Using Office365 as SMTP in Dynamicweb

To use Office365 as SMTP in Dynamicweb you can follow these steps:

  1. First set the system email to your Office365 account email (Figure 1.1). 
    The from email has to be the same as the account used for SMTP authentication. This is an Office365 requirement. If you need another sender email, i.e., the user used for SMTP authentication needs to be setup to allow sending email using in Office365 settings.
  1. Next the domain administrator must setup the domain to allow users to create app passwords – setup here (Figure 1.2)
  1. The domain user – or sending user – must then create the an app password. Follow this guide and set it up here (Figure 1.3)
  1. Finally, use the created app password in the SMTP settings in Dynamicweb (Figure 2.1)