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Search by category (in the header)
Hi, In the main header of all pages, besides the search field, we need to add a popup menu to allow the user select the product category. See image below. This feature is not available out of the box, neither using a category facet, so some customiza ...
Tomas Gomez
23/11/2022 10:59:55
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Is there an easy way to keep Swift_Carousel functionality when upgrading past Swift 1.14.1
Hi Swift team, As the title states, we're wondering if there's an easy way to keep the Swift_Carousel logic in swift even thought it's deprecated moving forward to new swift versions past 1.14.1. We have some customers with 150+ of them,  ...
Mikkel Hammer
17/11/2022 16:53:08
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Product slider error in Visual Editor
Hi, We have a live solution where our customer is experience a weird bug where the visual editor shows an error on product slider, and i'm having some trouble finding the reason. We're not experiencing the same problem on our development envi ...
Mikkel Hammer
17/11/2022 13:54:45
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Typeahead 5 elements limitation
Hi there, The displaySuggestions is only displaying if there are more than 5 li elements. Shouldn't it display if there are any? In this website we are not using the content search only products. But, as you can see if we search for kodiak we got ...
Mario Santos
16/11/2022 13:22:39
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Maintain current page on log in
Hi there, How do I keep the user on the same page after logging in? For example, when on a product detail page I click log in, I want to show the same PDP again, but then as the authenticated user. I can see in Swift that the Login.cshtml template ha ...
Imar Spaanjaars
10/11/2022 21:44:55
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Swift slider autoplay not looping correctly in swift 1.15
Hi DW, When activating autoplay on a swift slider in swift 1.15, it doesnt loop back to start correctly., this is a fresh swift installation on a 9.14.2. After activating the autoplay, the first time it loops ba ...
Mikkel Hammer
31/10/2022 09:23:45
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Overwriting URL of certain ecom group to point to custom page
Hi! One of our customers would like to have a custom page for each 'top-level' product group. On this page they would like to show some custom text, products and product groups unique to that product group. Setting up this page in Swift is of ...
Baptiste Talpe
27/10/2022 11:04:18
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Video thumbnail/preview not populating
Hello! We are seeing an issue where the video asset thumbnail/preview is not populating on the product detail page; see screenshots below. Changing 'Open in modal' from 'Yes' to 'No' works to show the video preview, but it als ...
Melissa Borgmann
27/10/2022 00:06:44
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Checkout payment selection google errors
Hi, Using the feature to Find location using Google Places in checkout, when we are on payment selection step it's loading the api on every payment option change causing errors therefore address autocomplete not to work - https://www.screencast.c ...
Mario Santos
26/10/2022 16:22:24
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Orders widget does not rely on Orders page
Hi, Using the orders widget (along with the Customer Center App item type), it would be a good UX if the orders details are displayed on the actual Orders page and not the current page. A current scenario is the dashboard page, where user sees the or ...
Mario Santos
24/10/2022 10:00:37
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Swift nuget package
Is there a nuget package release of Swift? If not, wouldn't it make sense to release one or is there a reason why it's not a good idea? ...
Kevin Steffer
19/10/2022 10:03:39
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Printable papers in Swift
Hi guys, Is there any plan to convert Printable papers templates from Rapido to Swift? Has anyone merged it already on a Swift solution? Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
03/10/2022 13:40:48
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Place Order button double click
Hello, I want to highlight some bug with Swift checkout. For one of our customer we noticed that when you are on last step in the checkout and you will click many times on place order button it will happened that you will not see any receipt page, ju ...
Adrian Lesik
30/08/2022 16:35:57
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Martin Ottesen
16/08/2022 09:44:54
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Product detail with default variant
Hi, I have come across this issue over the years and haven't found 1 single approach for it. When a product has a default variant Id, when going to the Product detail page, should it load the main product's info OR should it default (or redir ...
Nuno Aguiar
09/08/2022 21:55:17
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Subpremise in Google Places Autocomplete
Hi DW Is it possible to have 'subpremise' information added to the address field when using Google Places Autocomplete? Also, after having selected an autocomplete suggestion with a mouseclick, can focus be removed from the address input fiel ...
Filip Hein
08/07/2022 12:59:53
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Product slider link/button not available for 'Type: Selected products'
The button in the product slider disappears on the frontend when Type: 'Selected products' is selected (see screenshot). We would like to be able to set the button to link to a PLP or content page. Is there a workaround that could accomplish  ...
Melissa Borgmann
07/07/2022 02:24:50
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Best approach for redirection to other domain pop up
Hi Support I had a customer who want to be able to configure a pop up at any content pages if there is a redirection to external page, the definition of external page means the domain is different, including international site. for example. https://e ...
Tan Pang Lin
28/06/2022 09:02:09
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installing swift without the swift database
Hello everyone. i am currently trying to install swift on a fresh dw solution without the swift database. The reason for this is, i dont want all the products and the setup that comes with them, as i have to delete all that data, before handing the w ...
Christoffer Rosendahl Frede
01/06/2022 09:47:50
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Combined content and product search in Swift
Hi, I would like to create a generic search feature i Swift, similar to the search function in Rapido, where the lookahead search combines content and product search results. As far as I can see, it is not possible in Swift, without some kind of cust ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
30/05/2022 10:20:22
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