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Feature request: Solution for onboarding new frontend/webshop users
When developing b2b webshops with integration to ERP we very often used our own custom implementation of onboarding new users. Sending them a email invitation to activate their new account (only once) Login journey where they can create a password fo ...
Kevin Steffer
13/09/2022 12:17:15
Last post: 31/10/2022 12:26:20
Swift webpack:build setup per designs folder
Right now the webpack:build setup is located in the root of the Swift source project ( Wouldn't it be better to place inside the Swift designs folder (e.g. ...
Kevin Steffer
17/10/2022 15:33:02
Last post: 31/10/2022 12:21:52
Swift slider autoplay not looping correctly in swift 1.15
Hi DW, When activating autoplay on a swift slider in swift 1.15, it doesnt loop back to start correctly., this is a fresh swift installation on a 9.14.2. After activating the autoplay, the first time it loops ba ...
Mikkel Hammer
31/10/2022 09:23:45
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Swift displaying multiple prices from the price matrix
Good morning, I have a set up with prices like this in the price matrix: Everything for these two prices is the same in EcomPrices except for the PriceId, PriceAmount and PriceUserGroupId. So what I would expect to see is that when I am in the Custom ...
Imar Spaanjaars
27/10/2022 08:21:22
Last post: 27/10/2022 16:36:18
Overwriting URL of certain ecom group to point to custom page
Hi! One of our customers would like to have a custom page for each 'top-level' product group. On this page they would like to show some custom text, products and product groups unique to that product group. Setting up this page in Swift is of ...
Baptiste Talpe
27/10/2022 11:04:18
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Video thumbnail/preview not populating
Hello! We are seeing an issue where the video asset thumbnail/preview is not populating on the product detail page; see screenshots below. Changing 'Open in modal' from 'Yes' to 'No' works to show the video preview, but it als ...
Melissa Borgmann
27/10/2022 00:06:44
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Checkout payment selection google errors
Hi, Using the feature to Find location using Google Places in checkout, when we are on payment selection step it's loading the api on every payment option change causing errors therefore address autocomplete not to work - https://www.screencast.c ...
Mario Santos
26/10/2022 16:22:24
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Sign in' submenu display issue'>'Utilities > Sign in' submenu display issue
Hello! We've run into a display issue in a 9.13.6 solution where the Utilities > Sign in dropdown/submenu gets cut off on most displays (e.g. 1080x1920) if it is set to right-align and it's the only item in the menu - see screenshots below ...
Melissa Borgmann
28/06/2022 19:46:19
Last post: 25/10/2022 17:38:07
Load More Products ruins sorting on product lists
Hi DW, We are experiencing with our solutions that the load more products in the product list ruins the sorting that we have done on our product lists. Often we sort our product lists from the catalog, which I suppose is the right way to do it. But b ...
Martin Ottesen
25/10/2022 08:51:59
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Swift Productslider Feature request
Hi Dw, 1. I would love the possibility to disable arrows from product sliders so that when I'm not using more products than visible at all times, I have no arrows to confuse anyone. 2. Since there is no way to present only one product in a column ...
Martin Ottesen
14/09/2022 12:06:30
Last post: 24/10/2022 15:12:06
Orders widget does not rely on Orders page
Hi, Using the orders widget (along with the Customer Center App item type), it would be a good UX if the orders details are displayed on the actual Orders page and not the current page. A current scenario is the dashboard page, where user sees the or ...
Mario Santos
24/10/2022 10:00:37
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How does Swift deal with multiple groups?
Hi All, I think I have an issue caused by products being in multiple groups. Altough I must admit I am not sure. I added an _Additional Information group, and below that a Brands folder to attach brand information to each product. Before I did this t ...
Justin Sjouw
20/10/2022 10:07:55
Last post: 24/10/2022 09:46:36
Wrong total discount prices on OrderLines
Hi, I have some problems with the orderlines in Swift. The prices are not shown correct when there is a discount on the orderline. (We're using Swift: 1.8.0 and DW 9.14.1) In the picture below you can see the first product has a discount applied  ...
Nicolai Jessen
20/10/2022 15:27:48
Last post: 21/10/2022 18:04:17
Swift nuget package
Is there a nuget package release of Swift? If not, wouldn't it make sense to release one or is there a reason why it's not a good idea? ...
Kevin Steffer
19/10/2022 10:03:39
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Breadcrumb issues
Hi DW, I would like to know if there is a way in swift to add breadcrumb navigation to content pages in Swift? I have tried to allow the breadcrumb items to be used on regular pages, but no luck in getting any breadcrumbs to show. And on the product  ...
Martin Ottesen
16/08/2022 10:31:59
Last post: 17/10/2022 15:53:15
Productslider not using related group
Hi Swift Team, When using the "Most Sold" type in the productslider, it does not seem like the "Relation" does anything to the products shown in the slider. As you can see in the background, I am getting the same products in the s ...
Martin Ottesen
24/08/2022 10:50:29
Last post: 17/10/2022 15:51:15
Component Heading/Name feature request
Hi Swift Team, I'd love to be able to define the HTML heading level on my Heading/Name in the component items like I can on many other items throughout swift. The h1 heading is too big for the details page visually, but I'd like the product n ...
Martin Ottesen
23/08/2022 13:16:47
Last post: 17/10/2022 15:35:37
Product Thumbnail Images in Swift
Dear Support, Please advice, is there any way to show the product thumbnail at the left side of the product main image in Swift? I used the Ecommerce Column called "Product Detail Media" but the thumbnails can display only at the bottom of  ...
Phyu Phyu Soe
29/09/2022 13:03:25
Last post: 17/10/2022 10:49:10
Badges not working in Swift?
I have tried to set up badges on a solution of ours, and couldn't get it to work using the guide. I then thought that it might have been our solution, and tried to set it up on a 1.13 demo we have. But neither here does it work. It shows the badg ...
Martin Ottesen
30/09/2022 11:11:44
Last post: 17/10/2022 10:38:16
Search icon size inconsistent
We recently upgraded a solution to Swift version 1.14.1. The search icon in the header is noticeably smaller than the rest of the icons after the upgrade (Fig. 1) and is bothersome to design-focused clients. The three configurable options available i ...
Melissa Borgmann
15/10/2022 00:51:32
Last post: 17/10/2022 10:11:26