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Facet count dont update after product delete
Hi. We are building a webshop for a customer selling new and used machinery. The used machinery gets handled by BC, so when a PM mark a machine in BC, it triggers an integration and then the product gets deleted in PIM and then also the Ecommerce. It ...
Kasper Legarth
22/04/2024 14:02:51
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Stop recurring order if product is inactive
Is there a way to stop a recurring order from being created and sent to ERP when a product has been set as inactive after the recurring order was created? I have tried creating a custom task that would skip the order if a product is inactive (code is ...
Bjørn Ingebrigtsen
19/04/2024 13:07:11
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Robots.txt for an e-commerce setup
Hi, What is an ideal robots.txt for an e-commerce setup where you don't have any special additions to the file system? Asking for DW9. These are the things I came across inspecting other DW-webshops: Sitemap: [sitemap] User-agent: * Disallow: /Fi ...
Davy Capiau
19/04/2024 11:47:29
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Recurring Order Error
Error at Recurring order creation when use RecurringOrdersScheduledTaskAddIn at System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHRInternal(Int32 errorCode, IntPtr errorInfo) at Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Orders.Order.get_Ip() in D:\Primero\Source\D ...
Shiwanka Chathuranga
19/04/2024 11:38:08
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ProductGroupFields, Listbox of type TagCloud
Hi, When creating a productfield and select "Listbox" you have the option to slect "Tag Cloud" as the type for the fields. But when creating a ProductGroupField the option "Tag Cloud" is not available for a Listbox. Is t ...
Aki Ruuskanen
28/02/2024 16:30:21
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Parts Lists add to cart doesn't merge order lines
Hi, I have a product that is a parts list. When I add that product several times to the cart from the product detail, using cartcmd:add, the order line gets updated to the new quantity. But when I add the product with a list of other products, using  ...
Cátia Torego
07/02/2024 12:38:32
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Voucher code and live integration discounts
Hi there, I have a solution that uses Live Integration to AX where AX can return discount lines for products. That all works fine. The customer now would like to use DynamicWeb's voucher code system to add percentage based discounts to the cart a ...
Imar Spaanjaars
14/12/2023 17:02:32
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Buy with loyalty points through WebApi
Hi. Would it be possible to make a purchase using loyalty points, through the WebApi? If, let's say, we bould a loyalty application, where the users uses their loyalty points to buy work wear. Right now, we can get the balance and the transaction ...
Mikkel Belchuke
21/09/2023 14:42:44
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Merge Image assets between Master and Variants
Hi guys, We have received a simple and justified request from a customer in relation to the images displayed for a product with variants. We have a situation where the MasteProduct and each of the variants have distinct images. But each one has only  ...
Adrian Ursu
01/09/2023 12:54:02
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Data Integration - Check if source file exists, rather than throwing exception
If a source file does not exist when a Data Integration job is executed, a FileNotFoundException is thrown. There can be a perfectly good reason for a source file not to exist at the point of time where a scheduled task executes a DI job. So rather t ...
Morten Snedker
09/05/2023 10:50:04
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Refund for mobile pay does not work - how do you handle it?
Hi we have a webshop that runs QuickPay as payment gateway. We capture and refund all orders in Dynamicweb, as we want to use the numbers from Dynamicweb for the accounting. But it is not possible to refund mobile pay transactions for Dynamicweb, and ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
22/03/2023 13:38:20
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Build index fails
Hello, For some reason when I try to manually build the products index on the process fails and tells me: 2022-12-14 11:20:20.753: Error processing products. System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has alrea ...
Justin Sjouw
14/12/2022 11:27:47
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Default language issue (with AzureSD SSO for Admin)
When we login using Azure AD SSO. The selected language is English and everything seems to work fine. When this logout/kickoff occurs they log back in using SSO and the language is then mixed. English and Danish (like no specific language selected).  ...
Jon Thorne
14/11/2022 10:16:40
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Customer Experience Center Sorting issues
Hi, We were trying to set some sorting in the Customer Experience Center but ran into some issues: Sorting by Price does not behave correctly I tried both with querystring parameters and backend settings Repro st ...
Nuno Aguiar
23/09/2022 13:09:25
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Sorting Nodes in Razor Navigation
Hi guys, I am trying to implement Razor based navigation and I see that Node class does not have a SortOrder property and nodes are rendered alfabetically. I am using NavigationTreeNodeViewModel Is there any way I can sort these nodes based on the so ...
Adrian Ursu
25/08/2022 09:40:35
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CalculateShippingFee not working
Hello, I've extended an existing shipping provider, and even though CalculateShippingFee is called it and returning a proper value, it doesnt update the shippingFee, is there anything else I am missing? A setting or something? public class Extend ...
Goncalo Faria
02/05/2022 18:02:59
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Unnsteinn Garðarsson
24/03/2022 21:23:25
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Should not be possible to purchase variant that does not exist in language, or add product to cart where price is 0
If a product variant does not exist in a language, it get´s a price of 0 on the product page. And even worse, it is possible to purchase the product for the price of 0. This should not be possible, or at least - it should be possible to configu ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
10/03/2022 15:41:29
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Email Marketing Query - Get a unique voucher code for every qualified order placed.
What would be the best way to configure an email marketing to meet this requirement. Any customization required? If yes, what would be the customization? Requirement - Get A $88 OFF voucher code when bought the selected Philosophy’s brand&rsquo ...
Tan Pang Lin
06/12/2021 05:37:10
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Best method to get the selected unit for a Type based on the WeightFieldTypeProvider
Hi, What is the prefered method to get the selected unit from a custom datatype bases on the WeightFieldTypeProvider? I do not like to retrieve it directly from the database. Kind regards, Ben ...
Ben Doorn
04/10/2021 16:33:33
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