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OData and multiple dynamic conditions
Hi there, I am trying to filter sales prices from BC that either have a specific end date in BC (0001-01-01) or that are greater than today. In standard OData I can do this: ?$filter=(Ending_Date eq 0001-01-01 or Ending_Date gt 2023-09-18) which work ...
Imar Spaanjaars
18/09/2023 17:12:56
Last post: 27/09/2023 08:50:29
BC endpoints syntax for filtering
Hi guys, I am working on an integration with BC and I am trying to make use for the endpoints functionality. The first question I have is related to using the endpoints in the template (or back-end code) logic. For example, If I want to make a reques ...
Adrian Ursu
23/08/2023 13:57:43
Last post: 25/09/2023 14:21:15
Sync queued order - Finished after X minutes - not working
We have recently had some issues with duplicate orders being created in BC and found this is caused by the Live Integration sending the order at the same time as the "Sync queued orders" task. We have found that this caused by the incorrect ...
Jon Thorne
25/09/2023 04:45:19
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Update has been canceled
We sometimes see this error when creating orders in D365 F&O. 09-19-2023 01:21:37.255 : ConnectionError: Error CalculateOrder Order Id:'ORDERXXXX' CreateOrder:'True' Message:'The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal ...
Martin Moen
20/09/2023 09:15:55
Last post: 20/09/2023 15:08:59
Importing product data in multiple languages
Hi, I've created an integration in the default language for the basic product information with the Ecom provider. I need to create these products in 24 other languages. I want to avoid creating 24 more data integrations, and hope it can be done i ...
Davy Capiau
12/09/2023 09:14:37
Last post: 19/09/2023 09:45:44
Intermittent BC14 OrdersPut issue
Hi, At a certain customer every once in a while (few times per month) and order does not arrive in BC14. The log then shows: When the order is then sent to ERP manually via the backend it does get correctly added to ERP. It seems (after a lot of watc ...
Justin Sjouw
22/08/2023 16:02:09
Last post: 15/09/2023 07:57:55
Liveintegration. productlist with variants takes a looong time. How to avoid this?
Hi, I have a productlist with variants. When using live intregration and this - the call to the live integration is too big. I have this checked: "Include variants in productinfo request". I cant disable this, because then it wont work when ...
Jan Sangill
12/09/2023 09:23:37
Last post: 13/09/2023 12:48:52
Length of order fields
Hi, We have an issue integrating the order fields from DW to BC. Some DW fields have a length that is too long to be integrated at BC. What is the best solution to solve this issue? Truncating the fields before sending them to BC? Truncating the fiel ...
Tomas Gomez
06/09/2023 13:25:45
Last post: 12/09/2023 14:34:04
How to get Order Shipping Status from Business Central to DW
Hi, I am integrating Endpoint to get the order details from Business Central to DW. However, I cannot get the fields required for Shipping Status from Business Central. Please let me know how we can get the Shipping Status from BC to DW. ...
Girish Kamble
31/08/2023 13:54:33
Last post: 13/09/2023 10:35:00
OData and live calls
Hi there, I have a project that uses OData for products and orders but am now also looking into options to do live calls. The business case is RMAs: the customer likes to use BC RMA functionality and not use our build-in features. The flow is somewha ...
Imar Spaanjaars
08/09/2023 13:58:42
Last post: 08/09/2023 14:43:09
VAT rounding issues in BC
Hi there, I am using OData to send orders into BC. I got most of it working but I am now facing some rounding issues. I am sending the order line price with VAT (with the "Prices Including VAT" turned on) as the unit price for each product. ...
Imar Spaanjaars
06/09/2023 21:38:43
Last post: 07/09/2023 17:08:57
Multible customer numbers on one user and Live Integration
Hi, We have a customer who is importing users to their Dynamicweb solution. The users live in Navision with same email but can have multible customer numbers. As of right now the username is the email, which gives issues when we launch more websites  ...
Marie Louise Veigert
30/08/2023 13:35:35
Last post: 05/09/2023 13:12:37
Changing a Ecom Groups name does not refresh the navigation (friendly url)
Using a standard integration with XML provider/Ecom provider. When an Ecom group changes its name, the Ecom navigation change the name on the item, but the friendly url doesn't refresh, and still uses the previous. Is there a way to force the fri ...
Christian Ginnerup
01/09/2021 10:49:47
Last post: 04/09/2023 18:44:31
Multiple Product Units combined with a simple stock import
Hi , I have defined and imported different product units. As you can see in the screenshot below, the defined 'Sales unit' is always the base unit: "always 1 piece". My source file with the stock quantities only has 1 line per produ ...
Davy Capiau
28/08/2023 17:11:35
Last post: 01/09/2023 15:09:06
EcomDiscount best practices
Hi, I'm using the DynamicwebProvider to import different discount rules. I have some questions: What is the best practice to import the translations of the rules in the EcomDiscountTranslations table? I want to avoid needing to export the rule id ...
Davy Capiau
10/08/2023 09:40:09
Last post: 29/08/2023 16:20:01
Liveintegration and manipulating salesline price via BC plugin custom unit
Hi, we are trying to extend the BC plugin unit on Cloud. We have looked a little at this thread: We are trying to manipulate it, and when we do, we sometimes get an error. Look at my attach ...
Jan Sangill
05/07/2023 08:08:21
Last post: 26/08/2023 09:07:04
BC Integration - Invoice discount including shipping fee
I have found an issue when trying to apply a full credit/discount to an order. This issue is related to the shipping fee. I want to apply an invoice discount amount of the full value of the order including the shipping fee. In the BC code unit the sh ...
Jon Thorne
23/08/2023 04:34:39
Last post: 23/08/2023 16:01:00
XML error when sending a request to Live Int
I try to get live prices but get a error that says: "Fjärrservern returnerade ett fel: (500) Internt serverfel. Response: The following exception was encountered when processing XML data: 'Data at the root level is invalid. Line 6, posi ...
23/08/2023 13:14:57
Last post: 23/08/2023 15:09:43
Connecting to BC gives error "Most Times"
Hello, I'm dealing with a difficult issue here, as the Plugin in BC seems to be installed correctly, I have a DynamicWebService installed locally that is configured correct;y, and I can use the testtool to get resuts from BC. However the response ...
Justin Sjouw
13/07/2023 15:32:12
Last post: 22/08/2023 15:58:34
Power BI integration
We have a client that wants to be able to access certain data from DW and use into Power BI. Is there any "easy" way of doing this? Or maybe its done before? We are thinking to expose data through and API endpoint, but thought it would be g ...
Anders Thoresen
22/08/2023 12:21:46
Last post: 22/08/2023 14:58:28