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Pages with different headers
Hi, In Swift, how do you configure different headers to different pages? It is easy to duplicate a header but I cannot ascertain how to apply the new header to certain pages. Regards, Tomas ...
Tomas Gomez
10/08/2023 13:12:57
Last post: 10/08/2023 17:52:25
cart pop-up
Hi! Is there a pop-up function when clicking "add to cart" in swift version 1,7? ...
Johanne Glimsdal
23/03/2022 15:49:30
Last post: 04/08/2023 14:32:23
User Country is not being populated when a new user is created
Hello, DW 9.15.9 When a new user is created on the checkout, it seems the user country field is not being populated - only the country code is. Here is a printscreen of DW code Is it possible to populate the user country also? Thank you. ...
Pedro Meias
03/08/2023 22:00:02
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What is the difference between eq and q
Hi, In the demo Swift setup, what is the difference between the eq and q parameters? Thanks, Justin ...
Justin Sjouw
19/07/2023 10:55:12
Last post: 01/08/2023 10:59:22
Type ahead.facets
Hello, Is the file "Type ahead.facets" that is part of the sample repository SwiftProducts obsolete or does it serve a puporse? It has no facets defined but I'm wondering if it still has a funciton... Thanks, Justin ...
Justin Sjouw
01/08/2023 10:57:49
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Feature Request: Being able to choose how 1 or 2 product columns on the Component slider grid view.
Hi Dw, As the title describes, currently you cannot choose if you want to show one or two columns of products when using the Component slider in the grid view setting. As you can when using the Component repeater when creating a product list. I suppo ...
Martin Ottesen
19/07/2023 10:07:51
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Multi column pages
Hi guys, We have faced a few situations where we had to handle pages with 2 columns (one sidebar for Navigation) and one for content, where you should be able to add multiple rows and columns (mainly for the content part but sometimes also for the si ...
Adrian Ursu
16/02/2023 13:05:26
Last post: 17/07/2023 12:57:28
Index and query issue in manage accounts search
Hi, We've noticed that on 9.15.9, with Swift update v22, there is an inconsistency for searching with special character: '&' Searching for customer 'A&A' does not return any result as expected - when searching for a custom ...
Anna Gaeta
13/07/2023 17:33:10
Last post: 14/07/2023 15:24:05
Exception on template FavoriteDetail.cshtml
Hello, Tested this on DW version 9.15.9 Swift version 1.22.0 Video showing the issue. Solution we applied. Line 75 - changed UserId: "@(Converter.ToString(Pageview.U ...
Pedro Meias
14/07/2023 04:21:21
Last post: 14/07/2023 09:55:16
Add to cart button behavior when pressing enter key after changing the quantity
Hi Please see issue on the video Enviroment used (link to product page with related products list) - DW 9.15.9 Sw ...
Pedro Meias
12/07/2023 18:48:49
Last post: 13/07/2023 17:13:00
Load More button removes Price Range facet
We noticed that the price range facet is removed after "Load More" is pressed in the product list view. We are running 9.15.5 and Swift 1.20.0. Is there any way we can incorporate the change without upgrading to the latest version? ...
Barry Geukdjian
13/07/2023 08:33:32
Last post: 13/07/2023 10:58:26
Feature Request - Show page images in Mega menu (Same as product Group Images)
Hi DW, I would love to see the possibility to use the page Images, in my mega menu just as I can use my product group images. In some cases, I might not want to use product groups for structure, but I would still like the visual aid of the images in  ...
Martin Ottesen
12/07/2023 09:40:36
Last post: 12/07/2023 14:05:17
Related products in Swift
Hi guys, I have a project that I am converting from Rapido to Swift and I seem to have an issue with related products. I need to list specific Related categories and also a "Similar products" related list. How do I accomplish these needs? T ...
Adrian Ursu
20/06/2023 10:29:40
Last post: 11/07/2023 10:36:04
Comptonent Vertical Row Alignment Bottom - Disables Theme?
Hi DW, As I was configuring a new swift solution, I encountered a small issue, as I wanted to push the buttons to the bottom of the Component, the buttons turned black and the theme that i had chosen seemed to disappear. In the image below i have tes ...
Martin Ottesen
10/07/2023 11:17:28
Last post: 11/07/2023 10:07:18
Feature Request - Rows Within rows
Hi DW, We sometimes have the need to include more rows within the same row. Often this comes up when we would like to either use a background image or video on a row, but we might want more than one element on top of this background. We have created  ...
Martin Ottesen
07/07/2023 13:32:40
Last post: 10/07/2023 13:03:27
Custom Swift templates in Files/Templates/Designs/Swift_custom
Hi, In my notes from the Swift ERFA meeting, I have scribbled down that I should be able to overwrite Swift templates by adding a Swift_custom design folder. I have just tested this on a DW 9.15.7, and I am not seeing my changes from the templates in ...
Roald Haahr
30/05/2023 08:59:51
Last post: 10/07/2023 13:00:25
Customer Center - Order overview pagination
Hi DW, We have recently found a tiny, rather funny issue. In the customer center, on the order overview, if the customer has enough orders the pages extend out to the right until there are no more pages. I have never seen another user with this many  ...
Martin Ottesen
05/07/2023 11:11:16
Last post: 07/07/2023 09:48:15
User information acting "wonky" in checkout. Disappearing, Reappearing, not updating etc.
Hi DW, I apologize in advance that this post might be a little vague. But i have experienced on some of our newer swift solutions that when you are logged in and go to the checkout delivery info and user info (Email and Phonenumber) disappears someti ...
Martin Ottesen
04/07/2023 12:14:13
Last post: 04/07/2023 14:46:27
Skip payment and shipping step if only one method exists
Is this implemented in Swift? Or maybe I don't understand the functio correctly.. In My solution there is only 1 payment method, and 1 shipping option always. These are also selected by default, so the customer can only clik next, I would have ex ...
Justin Sjouw
30/06/2023 14:30:08
Last post: 03/07/2023 14:39:29
Feature Idea - Splitting Themes into back- & foreground colors and button styling
Hi Dw, We are experiencing on some of our customers, that when creating themes they quickly get up to having many many themes, with only small differences because ie. you need the same background and everything but you need to change the button styli ...
Martin Ottesen
29/06/2023 13:48:45
Last post: 30/06/2023 10:00:10