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Import to EcomAssortmentPermissions from UserProvider
Dear Dynamicweb, I am missing a feature where it is possible with the UserProvider to import data into EcomAssortmentPermissions as this data often is related. I hope it can be added? Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
28/02/2021 18:09:31
Last post: 19/03/2021 10:58:05
Data Integration - csv export - bug or feature
Hi. Im trying to via Data Integration, to export some data from DW to a csv file using the CSV provider as destination. I want the columns to be named differently as the column names in DW instad of : ProductId, ProductName. I want MyId, MyName. In t ...
Kenneth Radoor
18/03/2021 11:39:08
Last post: 18/03/2021 12:28:32
Integration against 365 Business central
Hi, I am using the Live integration add-in to send orders to Business Central. This i working fine, but I get a new order number in BC. Is it possible to use the one I have in Dynamicweb? I also want to send over the comments from the buyer. I can se ...
Johan Ulff
10/03/2021 16:28:06
Last post: 18/03/2021 11:44:10
Creating new columns to populate by a table script
Hi there, What is the recommended approach to invent / create new columns that can be populated by a table script on an integration job? Let's say I have three custom fields: IsInternational HasColor CanBuyOnline In a table script I like to populate  ...
Imar Spaanjaars
05/03/2021 09:14:30
Last post: 15/03/2021 20:58:34
Custom integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central
Hi, I have limited experience with Integration framework and has some (possibly) dumb questions. My goal is to import product and user information to Dynamics web from BC, and to be able to send orders back to BC. When I import users to Dynamicweb I  ...
Johan Ulff
04/03/2021 10:43:39
Last post: 10/03/2021 14:25:11
List of values for AccessUserType
Hi there, Where can I find the different types of values that AccessUserType in AccessUser can take? I found the UserType enum which defines the following: SystemAdministrator = 1, Administrator = 3, Editor = 4, Default = 5, ExtranetUser = 15 Groups  ...
Imar Spaanjaars
08/03/2021 14:12:43
Last post: 08/03/2021 14:33:03
Missing cache in InternalHasAccessToProduct
Dear Dynamicweb, We have a solution with a lot of products and a lot of assortments where we see some critical performance issues with missing cache then using this method: InternalHasAccessToProduct. This is tested on 9.9.6 Please see the call stack ...
Anders Ebdrup
05/03/2021 09:24:19
Last post: 05/03/2021 10:33:41
Exporting to D365 CE (CRM)
How do you export Leads from a form or the DW AccessUser table to D365 CE (CRM)? In the DW docs there are intructions to import from CRM, Is there a similar o ...
Shawn Tehini
04/03/2021 01:02:45
Last post: 04/03/2021 21:22:56
Import of Products to Shop1 changes things on Shop2
Greetings, We have a customer who has a Dynamicweb solution with 2 shops. They have an integration job that imports to the tables EcomProducts, EcomGroups, EcomGroupProductRelation, EcomGroupRelations and EcomShopGroupRelation. The integration job is ...
Keerthy Sethupathy
29/01/2020 16:29:47
Last post: 01/03/2021 11:30:11
Data Integration activity failing with Item Provider destination and large XML file
Hello, I have a Data Integration activity that fails with the error below when the imported XML file is large ( > 10 Mb). Breaking the file into smaller parts allows the activity to complete successfully, however, because the destination provider  ...
Brian Zawistowski
23/02/2021 23:46:57
Last post: 25/02/2021 22:27:16
Stock Location on D365 BC Cloud
Hi I'm trying to get StockLocations from D365 BC Cloud. Plug-in unit is installed on customer BC. Trying to call the endpoint with request for getting StockLocations like this will just result in a timeout: <GetEcomData> <tables> <Prod ...
Chris Søgaard
25/02/2021 12:11:29
Last post: 25/02/2021 19:38:52
Often, partial updates of product details with NAV
Hi guys, We have a request from one of our customers to run often updates of products on a solution integrated with NAV. The database has about +15k products and the update is supposed to update some information on existing products. The NAV partner  ...
Adrian Ursu
24/02/2021 09:36:49
Last post: 24/02/2021 10:10:44
Collation Error in Endpoint Management Adding New Endpoint
Hi, Building a new endpoint to associate with an authentican for a connection to F&O. Getting the following error: "Cannot resolve the collation conflict between "Danish_Norwegian_CI_AS" and "Latin1_General_100_CI_AS_KS_WS_SC" in the equal to ope ...
Shawn Tehini
22/10/2020 02:09:45
Last post: 23/02/2021 23:26:56
Dynamics BC integration and customer specific prices / campaigns
We have a issue with the Live Discount provider, related to customer specific prices and disabling line discount It is bit hard to explain, but I will give it a try. In BC we have setup a customer specific price for lets say "Product A" and "Customer ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
02/02/2021 23:09:10
Last post: 22/02/2021 22:21:43
Sync discount definitions between BC14 and Dynamicweb
Hi guys, Has anybody tried to sync the discount definitions between Business Central 14 and Dynamicweb? I have a request like this in one of our projects and my initial attempt is to say that it cannot be done. I just need to be sure before giving a  ...
Adrian Ursu
18/02/2021 10:36:08
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Hi, I'm exporting products from ecomproducts table to xml using Data Integration. How do I use conditionals to export products from a set of GroupIds? I tried this with no luck. "Groups - Contains - GroupX" "Groups - Contains - GroupY" And also this. ...
Lars Pham
15/02/2021 15:35:37
Last post: 15/02/2021 20:04:06
Avoid "KillAll" cache on import jobs
Dear Dynamicweb, We have a high performance webshop and would very much like to have added an extra checkbox on the destination settings for the Dynamicweb-provider and the Ecom-provider to disable the KillAll of all caching in the ecommerce and cont ...
Anders Ebdrup
03/12/2020 16:30:05
Last post: 15/02/2021 10:31:52
Endpoint Provider and OData Provider - any guide?
Hi Dynamicweb, Do you have any documentation regarding the new integration providers in Dynamicweb 9.10 - "Endpoint Provider" and "OData Provider". Especially about the object type "Custom" and the ability to freely map entities without a dedicated o ...
Niels Foldager
29/01/2021 17:04:53
Last post: 08/02/2021 08:57:40
Data Integration - Custom Destination Provider and OrdersProvider
I am creating a new Data Integration activity with Orders Provider as source and a custom Destination Provider (see attached file). When I create the activity, I select mapping for each table defined by the provider: When I run the activity I expect  ...
Evaldas Raisutis
20/01/2021 12:48:55
Last post: 08/02/2021 08:04:17
TestTool - Using OAuth authentication to Business Central
Is it possible to configure the TestTool to use OAuth for connection to Business Central? Currently are we using Basic Auth, but is will be deprecated ...
Michael Knudsen
02/02/2021 12:03:09
Last post: 03/02/2021 08:43:21