug we found out that most of that time is due the Saved for Later collection - for each orderline added there is a sql query ran to get  ...
Mario Santos
02/08/2021 19:13:34
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Order quantity in decimal numbers
Hi, we have customer selling parquets and flooring woods but in cart we are forced to have quantities in whole number, so customer cannot order 45,6 sqm of flooring. How we can change this? Ivan ...
Ivan Marijanović
03/01/2021 16:37:15
Last post: 29/07/2021 10:18:18
Default related groups and products - how does it work?
Hi guys, I have read in the documentation that I can use "Default related groups" to automate the assignment of products to groups based on these relations. I have tried it out on a group and product but it does not seem to behave as advert ...
Adrian Ursu
25/07/2021 10:35:37
Last post: 26/07/2021 16:46:08
ProductFields are not available after save
Hi guys, I have an issue with the visibility of ProductFields and ProductCategoryFields. Initially, I thought this is related to 9.9.x branch but I can see it in 9.10.x branch as well on a solution hosted in Dynamicweb Cloud. Whenever I add a new fie ...
Adrian Ursu
02/07/2021 12:47:19
Last post: 26/07/2021 10:57:23
Loyalty point expiration
I have the loyalty points expiration period set to 0, to keep the points from expiring, but they still do. Shouldn't this prevent it? DW version 9.10.8 ...
Cátia Torego
26/07/2021 10:54:56
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To disable or hide 'Search' function in filter section
Dear All, Could you please advise how we can hide/ disable the seach function of the filter section via setting or do we need to remove it manually on templates? Thank you! Best Regards, Nyein ...
Aye Nyein Myat
07/07/2021 07:06:20
Last post: 23/07/2021 16:04:06
Local IP is captured in Lead functionality, Marketing Module
Hi All, We are facing an issue with Lead Report in the Marketing module. We have webapplication firewall that is capturing customer IP (attached ISS log). However, Dynamicweb is still registering local IP instead of the customer's IP. Thanks a lo ...
Elena Anisimova
20/07/2021 05:50:14
Last post: 23/07/2021 06:02:51
Google robot
Hi, The Google robot is not correctly crawling our website. The Google search "" displays all the PDFs of the website but only five pages of about 5000. According the post, we are only using robots.txt. We don't use robot ...
Tomas Gomez
22/07/2021 12:34:49
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Statistics do not filter orders correctly
Hi, A customer that works with Ecommerce statistics reported that going into Orders and filtering by a certain date, provided a different amount of orders when compared to the "Turnover" report. After some digging we discovered this is beca ...
Nuno Aguiar
21/07/2021 11:16:07
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Edit quote from front-end
Hi guys, I have a project where I have to give permissions to a user to edit a Quote before approving it for the customer. The quote details that will most likely be changed are Quantity, Unit price, Comment and Quote state. Is there a standard way t ...
Adrian Ursu
16/07/2021 14:32:19
Last post: 16/07/2021 15:19:27
Access discontinued property
Hi, I run dynamicweb 9.10.8 but it seems I can not access the discontinued property in my HTML template? I tried this in my html but it seems to be false all the time: productObject.discontinued = product.GetBoolean("Ecom:Product.ProductDisconti ...
Andreas Pettersson
14/07/2021 09:22:26
Last post: 14/07/2021 10:31:57
StatsV2 and Recommendations
Hi DW We have a client running DW 9.9.5 and are experiencing some performance issues on the site. One of the issues seems to be related to the product recommendation engine (e.g. WhatAboutTheseProducts and CustomersWhoSawThisAlsoSaw) getting the data ...
Chris Søgaard
13/07/2021 11:47:29
Last post: 13/07/2021 13:44:10
Primary group for Canonical Tags
Hi, We are running a 9.10.8 Rapido solution The Ecom structure for this website allows the same product to exist in multiple ecom-groups. Therefore we need to apply Canonical tags to set a primary and secondary product page. We have been looking at t ...
Mads Knudsen
12/07/2021 13:22:32
Last post: 13/07/2021 12:27:03
Ecom Statistics number of days
Hi, We got a customer that reported an issue with the Turnover report in Ecom. He usually takes monthly reports and doing so noticed them to be off by 1 day. Consider searching for Jan 1 2021 at 00:00 until Jan 31 2021 at 23:59 (essentially the entir ...
Nuno Aguiar
15/06/2021 17:06:25
Last post: 13/07/2021 11:37:20
Best Seller Product Query
Dear Sir, Is there any way to filter the best seller products by repository query? Thanks, Yoon ...
Yoon Peti Nwe
12/07/2021 10:33:23
Last post: 12/07/2021 13:29:56
GLS to other Nordic Countries
Hi there We have quite a few Smaller B2B customers that really would like to take advantage of sending with GLS package shops to B2C customers from other nordic countries than Denmark Alternatives for these customers is a rather expenssive Post Nordi ...
Anett Nissen
05/07/2021 11:09:08
Last post: 08/07/2021 15:02:49
Loop ImageCategories not available inside variantcombinations loop
According to the documantation, it should be possible to access the ImageCategories loop, while looping through variant combinations. But t ...
Martin Moen
07/07/2021 14:17:07
Last post: 08/07/2021 08:37:54
Do product fields have a maximum amount to display
Hello, Somewhere between 9.8.11 and 9.9.7, it appears that there is a maximum number of options shown for a product field of type DropDownList (in the backend). We're in the process of upgrading from 9.8.11 and, after upgrading our development enviro ...
Scott Forsyth
05/02/2021 17:16:38
Last post: 07/07/2021 18:52:21
Order Confirmations sometimes not sent
Hi there We have a Client on 9.9.8 with a problem that has been going on for quite som time and the Support team directed me to try to get some help here on the Forum. The problem is that 1 out of maybe 50 orders a confirmation email is not sent to t ...
Anett Nissen
28/06/2021 16:17:42
Last post: 07/07/2021 12:00:51
Discount Priority & Stop Further Processing Rule not working Properly
Dear Sir, I have product A (Nike Brand), B (Puma Brand) and C (Nike Brand) and 3 discount setup in the backend. I would like to give 46% discount to only Product A for Login user and want to give 55% discount to Puma Brand for Login user and want to  ...
Yoon Peti Nwe
02/06/2021 12:08:24
Last post: 07/07/2021 06:49:17