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Page visit statistics
Hi, Is there a functionality within Dynamic Web that allows you to view reports/statistics/overviews of webpage visitor statistics (for example top 30 best visited URLs)? Thanks in advance! ...
Danique Pos
11/03/2020 16:44:53
Last post: 12/03/2020 09:03:13
Bug in printable papers
I've set-up a printable papers catalog today, and when choosing the product list sheet paragraph type, you have to choose a custom field in order to make it work. Not sure if this is a bug or feature, but the page crashes when I choose none. DW 9.7.4 ...
Siv-Renate Hansen
26/02/2020 15:56:36
Last post: 27/02/2020 12:50:09
Handlebars.UpdateQueryParameters forces page to scroll to top
Hi there, We found that when using Handlebars.UpdateQueryParameters the page jumps to top automatically. Probably related to the history.pushstate. Here's a repro scenario with Sort by dropdown on product list page - ...
Mario Santos
26/02/2020 15:40:31
Last post: 05/05/2020 15:20:16
Adding product to cart with quantity higher than available stock
Hello Adding a quantity higher than what's available in the product stock is possible, even though the Never Out of Stock isn't checked. From the screencast below, the product has a stock of 100 but we can add more than that. https://www.screencast.c ...
Fabio Monte
26/02/2020 13:37:28
Last post: 19/03/2020 08:20:21
Feature request - Mobile bottom menu
Hi On mobile bottom menu is king, so it could be great if this was an option in Rapido. Please see on mobile for a great example and maybe /Kim ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
19/02/2020 08:47:18
Last post: 21/02/2020 11:50:06
Having one favorites list and adding a product
This may be more open for discussion than a bug, but in the case we only have one favorites list, when adding a product shouldn't it add automatically instead of being displayed and have the user having to click on that single list to add? ...
Fabio Monte
18/02/2020 16:17:54
Last post: 19/02/2020 08:32:48
Clicking View in Browser links to nowhere
After receiving an email to recover the password, clicking the "View it in your browser" links to nowhere. Can we have the href fixed? <a href="#" class="link" target="_blank" style="text-decoration:underline;color:#828282;;" title="View it in you ...
Fabio Monte
18/02/2020 15:15:01
Last post: 18/02/2020 15:32:45
Change wording on recover password
In the recover password page here for example: can we change the wording from "Insert your email below and you will receive an email where you can recover your password." to "Enter your email  ...
Fabio Monte
18/02/2020 15:03:21
Last post: 20/03/2020 00:44:28
Order details pdf
When downloading a pdf with the order details, the file is named OrderDetails.pdf and not OrderId.pdf Isn't the latter a better naming so that it is more intuitive for the customer? ...
Fabio Monte
18/02/2020 14:48:32
Last post: 18/02/2020 15:29:37
Country should be on it's own line
Hi We noticed that the country is displayed on the same line as the ZIP, city and state in the order detail as per screen dump ( It's correctly on its own line in the order confirmation email) Can we have it formatted the same way across templates? ...
Fabio Monte
17/02/2020 15:36:12
Last post: 20/03/2020 08:15:55
User email and phone in order confirmation
Hello We noticed two things that may need a change in the order confirmation email: - The user email information is a different color than the other information. Can it be the same color for consistency? - The 2nd issue is that both the email and the ...
Fabio Monte
17/02/2020 15:08:00
Last post: 14/04/2020 17:10:33
Open ratio
We review open ratio and other highlights of sent emails in the tab Marketing > E-mail marketing. My question is if the open ratio also includes emails that are opened within the preview mode of for example an outlook provider (so not double click ...
Danique Pos
12/02/2020 16:40:34
Last post: 17/02/2020 16:23:15
SkipRenderBlocksList doesn't render Design
Hi, My expectation when using SkipRenderBlocksList is that it won't render the sub blocks of my block. As the documentation says: /// Use this if you want to render the sub Blocks in your own template However, I found, that it also stops the Design f ...
Mafalda Correa
12/02/2020 16:31:03
Last post: 25/05/2020 13:22:25
FR: currency + delivery country, not currency + language
I have a feature request that I hope you would seriously concider: A shop owner has an international market with many different currencies. Some of the delivery countries share currency. For example: Delivery country Norway->currency NOK (language ...
Siv-Renate Hansen
12/02/2020 09:22:17
Last post: 17/02/2020 11:58:40
Order confirmation email shows indication to visit My Orders when order was placed by anonymous user
Hello again...reporting another bug This might be redudant for anonymous users. When placing an order as this user type, in the order confirmation email a message shows an indication to visit My Orders as seen in the screen dump. ...
Fabio Monte
12/02/2020 00:45:33
Last post: 17/02/2020 16:45:32
Checkout without selecting a shipping method
Hello When at checkout, we can complete an order without selecting a shipping method as shown in screen dump. Shouldn't it be required, the same way a payment method is? ...
Fabio Monte
12/02/2020 00:24:41
Last post: 18/02/2020 14:44:32
Order templates date format
The order date formats across related templates do not have the same consistency. For example: - The receipt order date format is 10 Feb 2020 07:38 - The email order confirmation is 2/10/2020 7:38:51 AM - The order date in the orders list is 10/02/20 ...
Fabio Monte
10/02/2020 13:48:33
Last post: 26/03/2020 20:46:02
Display asterisk for required fields in forms
Hello In the Contact Us form for Rapido 3.2 ( here: ) , there are no indicators to tell the user which fields are required. Although for this form the Name, Email and Question fields are set as required, the user  ...
Fabio Monte
10/02/2020 12:48:17
Last post: 01/04/2020 08:02:28
Product list downloads
Hi, We have a customer that want their users to be able to create and download their own product lists. Is there any functionality in DW/Rapido that can be utilized e.g. printable papers, or what would be your recommended approach? Maybe add a downlo ...
Anders W
10/02/2020 09:39:39
Last post: 10/03/2020 09:45:03
Related articles of a blog
Hi, In Rapido, how do you configure the "Related articles" of a blog article? For instance, the articles of the Rapido blog "Dynamic-blogs" display some related articles in the frontend. Where do you set those related articles? Are the related articl ...
Tomas Gomez
04/02/2020 12:36:32
Last post: 07/04/2020 05:53:42