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Data Integration activity failing with Item Provider destination and large XML file
Hello, I have a Data Integration activity that fails with the error below when the imported XML file is large ( > 10 Mb). Breaking the file into smaller parts allows the activity to complete successfully, however, because the destination provider  ...
Brian Zawistowski
23/02/2021 23:46:57
Last post: 25/02/2021 00:52:34
Often, partial updates of product details with NAV
Hi guys, We have a request from one of our customers to run often updates of products on a solution integrated with NAV. The database has about +15k products and the update is supposed to update some information on existing products. The NAV partner  ...
Adrian Ursu
24/02/2021 09:36:49
Last post: 24/02/2021 10:10:44
Collation Error in Endpoint Management Adding New Endpoint
Hi, Building a new endpoint to associate with an authentican for a connection to F&O. Getting the following error: "Cannot resolve the collation conflict between "Danish_Norwegian_CI_AS" and "Latin1_General_100_CI_AS_KS_WS_SC" in the equal to ope ...
Shawn Tehini
22/10/2020 02:09:45
Last post: 23/02/2021 23:26:56
Dynamics BC integration and customer specific prices / campaigns
We have a issue with the Live Discount provider, related to customer specific prices and disabling line discount It is bit hard to explain, but I will give it a try. In BC we have setup a customer specific price for lets say "Product A" and "Customer ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
02/02/2021 23:09:10
Last post: 22/02/2021 22:21:43
Sync discount definitions between BC14 and Dynamicweb
Hi guys, Has anybody tried to sync the discount definitions between Business Central 14 and Dynamicweb? I have a request like this in one of our projects and my initial attempt is to say that it cannot be done. I just need to be sure before giving a  ...
Adrian Ursu
18/02/2021 10:36:08
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Hi, I'm exporting products from ecomproducts table to xml using Data Integration. How do I use conditionals to export products from a set of GroupIds? I tried this with no luck. "Groups - Contains - GroupX" "Groups - Contains - GroupY" And also this. ...
Lars Pham
15/02/2021 15:35:37
Last post: 15/02/2021 20:04:06
Avoid "KillAll" cache on import jobs
Dear Dynamicweb, We have a high performance webshop and would very much like to have added an extra checkbox on the destination settings for the Dynamicweb-provider and the Ecom-provider to disable the KillAll of all caching in the ecommerce and cont ...
Anders Ebdrup
03/12/2020 16:30:05
Last post: 15/02/2021 10:31:52
Endpoint Provider and OData Provider - any guide?
Hi Dynamicweb, Do you have any documentation regarding the new integration providers in Dynamicweb 9.10 - "Endpoint Provider" and "OData Provider". Especially about the object type "Custom" and the ability to freely map entities without a dedicated o ...
Niels Foldager
29/01/2021 17:04:53
Last post: 08/02/2021 08:57:40
Data Integration - Custom Destination Provider and OrdersProvider
I am creating a new Data Integration activity with Orders Provider as source and a custom Destination Provider (see attached file). When I create the activity, I select mapping for each table defined by the provider: When I run the activity I expect  ...
Evaldas Raisutis
20/01/2021 12:48:55
Last post: 08/02/2021 08:04:17
TestTool - Using OAuth authentication to Business Central
Is it possible to configure the TestTool to use OAuth for connection to Business Central? Currently are we using Basic Auth, but is will be deprecated ...
Michael Knudsen
02/02/2021 12:03:09
Last post: 03/02/2021 08:43:21
Error message with new default live integration
Hi there, I have a 9.10 project that has its own live integration. When using some functionality like the customer center we run into exceptions like this: Note how it's failing on the logger; I guess because it doesn't have a settings file. However, ...
Imar Spaanjaars
30/01/2021 17:20:48
Last post: 02/02/2021 13:07:26
What's the point of having the request body on a connection endpoint in Endpoint management?
Hi there, I am trying to understand how to use the Endpoint Manager for integration. I like the global concept of defining URL and credentials in a single location and then point to that configuration from my scheduled tasks. It seems, however, that  ...
Imar Spaanjaars
04/01/2021 21:18:02
Last post: 28/01/2021 08:46:58
Cannot alter order after visiting checkout page
Hello, I am having a problem that I suspect is related to some logic in the DW code. My scenario is as follows. 1. I open the page that renders the information step of the cart app. The user is allowed to add items to the cart in this step, for each  ...
Unnsteinn Garðarsson
26/01/2021 15:16:15
Last post: 27/01/2021 18:47:12
Source file in data integration job is not updated
Running a 9.9.1, I am experiencing that a source XML file is not updated in the data integration job when I add a new property. This is an annoyance I have faced on other projects as well, so either I'm missing something or there is some sort of prob ...
Roald Haahr
27/01/2021 14:45:17
Last post: 27/01/2021 18:06:09
custom call to ERP webservice using Integration Framework 2
Hi, I am setting up an integration using IF2 with Live Integration. I have some custom functionality that I would like to implement, which means that I would simply like to CallErpService(WithMyCustomXML) and get back the response XML from the ERP. H ...
Jonas Krarup Dam
22/01/2021 10:04:49
Last post: 22/01/2021 21:36:42
How to avoid encoding of æ ø å in a product export?
I am making a product export (an xml file of all products) using the data integration. One of the fields in the product export is the product description, which is the standard wysiwyg ckeditor in the backend. The product descriptions are in Danish a ...
Pernille Mortensen
19/01/2021 08:10:24
Last post: 19/01/2021 13:08:34
IntegrationCustomerCenterItem prefix on documents when using GetList request
Hi guys, We have received a request from a customer to change the name of the pdf files that are saved from IntegrationCustomerCenter. It looks like they get an "IntegrationCustomerCenterItem" prefix and I have no idea if I can edit this prefix witho ...
Adrian Ursu
18/01/2021 16:41:03
Last post: 19/01/2021 09:00:55
Integration with Microsoft NAV 2018 with discounts calculated in ERP
Hi guys, I have an unusual situation with one of our integrations. We are using DW 9.9.6 and Live Integration Framework v2 with code-unit The customer is using discounts in NAV and we want to use ERP for the discount calculation. We have mad ...
Adrian Ursu
11/01/2021 14:02:09
Last post: 15/01/2021 15:54:12
Import job failed: cannot parse '1' to an System.Int32.
Hi guys, I am constantly having issues with Data Integration jobs where I use Excel as input. No matter if I use Dynamicweb Provider or EcomProvider, the columns that are supposed to be identified as Int, are mapped in the job as Double and the impor ...
Adrian Ursu
15/01/2021 14:58:14
Last post: 15/01/2021 15:20:02
Integration to Amazon
Hi, We want to integrate DW with Amazon, both the PIM products and the eCom orders. Reading the docs, there are two options (with or without Channable). Which are the pros-and-cons of each option? And, from your experience, how do you test the order  ...
Tomas Gomez
04/12/2020 14:04:34
Last post: 11/01/2021 14:56:32