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"Failed to handle windows scheduled task" when set to ignore
There's a setting to not show the scheduled task error: "Failed to handle windows scheduled task". However, it appears that it still reports in some situations. I can repro this by creating a dummy scheduled task and then deleting it. O ...
Scott Forsyth
28/07/2021 23:27:26
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Add separator character to ConcatenateAdapter
Would it be an option to add a new string field called Separator Character to the ConcatenateAdapter's UI and implementation? When it has a value, it's used to separate source column 1 and 2. I just created my own by copying over the existing code, b ...
Imar Spaanjaars
25/04/2021 17:00:13
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Sync discount definitions between BC14 and Dynamicweb
Hi guys, Has anybody tried to sync the discount definitions between Business Central 14 and Dynamicweb? I have a request like this in one of our projects and my initial attempt is to say that it cannot be done. I just need to be sure before giving a  ...
Adrian Ursu
18/02/2021 10:36:08
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Move batches to another server
Hello! In our solution we have batches as any other but we are thinking of moving them to another server for performance reasons. Is this a good idea? We're thinking of duplicating the website into another server entirely whose job ONLY is to run the ...
Oscar Romin
25/09/2020 16:42:19
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DynamicwebConnectorService throughts
Hola amigos, I'm reviewing and advising on some possible changes to one of our client's architecture in regards to how their backend systems are accessed from all possible client side platforms, this would include the Dynamicweb webshop they have and ...
Arnór Halldórsson
20/05/2020 18:26:10
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License Update Scheduler not running on scheduled time
Hi all, I setup the "License Update Scheduler" to run every 5 minutes. But it doesn't run and over the scheduled time. Could you please someone advise me do i need to fill this 2 fields and what data should be filled? Kindly check the attached image. ...
Khaing May Thaw
15/05/2020 09:45:45
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SQL Provider authentication
For the SQL provider could the parameters be updated to work better with Azure SQL. Maybe similar to how SSMS works when you connect to a new database with a dropdown for SQL authentication or active directory. ...
Jason Harwell
10/04/2020 18:16:51
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Important: Schedule Job Running Time
Dear Sir, In Batch Integration, jobs are running based on the manually running time and not from the setting-up time. I set up to run at 8 pm. Before that, the job fails and I run manually at 3 pm. On the next day, the job running time change to 3 pm ...
Thet Nong Phu
10/03/2020 05:53:18
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Problems with Live Integration after upgrading Dw from 9.6.3 to 9.7.4
Hello, We had some problems when we upgraded one of our solutions from 9.6.3 to 9.7.4 having the standard live integration assembly 2.3.2 (same behaviour on 2.3.3 as well). We have live pricing (but NOT live cart) and in 9.6.3 it worked well, but whe ...
Emil Dumitrescu
16/12/2019 16:21:57
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Creating mappings at runtime doesn't work for new customfields
Hello! I have this field in EcomProducts called PeriodicalPrice (float) which we get from our ERP. Other customfields have worked fine, but this one doesn't for some reason. During my debugging I tried creating another new customfield called Testfiel ...
Oscar Romin
11/12/2019 16:37:08
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Feature request: "Re-run" button on log page
Hey, when running a data integration job, I get the log page, and two options at the top: "ok" and "reconfigure". Can you please add a "re-run" button? I am regularly cleaning data in my input file, and re-running the job. It would save me time to be ...
Jonas Krarup Dam
03/12/2019 11:47:46
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GLS Track Trace
Hi When you have GLS as Shipping provider, and you Creat shipping documents, DW creats a .csv file in a specified folder, that then gets DL to Uni-Connect by a FTP program, and then Uni-Connect get a packets number from GLS and last print it out. (th ...
Thomas Jensen
06/06/2019 15:22:18
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Mailchimp e-commerce integration
Hi, We have a customer who wants mailchimp e-commerce integration with carts, orders, etc. Anybody of you who have experience/module for doing this? /Søren ...
Søren Heide Larsen
13/02/2018 12:49:22
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Scheduled task, running activity, DW9
Hi, I have a solution i DW8 with some integration jobs. I have copied those jobs to a DW9 server. The problem is that I cannot get any data when I run a job. The scheduled tasks work. If I test it on the server with "Dynamicweb Service Test App" i ge ...
Aki Ruuskanen
04/12/2017 12:59:28
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Performance issue
Hi, I have a performance issue on my solution running with integration framework. Here is an example that I'm wondering about : Why is CalculateOrder requesting AX just because of this code @inherits Dynamicweb.Rendering.RazorTemplateBase< ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
02/03/2016 08:47:40
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Missing notifier for related products
Hi DW, It seems like we are missing a notifier when a related product list is displayed which means that the price of the products is calculated one by one instead of making it possible to calculate all prices at the same time in NAV/AX. I would expe ...
Anders Ebdrup
15/04/2015 21:34:11
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Feeprovider issue after payment
We have made a live integration project where we get all prices and fees from Navision. we do however have a problem with Dynamicweb not getting to correct shipping fee. in general frontend looks fine until the callback from the payment gateway, when ...
Keld Gøtterup
14/10/2014 14:47:45
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Updating EcomStockUnit
With later versions of Dynamicweb "stock location" has been introduced. In the video linked to further down, you'll see how to obtain the data structure for a source file, how it is edited and followingly used to update table EcomStockUnit. By export ...
Morten Snedker
12/08/2014 15:24:22
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Video presentation, variant import
Video presentation showing import of variants from CSV, having Ecom Provider for destination right here. ...
Morten Snedker
14/01/2013 15:51:45
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Video presentation, SQL Provider
A short 3½ minute video has been added, that shows how to update prices based on a direct connection to remote SQL Server. Give it a go: /Snedker ...
Morten Snedker
28/11/2012 11:00:52
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