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Track and Trace in Order Details
Hi. I want to activate Track and Trace based on an ID which will come back from the ERP when the shipping has been ordered. I have created a shipping method, with provider "none" (the shipping is dealt with by the ERP), and a track and trac ...
Stephen Anthony Jackson
22/02/2024 20:56:34
Last post: 23/02/2024 10:11:09
Defining color code for a render type "colors" facet
Hi, Where do you define the color code when using the render type 'colors' as a facet? ...
Davy Capiau
22/02/2024 11:25:26
Last post: 23/02/2024 09:52:22
Use previous order as template for new
Hi. One of our customers wishes to use previous orders, and simply "order again" the same in a new order. I know that "Recurring Orders" exist, but thats a slightly different use-case. Does DynWeb support "re-ordering" o ...
Stephen Anthony Jackson
22/02/2024 13:44:08
Last post: 22/02/2024 16:35:42
Variants showing on product list page
Hi, After publishing my master product from PIM to Ecom, I notice there are links for both the Master and variants. I only want to show the Master. How do I update the standard repository in DW9 to only show the master? Example: ...
Davy Capiau
22/02/2024 10:31:16
Last post: 22/02/2024 10:53:53
Avoid discount on BOM items
We have a scenario where we have parts list products with configurable products. The main product have "Product type = Parts list" and "Price calculation = Fixed price plus changes". Also the main product has a product discount of ...
Martin Moen
15/02/2024 14:33:47
Last post: 20/02/2024 17:41:24
Facets split values into single words
Hello, I have configured a set of fields on product categories and I set values for those fields for products in each category. Those are then used to create facets on the UI. Pretty standart stuff. But as in example shown on screenshot, if I have a  ...
Karol Barkowski
12/02/2024 10:54:51
Last post: 20/02/2024 08:38:00
Products appear twice in the sitemap
Hi, Some products appear twice in my sitemap.xml and the second time is with -1 after the slug, for example & The second link also goes to a 404 page. Can I clean this up somewhere so that the correct link only  ...
Caro De Weze
13/02/2024 09:50:56
Last post: 19/02/2024 17:23:35
Configuring limited permissions
Hi there, I have a solution that hosts multiple sites and shops, each with different languages. I am trying to set up user accounts so that one user can manage one language / shop with pretty much full control, but not others. Here's what I did:  ...
Imar Spaanjaars
14/02/2024 17:51:24
Last post: 14/02/2024 21:51:35
Products WebApi return specific ProductField only
Hi, How can we request the products webapi to return a specific product field and not all? I tried with the following query parameters but with no luck: ProductSettings.ProductFieldSettings.FieldsToShow=IsNonOrderable ProductFieldSettings.FieldsToSho ...
Mario Santos
04/01/2024 13:22:50
Last post: 14/02/2024 15:26:15
Parts Lists add to cart doesn't merge order lines
Hi, I have a product that is a parts list. When I add that product several times to the cart from the product detail, using cartcmd:add, the order line gets updated to the new quantity. But when I add the product with a list of other products, using  ...
Cátia Torego
07/02/2024 12:38:32
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Users and groups rules in discounts - anonymous users behavior
We noticed some inconsisitent results using different users and groups settings in discounts. When we don't specify any user, group, customer number - it works for all users. When we select only Anonymous users - it is working for logged in users ...
Mario Santos
09/10/2023 17:28:44
Last post: 07/02/2024 08:47:02
Fixed product tax - Ecological tax - WEEE
Hi, How do you set up Fixed Product Tax in DW9? Definition: In some countries, FPT can be used to set up a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) tax. This tax is also known as ecological tax or eco tax, and is collected on certain types of ...
Davy Capiau
31/01/2024 17:35:42
Last post: 05/02/2024 08:47:30
Resend Order Confirmation Email
Hi, Is there a way to resend the order email confirmation for orders if there was an error sending? If not, I could create scheduled task to use the order service sendmail() method, correct? I would then need to know how to determine if the email con ...
Andrew Rushworth
22/01/2024 13:37:19
Last post: 02/02/2024 09:09:44
Add noindex to specific products
We have a client that wishes to add no index to some specific products? I can't seem to find any standard feature for this? Is there a standard feature for this, or have somebody made a custom solution for this? Thanks. Kasper ...
Kasper Legarth
25/01/2024 20:06:39
Last post: 01/02/2024 08:27:50
Creating a DiscountExtender for buy X get n*Y
Hi, I have setup a custom project for extending a discount wit a class based on DiscountExtenderBase. I'm able to call the Extender, and read the parameter. The logic of when the dicount applies does not really change, so my thought is there I ca ...
Justin Sjouw
30/01/2024 11:32:23
Last post: 30/01/2024 16:14:34
Dublicate products when using root path
Hi DW, My goal is to achieve product urls without product categories. Which I have achieved in the picture below, by using root path on my details page. The issue now is that, because the product has a lot of related groups, I get equally as many pro ...
Martin Ottesen
22/08/2022 12:11:29
Last post: 24/01/2024 12:11:23
NLB - Load balancing and scheduled tasks
Hi, When using the load balancer, if the task scheduler is only configured for the main server as is suggested, then how does the following tasks operate on all the secondary servers? - Clean logs (files) - Repository task handler (for indexing) Do t ...
Jon Thorne
21/01/2024 23:07:54
Last post: 22/01/2024 20:53:41
ProductViewModel Prices property with live data?
Hi, We are able to get the ProductViewModel price using live integration but seems the Prices property is always getting the default price provider data (EcomPrices table). Has anyone came across this? BR, Mario ...
Mario Santos
02/01/2024 11:01:38
Last post: 22/01/2024 09:43:56
Product index query performance
I’m doing performance optimizations on product lists Can anyone tell where the difference between 256ms and 849ms is coming from? BR Thomas ...
Thomas Larsen
17/01/2024 14:45:32
Last post: 18/01/2024 08:18:22
PayCek integration
Hello people, does anyone know how to change the ID sent for communication in the settings? PayCek creates the same ID, and I'm experiencing conflicts. I've changed it in this file in the picture, but I still get a 404 error. Where else do I  ...
Tomislav Bušić
15/01/2024 15:05:45
Last post: 17/01/2024 14:15:16