Managing discounts

Business Central provides an extensive toolset for setting up various types of discounts – be it general item discounts or unique discounts catered to specific customer contacts within an organization.

Whatever the target, discounts can be a fantastic way of enticing more sales and activity around your ecommerce site. With an integration between Business Central and Dynamicweb in place, discounts are automatically transferred and applied to the products in the ecommerce according to the rulesets you applied.

This means that, for instance, although a customer contact may be eligible for three or more discounts, only the discount that takes precedence according to the rules in BC is showcased. A contact may also be eligible for several discounts at once – the price calculation of several discounts relative to the original price is automatically transferred and showcased to the customer the moment the item is placed in the basket.

The following chapter will show you how a general discount is set up and instantly integrated into Dynamicweb ecommerce, and how a customer specific discount takes precedence when the contact logs in to the solution.

General sales line discounts

To set up a new line discount, search for Discount in Business Central. Press the related Line Discounts link to access the existing list of discounts and to set up new ones.

Whether you have an existing list of discounts or not, you can create a new line discount by pressing the New button. In the bottom of the list you must enter the Sales type, type, code, and of course the Discount percentage.

In this case, we will create a general item discount. The items integrated to the Dynamicweb ecommerce shop in this guide are all stored as ‘Resale’ discount types in Business Central – you must select the appropriate type for your specific Business Central setup. Here, Item discount group is chosen to apply to all customers as we want to apply a discount to a specific group of items to all logged in customers. Set a minimum quantity of 0 for the discount to apply at all times.

As soon as you have applied the appropriate information for your discount and set a line discount percentage, the information is transferred to Dynamicweb.

General discounts presented in Dynamicweb

Your recently created discount is automatically integrated to your ecommerce powered by Dynamicweb. Various types of data stored in Business Central such as discounts, user information and item stock are updated on a live basis ensuring the ability to provide a personalized user experience in the ecommerce shop.

Without logging in the price of the ‘Paris small table, brown’ in the ecommerce shop is unchanged at 200. This is the standard cost we applied to item in Business Central.

However, when a customer signs into the solution the price changes according to the rules set in Business Central. You can see both the original RRP price as well is the new, discounted price achieved by logging in.

Customer specific discounts

To set up a customer specific line discount return to the Line Discounts area used previously when setting up a general sales line discount.

You must now select a specific Customer in the sales type area. In this case, the discount will be applied to the customer Odense Koncern that was created earlier in this guide.

After pressing sales code, find Odense Koncern by name or number and press it. Alternatively select one of your own existing customers.

Remember to set a line discount percentage. You must also designate whether the discount type is for an entire item catalogue or a specific item.

Customer specific discounts presented in Dynamicweb

The price shown to the customer Odense Koncern has now dropped by a whopping 50% from 200 to 100 in the ecommerce shop. Any other customer logging in will only be shown the general discount that was created earlier.