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Do not render checkbox only works in Field loops
Hi, Working with 9.4.18 we have a product custom field where "Do not render" is checked. We noticed this is working accurately in the GetLoop("CustomFieldValues"), but if I request that tag directly (outside of the loop - by using GetString("Ecom:Pro ...
Nuno Aguiar
20/09/2018 16:16:07
Last post: 21/09/2018 13:10:01
Error retrieving favorite lists in DW 9.4.5 - cache problem ?
Hi Dynamicweb, I have just updated a solution from 9.3.12 to 9.4.5 and I am now experiencing some errors while retrieving favorite lists. In the solution I am working on, we have 7 different list types. After the first page load, GetLoop("CustomerCen ...
Niels Foldager
08/03/2018 17:00:51
Last post: 21/09/2018 05:23:02
Statistics of orders
Hi, we have a project with a final client and several sales agents. Each sales agent manages her own users, indepedent from the other agents. The final client and the agents need to read the statistics of orders in the Ecommerce module of the backend ...
Tomas Gomez
19/09/2018 11:55:14
Last post: 20/09/2018 10:17:55
Orderline quantity not updating for products without stock
Hi. I am able to add products without stock to the shopping cart, but when I try to update the orderline quantity nothing happens. The Unavailable products setting on paragraph app is set to Ignore. Am I missing any setting? DW version: 9.4.18 Thanks ...
Mario Santos
17/09/2018 16:06:44
Last post: 19/09/2018 12:48:55
New item type
Hi there, I created new Item type and would like to combine the products groups and indvidual links to blogs. On this new item type I added several paragraphs which I use to enter info and make it link to the blog and also several items of type "Prod ...
Ivan Marijanović
17/09/2018 16:33:52
Last post: 18/09/2018 18:04:05
Different behavior on UserManagement:User.UserAddresses loop
Hi, The loop UserManagement:User.UserAddresses on the Customer Center app, retrieves all user addresses including the default address, even when the user only has that one. Although on the Shopping Cart app, the same loop only retrieves addresses whe ...
Mario Santos
17/09/2018 15:45:48
Last post: 17/09/2018 16:46:31
Facets rendering each word separatly
Hi there we have isue in DW instalation that all facets render each word of filed as seprate value. For example we have atribute named "Screen printing" but in facet I get two values "screen" and "printing". How this can be avoided and also we would  ...
Ivan Marijanović
14/09/2018 17:00:27
Last post: 17/09/2018 15:18:21
Currency - globally switching between currencies
Hi Is it possible to have multiple currencies on the same website/language layer, and globally switching between them by eg. selecting a currency in the bottom of the page? So that if i Choose DKK, all prices are in DKK, and if i chose EUR, all price ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
23/08/2018 15:47:54
Last post: 17/09/2018 12:15:14
Implement promo code that use to net off the payment
Hi Our customer would like to implement promo code that use to net off the payment. May I know what is the best way to achieve it. We noted we cannot use discount module because it is subject to GST and the setting for subject to GST is a global sett ...
Tin Ma Ma
12/09/2018 11:10:57
Last post: 14/09/2018 06:59:35
Editing a group causes a duplicate primary key error
Please see the attached screencast of the issue. URL is ...
Terri Donahue
20/08/2018 17:02:49
Last post: 13/09/2018 10:29:45
Sorting the variants
Hi, For a customer we want to sort the variants. Is this possible as the same way as the products? I already tried sort ascending and sort descending but when I save then it change the sorting to as it was before. Is this a bug? Should this normally  ...
Manon Wekking
12/09/2018 14:25:54
Last post: 12/09/2018 16:00:39
EcomGroup permissions
Hi guys, How are the permissions set on groups? I know there are XML files generated in the folder but would like to know where the data is pulled from. For example, we have a group that has the following data associated with it but in the  ...
Terri Donahue
07/09/2018 19:56:39
Last post: 10/09/2018 15:16:17
repository remove html-tags from "Long description" before indexing
Hi Is there a way to remove the html tags in repository for indexing, like "striphtml" ? if a products long description contains an image that has been added as content like (src=" ......) Then s ...
Thomas Jensen
10/09/2018 12:19:02
Last post: 10/09/2018 13:38:53
BOMProducts in Product-list or/and Related-Product
Hi in DW9 (9.5.0) In the "Products" loop under the "ProductRelatedGroups" loop I don't see the "BOMProducts" loop In the "Products" loop in the Productlist template I don't see the "BOMProducts" loop The "getProductByID" is not a thing in DW9 Is ther ...
Thomas Jensen
06/09/2018 14:15:33
Last post: 07/09/2018 13:10:05
Shipping method required - sometimes
Hi, We have an ecommerce solution where the customer sometimes only purchases "Services" or Gift Cards (nothing "shippable"), but they can also purchase products. How could I set a shipping method to be required only when there's a "shippable" produc ...
Nuno Aguiar
14/02/2018 11:41:36
Last post: 06/09/2018 13:48:17
Quickpay and capture
Hi, My customer is using DW version and they have a problem capturing payments from Quickpay from within DW. They are using Quickpay 3 as payment provider and it is labeled as deprecated, which could give an indication to why they cannot alw ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
05/09/2018 14:42:47
Last post: 06/09/2018 10:19:06
Query products based on matrix price and products
Hi guys! I am having following issue and would appricate any help. We have multiple shops and multiple stock locations so we do not enter price of product or stock level on product page but we create matrix of prices and stock levels. On products pag ...
Ivan Marijanović
05/09/2018 12:43:59
Last post: 05/09/2018 17:07:38
EcomNavigation and sorting
Hi, I'm using EcomNavigation to output my productgroups in the menu, but even though they are sorted in the backed under Ecommerce, they always end up sorted alphabetically on the frontend. Where is the xslt located, which is used for the EcomNavigat ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
29/08/2018 09:27:11
Last post: 03/09/2018 13:09:10
Create new CustomerProductList from API
Hi, I've managed to create a couple of CustomerProductLists from the API, but how is the PublishedId calculated? I cannot make my lists show up on the frontend, when using it with impersonation. Yes, I have checked that the list is connected to the I ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
27/08/2018 17:06:15
Last post: 28/08/2018 07:55:36
Where to translate: The price of the order does not validate
Hi Dynamicweb, Where can we translate this error message on the cart: "The price of the order does not validate"? Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
26/08/2018 12:28:57
Last post: 27/08/2018 13:05:16