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Cascading discounts
Hi guys, I have a situation where I have to apply the discounts in a cascading manner. I have 2 Order discounts and the one should apply at the value before any discounts while the second one should apply to the resulting value after applying the fir ...
Adrian Ursu
20/02/2021 10:46:32
Last post: 25/02/2021 09:37:25
DiscountValidationReasons not returning validation type for user groups (DW 9.9.3)
We set up a discount and created a condition to apply it to a specific user group but there's no validation type for it. There's validation types for TotalPrice, OrderTime, ProductQuantity etc but for this one nothing is displayed. Here's a screencas ...
Fabio Monte
24/02/2021 19:58:16
Last post: 25/02/2021 08:55:45
AuthorizeNet API getting Billing address instead of Shipping
Hi, We came across a small issue with AuthorizeNet API's when setting up the shipping address. Here's the current code public static nameAndAddressType CreateShipAddress(Order order) { return new nameAndAddressType { firstName = CropString(order.Cust ...
Nuno Aguiar
22/02/2021 15:23:31
Last post: 25/02/2021 02:14:25
Variants and Units
Greetings, I am trying to incorporate a unit(Piece) to an variant, but i cannot get it to work. There is no unit selector in the frontend, and the unit is not set on the product. I am working on a standard Rapido solution(3.4.2) which is running: 9.9 ...
Keerthy Sethupathy
12/01/2021 15:31:17
Last post: 24/02/2021 14:47:57
Add parts list product to cart always create new line
Hello, When adding a parts list product to the cart it is always creating a new line instead of incrementing an existing one - The issue seems to be here - - shouldn't th ...
Mario Santos
18/01/2021 12:58:18
Last post: 24/02/2021 10:54:17
Any way of switching off the clear/reset button for product category fields?
Hi this is pretty irresponsible of us, if we give the editor the ability of clearing all the fields like this. Any chance of turning off this option? /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
23/02/2021 18:22:32
Last post: 24/02/2021 09:09:10
Product catalog for ViewModel
Hi, We have a new solution running DW 9.10 and Rapdio 3.4.2 and when we try to attach the app "Product Catalog for NewModel" we get this error: [NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.] Dynamicweb.Admin._Closure$ ...
Johan Ulff
16/02/2021 10:38:34
Last post: 24/02/2021 08:37:41
Recurring orders exception
Hi there, I am experencing an odd issue with Recurring orders scheduled task. The job is throwing an expection and order is never placed correctly - Unfortunately I cannot find any logs - this was available in  ...
Mario Santos
08/02/2021 12:58:22
Last post: 22/02/2021 22:16:20
Regarding RMA calculated amount
Need help on RMA... Example: Order with 2 Different Products in the Order Line. RMA create only for one Item and it need to give refund, any method/property to get return amount calculated by DW? Thanks ...
Shiwanka Chathuranga
22/02/2021 12:18:57
Last post: 22/02/2021 17:23:54
Audit log shows additional changed fields after Product edit in Ecommerce
If I edit a product in the Ecommerce catalog and change a single field, the Audit log shows multiple entries for the single change and the details show changes to unrelated fields. On this test site, , I edited product 1 ...
Brian Zawistowski
17/02/2021 22:44:25
Last post: 22/02/2021 16:44:49
PartsList stock availability
Hi guys, I am trying to use PartsList for a specific case in one of our projects. My question is related to the availability of the parts list in case one of the parts gets out of stock. How is the availability of the PartsList ProductCalculated? Doe ...
Adrian Ursu
09/01/2018 16:54:59
Last post: 22/02/2021 10:30:10
Do product fields have a maximum amount to display
Hello, Somewhere between 9.8.11 and 9.9.7, it appears that there is a maximum number of options shown for a product field of type DropDownList (in the backend). We're in the process of upgrading from 9.8.11 and, after upgrading our development enviro ...
Scott Forsyth
05/02/2021 17:16:38
Last post: 19/02/2021 17:29:55
Use units in PriceMatrix
Hi guys, I have a situation (my first) where I need to use Units for products in PriceMatrix. I have defined the units in Settings/Ecommerce/ProductCatalog/ProductUnits. I have then tried to select the recently created units in the price matrix dialo ...
Adrian Ursu
18/02/2021 13:30:18
Last post: 18/02/2021 16:54:11
Discount_Buy 2 Get 2
Hi, I have set up the promotion (buy 1 get 1) and the user gets 2 promotion items if he buys 2 items. And I didn't check the "Apply discount only once". That was available in my old version (9.3..). But that's not working after upgrading v9.9. May I  ...
Nay Chi Phyo
06/01/2021 05:33:47
Last post: 18/02/2021 12:20:51
Ecommerce cart seperation
Hi, We're currently working on a Dweb enviroment with two sites in it. Site X running at Site Y running at Only at the moment when a on site X a product is added to the cart, and you navigate to site Y, the product from X is ...
Ambert van Unen
17/02/2021 15:29:11
Last post: 18/02/2021 08:45:16
Country default shipping not active
Hello! The country default shipping method seems to not take into consideration if shipping is active or not, and it is always selecting it - DW 9.9.6. BR, Mario ...
Mario Santos
15/02/2021 23:52:19
Last post: 18/02/2021 08:36:42
Localization of Shipping available in countries does not save country selection
When switching from the master language of a shipping method with some countries selected: Switching to Spanish: It looks like the countries are still selected: But when I press save the selectection/selected countries disappear: What gives? The solu ...
Vincent Gercke Pedersen
15/02/2021 15:31:30
Last post: 16/02/2021 10:31:35
Quickpay/ Mastercard 3-D secure issue
On an old DW solution (DW – And right now upgrading is not an option. When Quickpay redirect to 3-D secure it makes a callback to the Dynamicweb checkout handler. (Se attachment) This callback don’t contain success=True and therefore the fol ...
Thomas Larsen
15/02/2021 16:59:32
Last post: 16/02/2021 08:26:46
Country Code for Norther Ireland
Hi. I can understand (after reading nummerous articles), that Northern Ireland is subject to Brexit, and therefor needs a new country code. Before, when submitting an order with "EcomOrderDeliveryCountry=GB", it would change it to "United Kingdom", b ...
Mikkel Belchuke
20/01/2021 12:56:04
Last post: 15/02/2021 15:27:37
Translated facet values for product category fields of type list box
Hi there, (I feel this has been discussed before so please point me to an existing discussion if one already exists) I have an Ecommere catalog in multiple languages. I also have product category fields of type ListBox with a number of key/value pair ...
Imar Spaanjaars
18/01/2021 16:24:14
Last post: 08/02/2021 22:32:04