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Import price from ERP on familiy products
I would like to get feedback from the community on one particular issue we have related to importing prices. In our scenario we are importing all products from ERP (NAV). There are two import jobs, one for products, and another one for prices. This i ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
08/06/2021 22:09:28
Last post: 09/06/2021 15:45:07
Live integration does not return live stock
Running Rapido 3.4.2 on DW 9.9.5 with a BC 18 Cloud live integration, we are only getting live prices with the products. The stock reflects the value available on the products in DW. Kind regards, Roald ...
Roald Haahr
26/05/2021 10:45:29
Last post: 09/06/2021 08:34:45
AX 2012 auto-charges
Hi, I am getting this error when submitting orders to AX that have auto-charges: Exception: Exception of type 'Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Xpp.InvalidRemoteCallException' was thrown. This is happening when calling the function "salesLine.initFromInventTabl ...
Jon Thorne
04/06/2021 03:51:34
Last post: 07/06/2021 20:46:40
Importing customers or contacts
Hi, I am using the following request to get all customers från BC: <GetEcomData><tables><Customers type="all" importContacts="false"/></tables></GetEcomData> and all contacts with this request: <GetEcomData><tab ...
Johan Ulff
03/06/2021 15:26:31
Last post: 07/06/2021 11:31:47
Shipping method code and agent in BC integration
Just wondering, how are we supposed to handle shipping in the BC integration? DW is sending a node in the XML for OrderShippingMethodId with an walue of SHIP[X] but BC does not know this code. Are there any settings in the BC integration mapping thes ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
02/06/2021 20:25:52
Last post: 03/06/2021 08:31:02
Creating users and sending them activation/password reset link
Hi, We're experimenting with using the User Provider data integration method to allow support staff to create new Dynamic web users from our CRM system. We already have a working flow like this: Record is created in an external database table with al ...
Þórhallur Hálfdánarson
08/05/2018 17:03:27
Last post: 03/06/2021 08:18:04
Wrong format of Ship-to address
Hello forum, - we are getting users/customers from BC using the Dynamicweb integration tool using the request below: <GetEcomData><tables><Customers type="all" importSalesPeople="false" /></tables></GetEcomData> When we  ...
Michael Knudsen
19/05/2021 16:53:53
Last post: 02/06/2021 22:59:50
Manipulate data from integration source
We have an integration source which give boolean data in a wrong format, and it cant be changed. Is it possible to manipulate this in the integration job, ex. with @Code() ? Ex. the data source return "0" or "1" as a string, representing "0" = false  ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
01/06/2021 19:42:51
Last post: 02/06/2021 09:07:36
Wrong prices from BC
Hi, we have products in BC with different sales prices depending on the amount ordered I get the same results with both Quantity=1 and Quantity=100 in the request below, which should be different prices We are using Dynamicweb plugin-unit & ...
Johan Ulff
19/05/2021 11:48:36
Last post: 01/06/2021 08:19:46
Sending information to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
Hi guys, I have a project running on DW 9.10.8 that is supposed to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The purpose is to get contacts from CRM but also to send over some data collected via the Forms for Editors or through the Account creati ...
Adrian Ursu
31/05/2021 13:47:28
Last post: 31/05/2021 15:19:41
Get order/invoice PDF from BC in different languages
Hi When getting the order/invoice PDF from code unit, it seems that the PDF is always returned using english language. Customer would expect that the PDF would be returned using the language code set on the customer. This is how BC functions by defau ...
Chris Søgaard
27/05/2021 10:16:18
Last post: 27/05/2021 20:28:10
Disable live integration of product stock
Hi, is it possible to disable the fetch of product stock when using live integration, and only update the live prices? We want to map another field from BC to ProductStock in DW and could do it via regular batch import from BC. Regards Johan ...
Johan Ulff
25/05/2021 14:48:06
Last post: 27/05/2021 15:25:38
Order Provider Cache Breaking
Hi, We are experiencing some performance issues on sites that import orders and invoices frequently. We believe some of the issues can be tied back to the caching being broken and having to be rebuilt across the site when the Order Provider runs. Cou ...
Shawn Tehini
20/05/2021 00:25:47
Last post: 26/05/2021 15:47:33
Data Integration Job Execution Timeout
Is there any settings for controlling this timeout or is it just set to the default 600 http-execution timeout or is it default set to infinte? ...
Kevin Steffer
20/05/2021 08:25:20
Last post: 23/05/2021 21:48:26
Line discount %/Discount groups in BC18
Hi We have an issue on a client that uses D365 BC Cloud and recently updated to BC18 and also updated the codeunit to Problem is that after the update, the live integration no longer shows the correct price on product pages, in cart and on  ...
Chris Søgaard
28/04/2021 14:50:35
Last post: 21/05/2021 10:24:46
Incorrect discount calculations
Hello, We have a solution with live integration to BC18 cloud and after upgrading the codeunit plugin to version we experience that cart calculations are incorrect. Forexample i put 1 product in the cart and the discount used for the calculat ...
Jannich Ariyanayagam
20/05/2021 15:33:50
Last post: 21/05/2021 10:22:03
Product import to a specific group
Hi, we have problems when importing products to the PIM in Dynamicweb from BC. We want all not imported products in a special group called for example "New arrivals". This is easy to set up of course, settings a constant value to the GroupRelationGro ...
Johan Ulff
20/05/2021 09:19:13
Last post: 21/05/2021 10:11:52
Importing users
Hi, when importing users from BC into Dynamicweb, we want to send an email to the imported users with username/password. I cannot se that this feature is build-in in the integration framework. Do I have to build a custom connector to accomplish this? ...
Johan Ulff
19/05/2021 11:40:51
Last post: 20/05/2021 09:25:02
Broken logs links on scheduled tasks created with URL builder
Hi there, When I create a scheduled task with multiple jobs using the URL builder, the logs don't work and the task reports incorrect run results. I think this is caused by the fact that the log name contains a combination of all underlying jobs, whi ...
Imar Spaanjaars
12/04/2021 11:01:00
Last post: 19/05/2021 15:08:21
EcomProvider lost its InsertOnlyNewRecords setting
Hi there, It seems that somewhere between Dynamicweb 9.9 and 9.10 the EcomProvider lost its InsertOnlyNewRecords setting. In code I can see that EcomProvider inherits DynamicwebProvider which has that property, but it doesn't show up in the UI anymor ...
Imar Spaanjaars
29/04/2021 14:02:34
Last post: 19/05/2021 09:39:46