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Missing Marketing Legend and Browser Data
Hi All, I am using DW version 9.3.15 and I noticed I cannot see the data for BROWSER AND ANALYSIS DATA in the marketing report. How can I get the data to show there? I have the same thread also regarding the marketing analysis report. I have to get b ...
Nay Chi Phyo
24/01/2022 10:08:00
Last post: 24/01/2022 11:36:42
New order object created when Klarna payment is canceled
We are using the Klarna Checkout v3, which is working as expected except in one scenario. Whenever a user cancel an ongoing Klarna payment session, the user is sent back to the basket, and verything looks good. But at the same time a new order object ...
Martin Moen
21/01/2022 22:07:53
Last post: 24/01/2022 11:18:33
Ecom is sending out multiple order confirmation mails after checkout with quickpay
Hi, We have a site where some orders are resulting in multiple confirmation emails (and the "CheckoutDoneOrderComplete" notification subscriber is hit multiple times. When I look at the log for the orders, it looks like quickpay is hitting  ...
Jonas Krarup Dam
19/01/2022 11:33:29
Last post: 20/01/2022 10:40:44
Deleting a product group seems to execute some inefficient code.
Deleting a product group with, looking at the stacktrace, I guess more than 2100 product in it, results in a server error. Can you take a look at this? ...
Ben Doorn
20/01/2022 00:28:48
Last post: 20/01/2022 02:22:29
Accessing Campaign names with ProductViewModel
Hi guys, Is there any way I can access the campaign the product is attached to? I know there is a Discount property on the ProductViewModel Class but there seems to be no information about the Name of the discount. Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
19/01/2022 16:13:17
Last post: 19/01/2022 20:52:53
Recurring Orders with wrong token - how to?
Hi, We're having an issue with Recurring Orders (subscription based system). The recurrency was placed months ago, and everything worked fine until "now". The CreditCard token in now invalid, so that is generating an incomplete order. H ...
Nuno Aguiar
18/01/2022 15:22:11
Last post: 18/01/2022 16:46:18
is it possible to get current amount of products in cart - asyncronous, without having an extra page etc. for the async call?
Hi Is it possible to get the current amount of products in cart (update it asyncronous) withour having a seperate page for async call etc.? /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
18/01/2022 12:11:29
Last post: 18/01/2022 14:05:47
Post Danmark PacSoft and Postnord DK Mypack Collect
Hi How do I get "Postnord DK Mypack Collect" and "Pacsoft" to work at the same time? "PostDanmark ServicePoint" I can get customer select pick-up point to work (with API key), but the "Shipping Document Service" (Create shipping documents) do not wor ...
Thomas Jensen
14/11/2019 15:43:57
Last post: 18/01/2022 14:04:55
Cart flow email not triggered
Hello, We have a solution that has cart flow emails configured. Carts are exported and imported back using scheduled tasks with Order provider as destination provider. It's the same concept as we are doing with regular orders but for carts the st ...
Mario Santos
17/01/2022 13:50:14
Last post: 17/01/2022 18:36:58
Danish stemming (synonyms) ?
Hi, Does the latest version of Dynamicweb support Danish stemming (synonyms) in the Lucene index ? Best regards, Casper ...
Casper Rasmussen
13/01/2022 11:59:03
Last post: 17/01/2022 14:34:09
Remove voucher and discount from cart
Hi I am working on a DW v9.6.9 solution where it should be possible to have this checkout scenario: user adds products to the cart goes to the checkout flow adds a vouchers which triggers a discount user goes to next step in the checkout flow user lo ...
Lars Larsen
11/01/2022 13:15:57
Last post: 17/01/2022 14:11:05
Error on removing items from cart (DW 9.10.14)
Hi, When I have items in the cart and I try to delete all of them at once by using the ?cartcmd=emptycart added to cart query string it results the error that was not occuring prevously. After openieng the cart again it is empty. The error: Regards,  ...
Milosz Synecki
03/01/2022 14:59:17
Last post: 17/01/2022 14:07:01
DW 9.12.7: Cart problems
Hi, I discovered that I receive an error when I delete order lines with discount on all pages, thus making the webshop unusable as long as the cart in question exists. When looking at the cart in the backend I can see that the discount order line is  ...
Roald Haahr
14/01/2022 13:05:11
Last post: 17/01/2022 09:31:08
Lost carts
Hi guys, We are facing a strange situation with losing carts upon Login or Logout (most probably log out). We have a project running on DW 9.9.8. We have seen this behavior of carts lost before but not very often. But now we have stared to see this b ...
Adrian Ursu
13/01/2022 09:53:56
Last post: 14/01/2022 03:28:39
"Order id does not match id of order" message
Hello, We have a solution, on 9.8.8, where a user received the "Order id does not match id of order" message in cart (I've attached the screenshot sent by our client) and couldn't finalize the order. Then the agent tried using the user's account and  ...
Emil Dumitrescu
25/03/2021 12:35:45
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ProductManufacturerID exception
Hi, We have a new DW installation with Rapido but without products. An exceoption is triggered when adding a new product by the "New product" button in Ecom (see image). The exception is: Invalid column name 'ProductManufacturerID'  ...
Tomas Gomez
11/01/2022 15:49:08
Last post: 12/01/2022 11:44:43
Difficult for editor to administrate variant with large amount of options
Hi We have a customer that sells clothing. The variants groups are colors and sizes. Problem is that within colors, they have 60+ combinations (not just primary colors, but colorcombinations as eg. black w/grrey), which they attach to products manual ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
11/01/2022 08:59:35
Last post: 11/01/2022 11:05:57
Order in limbo
Hi, We ran across an issue we can't explain, after an order which apparently went to checkout handler successfuly, but then something happened and not the order is not complete (nor is it a cart), nor do we have info on the transation number. All ...
Nuno Aguiar
10/01/2022 12:28:11
Last post: 11/01/2022 10:19:58
deactivating product trigger index
Hi Is there any way of forcing an indexing of products, when changes are made - such as deactivating a product? It´s a bit unfortunate that a deactivated product is shown in the productlist, after a product has been deactivated. Also, clicking  ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
09/01/2022 13:03:13
Last post: 09/01/2022 14:17:11
Track queries for statistics
Hi guys, I have a project where I have activated the "Track query for statistics" option on the product catalog and all of the other search-related Product catalog modules. However, I cannot see any information in the Statistics. Is there any other s ...
Adrian Ursu
20/04/2021 07:32:32
Last post: 07/01/2022 13:38:49