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Product cache not updating on purchase
Hi there, I have a site in three languages (DK, EN (default) and DE). I have set "In stock" to be not editable across languages. That all works fine and I can only change stock in English in the backend. Then when I make a purchase of a pro ...
Imar Spaanjaars
20/10/2023 14:02:13
Last post: 04/12/2023 09:12:47
Quote state does not allow to uncheck billing email
Hi, The UI does not allow to uncheck the send to billing email (field is missing) in quote flow states and it's always forcing it to true. Shouldn't it be aligned with other flow types? BR Mario ...
Mario Santos
10/10/2023 16:42:50
Last post: 01/12/2023 08:01:44
Issue with Quantity Reduction for Orders with Decimal Quantities
Hi, I'm currently encountering an issue where the quantity reduction doesn't seem to work correctly when I place an order with a decimal quantity. To illustrate this, I've attached a screenshot for your reference. For instance, I have a t ...
Thuzar Win
03/11/2023 07:53:06
Last post: 29/11/2023 13:28:13
Rounding issue with vouchers/discounts
We have a customer experiencing rounding issues when utilizing standard DynamicWeb vouchers. The issue was first identified on 9.15.13, and was not resolved with an upgrade to 9.16.2. Example: PROD Solution (running 9.15.3 / 1.22.0) / TEST Solution ( ...
Melissa Borgmann
22/11/2023 03:31:36
Last post: 28/11/2023 03:27:24
Antispam on Carts
Hi, Is there any sort of antispam validation performed on orders? The reason I ask is because we have a customer who is constantly getting some dummy carts created. Over time we've seen: Carts without orderlines Carts with OrderComplete=True (but ...
Nuno Aguiar
06/11/2023 10:38:06
Last post: 24/11/2023 18:06:33
Problem with display product discount only for anonymous user
Hi, I need help with settings on discount for anonymous users. We need to set up discount on the web to display only for anonymous user (not log in) and users in B2C user group. I set up that product discount display only for anonymous users and for  ...
Pamela Šokčević
23/11/2023 13:34:27
Last post: 24/11/2023 12:19:20
Carts and orders for anonymous users
Hello people, Please, where can I change "cart and order calculation for anonymous users". When I put a checkmark here, the price increases by 50% in the shopping cart. Thanks in advance. Best regards Tomislav Bušić ...
Tomislav Bušić
21/11/2023 11:46:21
Last post: 22/11/2023 12:54:51
Notification e-mail when a customer buys something
Hello, I would like to know if someone knows how to set up a notification e-mail when a customer buys something. I hope I have set everything right. If there is anything else in the settings, I would be grateful. Does it matter that DW-solution is in ...
Tomislav Bušić
16/11/2023 12:24:42
Last post: 22/11/2023 10:18:58
PayPal Expresss checkout - China currency
Hi everybody, For some time we have issue with PayPal Expresss checkout. We have implemented payments from all around world in different currencies and everything works excpet when customers select China and Yuan. Then we get error saying that for th ...
Ivan Marijanović
17/11/2023 09:15:38
Last post: 22/11/2023 10:13:48
Show only colors in product list (and keep filter possibilities)
Swift: 1.22.0 Dynamicweb: 9.16.2 So we have these lovely products: PROD1 - Pants Blue XS PROD2 - Pants Blue XL PROD3 - Pants Red XS PROD4 - Pants Red L PROD5 - Pants Yellow M Since they are variants, we have created variant groups and options: Colors ...
Martin Moen
20/11/2023 13:32:07
Last post: 21/11/2023 17:55:49
Activating products when creating a new language layer
Hi When creating a new langauage layer, is there a way to activate all ecom groups, products, and variants, or match the master, for the new language? Or what it the easyest or/and best way to activate all ecom groups, product, variants for a new lan ...
Thomas Jensen
21/11/2023 11:38:43
Last post: 21/11/2023 16:21:34
Top level group contains -1
Hi there, I have a site with Ecom navigation where the top-level group has -1 in its URL but the sub groups don't. So, for example: /tekstiler/bad-1 /tekstiler/bad/hotelhaandklaeder tekstiler is the main catalog page with Ecom navigation. I can&# ...
Imar Spaanjaars
17/11/2023 15:19:01
Last post: 21/11/2023 09:18:26
Notification e-mail when a customer buys something
Hello, I would like to know if someone knows how to set up a notification e-mail when a customer buys something. I hope I have set everything right. If there is anything else in the settings, I would be grateful. Does it matter that DW-solution is in ...
Tomislav Bušić
16/11/2023 12:24:50
Last post: 20/11/2023 14:15:19
How to recreate cart context after application pool reycle
Hi! We are facing following issue with one of our implementation. We created another cart context named WeeklyCart so user can add products to "normal" cart and checkout and he can add products to weekly cart which is automatically converte ...
Ivan Marijanović
15/11/2023 14:55:28
Last post: 16/11/2023 17:56:35
Facets with special characters
I have some facets with a special character (the inches character) and we can't filter by it if we want it to also display in the label. If the field is Analyzed I can filter by the value without the inches character, but the label is also missin ...
Cátia Torego
03/11/2023 10:18:13
Last post: 09/11/2023 09:34:02
Cannot change system field in default language
Hi, We noticed a small bug in 9.15.9. Currently we can change the label/name of all product fields, in all languages, but if you're working on the default language, that's not allowed. Go go Settings > Ecommerce > Proudct fields > pi ...
Nuno Aguiar
18/09/2023 11:14:46
Last post: 07/11/2023 14:21:39
Documentation on B2B / B2C best practices
Can someone point me in the direction of documentation on best practices when it comes to implementing B2B / B2C versions of a site? I am thinking specifically of User groups (Private / Business) prices with / without VAT, and specific price discount ...
Stephen Anthony Jackson
31/10/2023 13:39:53
Last post: 01/11/2023 15:36:31
The easiest way for editors to export orders to spreadsheet
Hi What is the easiest way for an editor to export orders to a spreadsheet? Of course, it is posible to do in settings and data integration, but we want to give the editor a more userfriendly solution, where they don´t have to go into settings  ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
26/10/2023 11:27:18
Last post: 30/10/2023 10:14:07
Assortments not filtering product detail pages
Hi, I have an assortment setup and the product list page shows only the products in the assortment as expected. But if I navigate directly to a product detail page, for any product that is not in the assortment, I can see that page. Is this the expec ...
Cátia Torego
19/10/2023 10:02:35
Last post: 23/10/2023 17:36:19
Reserved Stock
Hi, I'm looking for some guidance on how to implement the following requirement. In a B2B shop, all customers can order from the same stock, on top of that, a subset of VIP customers can also order from additional VIP stock I have been looking at ...
Justin Sjouw
09/10/2023 12:53:03
Last post: 20/10/2023 12:04:30