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Facet count dont update after product delete
Hi. We are building a webshop for a customer selling new and used machinery. The used machinery gets handled by BC, so when a PM mark a machine in BC, it triggers an integration and then the product gets deleted in PIM and then also the Ecommerce. It ...
Kasper Legarth
22/04/2024 14:02:51
Last post: 22/04/2024 15:05:07
Stop recurring order if product is inactive
Is there a way to stop a recurring order from being created and sent to ERP when a product has been set as inactive after the recurring order was created? I have tried creating a custom task that would skip the order if a product is inactive (code is ...
Bjørn Ingebrigtsen
19/04/2024 13:07:11
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Favoritelist slow performance with Live integration
Hi, We are using standard swift template Favoritelist.cshtml and Live integration. Customers in the shop have very large favoritelists so when opening the favoritelist page showing all favoritelists it seems the it triggers Integration to fetch all p ...
Magnus Holmberg
12/04/2024 12:04:03
Last post: 19/04/2024 12:07:46
Robots.txt for an e-commerce setup
Hi, What is an ideal robots.txt for an e-commerce setup where you don't have any special additions to the file system? Asking for DW9. These are the things I came across inspecting other DW-webshops: Sitemap: [sitemap] User-agent: * Disallow: /Fi ...
Davy Capiau
19/04/2024 11:47:29
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Recurring Order Error
Error at Recurring order creation when use RecurringOrdersScheduledTaskAddIn at System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHRInternal(Int32 errorCode, IntPtr errorInfo) at Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Orders.Order.get_Ip() in D:\Primero\Source\D ...
Shiwanka Chathuranga
19/04/2024 11:38:08
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Read only on product field does not work
Hi, I have a product field which are "Read only" But i still can change the value through PIM and Ecom Regards Andreas ...
Andreas Pettersson
12/04/2024 16:13:39
Last post: 18/04/2024 07:39:16
Checkout to quote email notification breaks receipt context
Hi, We notice this on Swift but seems a DW issue. Using shopping cart to checkout to quote, if we set notifications to use a page for the email, the receipt context is lost and template return an exception - BR M ...
Mario Santos
01/02/2024 17:21:00
Last post: 16/04/2024 20:04:15
From AD Integration to Microsoft 365/Azure AD
Hello If you switch from the old web service based "active directory login" External Authentication to Microsoft 365/Azure AD login. Do you still need to import the users to DW first? It is not described in documentation https://doc.dynamic ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
21/03/2024 10:31:44
Last post: 11/04/2024 17:47:23
Scheduling index build
Hi there, I have a site with a configured index task as follows: What I would expect is that this task runs once a day at 7.02. What it does instead is run 24 hours after it completed the last time. The process takes more than an hour to complete (1. ...
Imar Spaanjaars
15/05/2023 21:36:01
Last post: 09/04/2024 12:31:06
Variant combination order does not match. Expected order is *****
Anyone any idea why this happens? I just went to add a product manually in PIM, added a variant group and assigned a variant. When viewing entry in PIM product list, and expanding the master, I get the message " Variant combination order does no ...
Stephen Anthony Jackson
07/03/2024 18:33:38
Last post: 09/04/2024 12:14:19
Send email to anonymous users, 7 days after purchase
Hi DW, Is there any way to send a delayed email to anonymous users after they have created an order? In this particular case, we would like to send an email asking the user to give us a review on pricerunner, using the email marketing module in DW. A ...
Martin Ottesen
06/03/2024 11:21:13
Last post: 09/04/2024 09:49:02
OrderCustomerAddress is getting the OrderDeliveryAddress when placing order
Is this a bug or config? When choosing a delivery address, then the OrderCustomerAddress is overwritten by the delivery address. OrderDeliveryAddress is always NULL, and OrderCustomerNumber gets wiped out when selecting a different delivery address.  ...
Stephen Anthony Jackson
05/04/2024 10:21:44
Last post: 09/04/2024 09:42:04
Issue on Backend Order Modifying Simultaneously
Hi, We are currently facing an issue on the backend order modifying.It's facing when we remove the multiple items in once.Let me provide with the sample order. Original Order Amount 414190     =    1.95 WPB0S109 ...
Phyu Sin Htike
06/12/2023 06:03:48
Last post: 05/04/2024 06:03:11
Configure multiple image format as main image
is there anyway to configure multiple image format (jpg,png) as main image? ...
Shiwanka Chathuranga
27/03/2024 14:00:49
Last post: 04/04/2024 17:17:51
List facet does not display groupings
It appears that the list facet functionality is showing all options instead of the option groupings (Fig. 1). In the example below (Fig. 1), the 'Size Group' list facet shows all Size variants (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) instead of the expected gr ...
Melissa Borgmann
23/08/2023 00:36:21
Last post: 25/03/2024 13:05:24
Anyone know where the sender email address for orders is set?
Hi. Am getting order confirmations from Swift <>. Have changed it to the desired address in the SMTP settings, and in every setting / template that contains the string, but its still coming through wit ...
Stephen Anthony Jackson
23/03/2024 07:27:42
Last post: 23/03/2024 08:19:54
Orders at "Group level"
We are trying to integrate an ERP where there is no one-to-one mapping of customers to users in Dynamicweb, so we have mapped a customernumber from a dynamicweb user group instead, and all orders from users in that group are placed with the group cus ...
Stephen Anthony Jackson
21/03/2024 11:24:58
Last post: 21/03/2024 12:05:57
How to set order id counter to higher number
Hi. I want to set the starting number of orderids to say 100 million, to be able to reuse a non-incremental column in the ERP, but prevent ever conflicting with orders made directly in the ERP. Can I just bump the autoid by explicitly making a row in ...
Stephen Anthony Jackson
15/03/2024 06:53:25
Last post: 21/03/2024 11:20:11
Facet options split string value
Hello. Our customer have different location for some of their products. This field is a categoryfield that is filled with information from BC. I'm building product list where this is a facet option. There are in total three different values. But  ...
Kasper Legarth
14/03/2024 11:51:59
Last post: 14/03/2024 16:23:58
Vertex error - no endpoint listening
Hello, We appear to be unable to utilize the native Vertex tax provider. Since there is no field in the tax provider configuration settings for a URL, is it possible an outdated URL is being utilized? Logs aren't available for this provider, so t ...
Melissa Borgmann
29/02/2024 01:33:20
Last post: 14/03/2024 12:28:48