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Creating search function for the Order Discounts
Promotions of our customer created in 'Order Discounts' will continue to grow over time. At this juncture, they already had 15 pages and they need to click page by page to find their promotions created. They want us to create the search function for  ...
Khine Lwin Myint
08/11/2018 10:10:47
Last post: 28/01/2020 05:10:46
Shop field in the product detail page
Dear Sir, May I know how the shop field works on the product page? I found the definition from the document site. But, not clearly understand. I will be appreciated if you can explain more details. Thanks. Thanks Phu ...
Thet Nong Phu
24/01/2020 05:12:22
Last post: 24/01/2020 09:22:20
GLS and Consignor
Hi, Our customer are using Consignor with their Navision ERP-system. At the same time, they would like to use the build-in GLS-module to select nearest parcel-shop. As I understand it, it's either the one or the other, as the DW GLS-module automatica ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
22/01/2020 09:02:00
Last post: 24/01/2020 09:13:20
Error with Discount when Editing Ecom Group
Hi, I am getting a server error editing ecom groups associated with Discounts. This started happening after a recent upgrade to 9.7 (currently in 9.7.5) I tried looking at the source code of the EcomGroupEdit.aspx file but there are 2 GetType methods ...
Nuno Aguiar
21/01/2020 13:16:28
Last post: 22/01/2020 14:53:06
Output ProductCategories via API
Hi. We're trying to use product categories via the API inside the checkout. We try to use Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Services.ProductCategories, but whenever we get to the Fields collection, it tells us that it is obsolete (or deprecated if we try with a s ...
Mikkel Belchuke
21/01/2020 09:13:06
Last post: 22/01/2020 07:39:39
LoyaltyPoint Expiration logic
Hi guys, We are trying to use the Loyalty points and we stumbled upon the expiration of LoyaltyPoints. We have tested a few scenarios where we manually changed the Transaction Date on the loyalty points transaction and it doesn't seem to make any dif ...
Adrian Ursu
10/01/2020 15:49:59
Last post: 21/01/2020 07:28:05
Different products in same group in different languages
Hi We have a customer who want to have product A and product B in the same group. Product A should only be visible when browsing the group in Danish and product B only when browsing the group in Swedish. How can this be accomplished? Is it a custom s ...
Lars Larsen
27/11/2019 10:02:54
Last post: 20/01/2020 14:35:21
Bug in Order view
Hi there Our customer is having problem viewing order details on their laptop. See attached photo. It doesnt matter if they minify the left menu, it still doesnt show product number. Is this something that can be fixed? They have to be able to work " ...
Asdis Gudmundsdottir
17/01/2020 13:06:50
Last post: 20/01/2020 09:01:49
most frequently bought items not right?
Hi Dynamicweb, I have a question about the most frequently bought items as it seems to most bought items and not most frequently bought items as it sums the quantity bought and not the number of orderlines with the current product. Is that assumption ...
Anders Ebdrup
07/12/2016 19:34:29
Last post: 17/01/2020 10:57:47
Show BOM products on product detail
Hi, I have a solution where I don't want to show BOM products in the producstlist. I only want to show them on product detail. So I have product A which is just a good old regular product. I go to the page that shows product A. Product A is also, tog ...
René Poulsen
15/01/2020 12:32:45
Last post: 16/01/2020 13:43:27
Order flow and language question
Hi When the order is set to completed in the backend an e-mail invoice is send to the customer. How do I manage to send a german translated invoice mail to german customers and a english invoice to english customers? Best regards Kim ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
13/01/2020 11:29:33
Last post: 15/01/2020 04:02:23
Images in ProductCatalog - > ProductViewDetail
Hey I have an issue getting images shown using the ProductCatalog with viewmodels. The Model.Images and the like are empty even with a image selected in the classic small/medium/large image selectors - my guess is that the viewmodel maybe only suppor ...
Claus Kølbæk
08/01/2020 11:14:27
Last post: 13/01/2020 09:25:11
Validation errors take you back to Step 1
Hi, I have 'When re-entering the cart: Show first step' and when in Step 3, I try to submit my order and it fails, I'm sent back to Step 1. This doesn't happen if 'When re-entering the cart: Show last visited step' is selected. But when you're submit ...
Mafalda Correa
03/12/2019 11:44:44
Last post: 13/01/2020 00:02:22
Chat application
Hi everybody! Is there chat application that can be integrated in DW Ecommerce so that the user on page can chat directly with web shop administrator? Ivan ...
Ivan Marijanović
07/01/2020 22:04:42
Last post: 10/01/2020 16:43:29
ProductListViewModel and Product Groups
Hi, If I would to implement a product list with the ProductListViewModel approach and also render a list of Product Groups. I mean, first I want to render a list of product groups and when a product group is clicked I want to render the products in t ...
Aki Ruuskanen
08/01/2020 15:07:36
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Facet Options for Int32 fields
Hi, I am running on 9.6.3 and have a Repository with custom product fields, where one is of type integer (Int32). We call it "Minimum seats". We then created a facet and tried to get facet options from that field, but got none. Shouldn't the Reposito ...
Nuno Aguiar
11/07/2019 16:57:16
Last post: 08/01/2020 10:39:42
Tabs sequence
Dear Sir, Is there a way to arrange the tabs sequence? Thanks Phu ...
Thet Nong Phu
08/01/2020 08:06:25
Last post: 08/01/2020 08:46:51
Sorting of facets
Is it possible to sort the facets? (see attachment) ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
11/03/2016 10:11:30
Last post: 08/01/2020 08:35:49
Mobile App
Hi Guys, One of my prospect customers is asking for a Mobile app that would connect to Dynamicweb. Is there any project like this? Anybody in the network has done something like this? Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
28/11/2019 13:47:30
Last post: 07/01/2020 17:31:53
Dear Sir, I exported the user's last login time and notice that date and time followed by 987. Could you please explain the calculation of that 987? 26-12-2019 09:12:16:987 Thanks Phu ...
Thet Nong Phu
07/01/2020 04:58:36
Last post: 07/01/2020 08:20:20