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Quickpay error - new order id
Hi, we got errors on an order paid with quickpay. The order is registered in quickpay with ordernumber ORDER-3103 - but something happens and we get a new ordernumber. This error is from the order-log in DW Tue, 23 May 2023 15:17:03 - Dynamicweb.Ecom ...
Jesper Splidsboel
24/05/2023 14:02:01
Last post: 31/05/2023 20:30:02
"A check for stock status" resets number of a product in orderline if above stock
Hi, Im trying to configurate the cart to check on wether the number of a product added to cart is in stock. (Rapido solution) I have set this on the Cart module: And this on the Cart under settings: If I have a product with 9 in stock and add 9 at fi ...
Marie Louise Veigert
25/04/2023 10:39:17
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EBizCharge back button after complete sends emails twice
Hi there, We ran into an issue with EBizCharge. When users click on browser's back button immediately after order receipt is displayed, the shopping cart app is sending order notification emails again. The reason is the back button is triggering  ...
Mario Santos
08/05/2023 11:39:23
Last post: 31/05/2023 19:08:41
Wrong order of variant combinations on product
Greetings. I have the following issue where DW (version 9.5.6) says the variant combination order is wrong. The following screenshot (productid 0-95-11) show how data is organized for a product that fails in both admin and frontend (due to wrong vari ...
Espen Strømsnes
22/03/2019 09:47:38
Last post: 31/05/2023 18:16:52
GroupsSecondLevel not being indexed
Hi, I have a very odd scenario in a live website where a Group has 26 products: If I filter by GroupId I get all 26 products If I filter by SecondLevelGroups (with the same GroupId), I only get 12 products  ...
Nuno Aguiar
17/05/2023 18:28:31
Last post: 31/05/2023 17:55:53
Email urls breaking after version 9.14.9
We use sendgrid as provider example tag - @GetString("DWPasswordRecoveryUrl") 9.14.9 Generated URL 9.14.13/14 9.15.7 ...
Shiwanka Chathuranga
19/05/2023 08:40:18
Last post: 30/05/2023 10:20:03
Missing country Sint Maarten
Hi there, How can I add Sint Maarten as a country to the Ecom Country list? It seems it's related to the CultureInfo settings on the server, but the server seems recent enough (Microsoft Windows Server 2019) to have it. Sint Maarten shows up as a ...
Imar Spaanjaars
25/05/2023 11:21:06
Last post: 26/05/2023 11:53:32
GetProductLink breaks if Product no longer exists
Hi, Although this is reproduced in Swift, we believe the GetProductLink extension method needs to check for a null product and/or PrimaryOrDefaultGroup. Repro steps Place an order Delete at least one product that has been purchased Go to the Order De ...
Nuno Aguiar
15/05/2023 14:59:27
Last post: 23/05/2023 11:02:21
The Context.GetCart() is not a cart and cannot be updated
Hi, We are getting some orders in where the error Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Common.Context The Context.GetCart() is not a cart and cannot be updated. is being trigerred hundreds of times (for 2 minutes up to a few hours) until eventual ...
Nuno Aguiar
28/06/2022 18:14:10
Last post: 23/05/2023 03:20:28
Group saved subscriber
Hi, I tried to implement the group aftersave subscriber. I get the group but I dont have any more data then the groupId and the name for the group. I need the parentgroups for the newly created group, becuase i need to check if the newly created grou ...
Andreas Pettersson
19/05/2023 15:30:37
Last post: 22/05/2023 16:28:12
VAT and shipping fee
I have a DW9-webshop setup with a static shipping fee of 750 DKK. and don't want to deduct VAT of this fee. Under Settings -> Ecommerce -> Advanced configuration -> Prices, there is no checkmark in "Use VAT on fees: Delivery". In the cart th ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
09/06/2017 22:35:02
Last post: 22/05/2023 09:36:51
Shipping fee without VAT
What configuration am I missing when I do not get the correct amount without VAT in the order xml: In this example the OrderShippingFeeWithoutVAt should have been lower. Products are working as expected, but they are calculated from ERP/BC. The shipp ...
Martin Moen
08/02/2022 12:27:50
Last post: 22/05/2023 08:43:45
Generate QR code for products
Hi, Is there anyway you can generate QR codes for products? Or do i need a thirdparty library? Regards Andreas ...
Andreas Pettersson
19/05/2023 13:11:08
Last post: 19/05/2023 14:26:20
Address validation on checkout (Denmark)
Hi, Is it possible to configure validation on address added in checkout out of the box? I saw the Avalara address validation provider, but its only for US :) BR Marie Louise ...
Marie Louise Veigert
17/05/2023 10:30:56
Last post: 17/05/2023 10:45:37
Scheduling index build
Hi there, I have a site with a configured index task as follows: What I would expect is that this task runs once a day at 7.02. What it does instead is run 24 hours after it completed the last time. The process takes more than an hour to complete (1. ...
Imar Spaanjaars
15/05/2023 21:36:01
Last post: 16/05/2023 16:19:36
"/Default.aspx" displays Empty Page if Homepage Shortcut Exists
The platform is handling "/default.aspx" and "/Default.aspx" differently and when a Home Page shortcut exists "/Default.aspx" renders an empty screen. The platform returns "/Default.aspx" in certain scenarios ( ...
Lora Vigil
04/05/2023 21:20:05
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Second/third level groups
Hi, I'm looking to setup navigation on a site as follows: -User can select the first level group through the navigation -The second level group is shown as a facet with name Category -The third level is is shown as a facet with name Sub-Category  ...
Justin Sjouw
16/05/2023 08:57:45
Last post: 16/05/2023 10:06:45
Use Products.facets property on group to control Facet groups and their order when using ProductCatalog
Hi guys, I am converting a Rapido project to start using the ProductCatalog instead of the regular Products module. I have managed to refactor the feed and I have stumbled across the Facet groups. In Rapido we are using the Products.facets property o ...
Adrian Ursu
15/05/2023 10:48:19
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Field validation for order refernece
Hi there, Is there a way to create a validation group rule for the Order Reference field? This field has a limited size in the ERP and thus I like to control its length in the frontend too with a validation rule. Thanks! Imar ...
Imar Spaanjaars
09/05/2023 14:14:14
Last post: 12/05/2023 15:29:39
Constant logging out of admin portal
I would like to know what causes a logout of the user from the backend of the admin portal. It seems perhaps to be related to the import/export tasks (OData to/from BC). As since we have added a few more of these tasks running it is happening lots mo ...
Jon Thorne
09/05/2023 05:13:32
Last post: 09/05/2023 12:57:40