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Managing failed orders in BC/NAV integration
I would like to understand what the standard practice is for handling orders that fail to be transferred to the ERP system with the live integration and how this can be managed by the end user. This may happen if the order details do not match some d ...
Jon Thorne
23/01/2022 22:43:37
Last post: 24/01/2022 09:34:23
ProductEAN from BC
Can anyone please tell me which field in BC ProductEAN is fetching the information from? ...
Martin Moen
20/01/2022 15:48:55
Last post: 20/01/2022 16:50:36
No history of order in Customer Experience Center
Hello, I have a DW solution running Swift with a connection to BC set up. I can place an order as a customer and see that order in the list of " My Orders" in the Customer Center. However, I do not see any of the historic orders (invoices). ...
Justin Sjouw
17/01/2022 11:21:58
Last post: 20/01/2022 15:28:45
"Customer price group" in price request to BC
Hi, in the documentation for integration framework ( there is a note : "Please note that the salesCode parameter can also take a ...
Jonas Krarup Dam
19/01/2022 13:41:25
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BC Connection via Endpoint Management Endpoint and Authentication via OAuth2
Hi, I am trying to connect via OAuth2 to BC via a DW 9.12.3 site. First I noticed that I need to be on a 9.12.0 version to get the option to add an Access Token in the authentication information. I started with a 9.10.12 site so I am hoping that this ...
Shawn Tehini
14/01/2022 23:03:14
Last post: 14/01/2022 23:10:25
Is it posible to get notification if dataintegration imports the same file, with same datestamp two days in a row?
Hi we have a solution, where we get .csv file containg a list of products. We are supposed to get the file once a day, and we import the data once a day. However, the export from Navision has stopped on a couple of occasions, and this has caused conf ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
04/01/2022 14:41:16
Last post: 04/01/2022 21:56:34
BOM from BC
Are there any standard functionality to get BOM items from BC, or will it have to be custom coded? ...
Martin Moen
23/12/2021 13:02:05
Last post: 23/12/2021 13:08:00
Integration customer center - Open orders and invoices - search functionality
Hi, We are using the Customer Center Integration app to list open orders and invoices (Rapido Standard), but some customers have a long list of orders/invoices with a large number of pages, so it can be tricky when a user wants to find a specific ord ...
Ricardo Pereira
22/12/2021 16:22:41
Last post: 22/12/2021 20:11:42
ICECAT integration links issue
Hi DW We have solution with ICECAT integration and we faced problem, that .pdf links from ProductMultimediaObject Node saves in EcomDetails like links, but not a path to file and file not downloads. So customer can't open this links, because of p ...
Andrejs Zavorotnijs
12/11/2021 11:47:36
Last post: 21/12/2021 10:41:32
Specified discount on product in live integration BC
We are integrating with BC, and on the product page we do get the correct discounted price, and in the cart we do get the discounted price including the specified discount. But we would like to show the specified discount in both amount and percentag ...
Martin Moen
20/12/2021 11:34:52
Last post: 21/12/2021 09:05:45
Live-Integration version 5.0.0 source code?
Hi DW, any plans regarding an upgrade of the live integration source code targeting DW version 9.12.X? Current 4.0.0 version has reference to dynamicweb.dll 9.10.8. Best regards Søren ...
Søren Jakobsen
15/12/2021 10:49:33
Last post: 20/12/2021 14:36:29
Exclude fields from order XML before passing it on to NAV
Hi, Using DW 9.10.16 I need to exclude OrderCurrencyCode from the generated XML before sending it to NAV. Is that possible? Kind regards, Roald ...
Roald Haahr
15/12/2021 16:00:19
Last post: 20/12/2021 10:14:36
Dynamics 365 BC19
When will the Dynamics 365 BC19 Plug-In Unit for version be released? Best regards Magnus ...
Magnus Holmberg
17/12/2021 15:19:49
Last post: 17/12/2021 15:33:44
BC Live Prices with different unit of measure
Hi DW We have a request from a client that want to use different unit of measures when calculating live prices. But it seems like the request for getting live prices is always using the base unit (in this case STK) when calculating prices. The client ...
Chris Søgaard
25/11/2021 14:49:11
Last post: 14/12/2021 14:42:18
LiveIntegration - License is not valid ?
Hello forum, - the ERPLiveIntegrationAddIn.log reports sometimes "Request send failed. License is not valid." which leads to certain orders aren't send to Business Central while other orders are sent successfully. 12/13/2021 12:16:29 PM ...
Michael Knudsen
14/12/2021 11:26:55
Last post: 14/12/2021 14:37:22
Additional Scheduled are running parallel with the schedule one
Hi All, I want to check on the Schedule jobs with intervals of 15 minutes. We implemented a scheduled job to be sent out 800 emails per 1 batch. Issues -> we scheduled a job with 15 minutes interval times for 1 day (9:00 am -11:00pm). But during i ...
Nay Chi Phyo
08/12/2021 09:53:39
Last post: 10/12/2021 09:42:13
Integration customer center - RequestExternalPdf - Date format
Hi, We are using the Customer Center Integration app to list open orders and invoices and to get the open order/invoice PDF from BC (Rapido Standard). Is there any way to choose the date format in PDF? It is showing the US format and we want to chang ...
Ricardo Pereira
09/12/2021 17:37:34
Last post: 10/12/2021 00:40:15
Rename file from ICC download
Hi, We are running DW 9.12.2 with customer center integration to BC. Is it possible to rename the file requested from BC in regrads to OpenOrder and Invoices? Br, Mads ...
Mads Knudsen
24/11/2021 10:27:33
Last post: 07/12/2021 12:00:08
Error running batch job
Hi there, I upgraded a solution to 9.12.4 and now I get this when running an integration task: License error: eCom_DataIntegrationERPBatch_BC module is not installed It's a normal Import data with custom request add-in and we're not using BC  ...
Imar Spaanjaars
25/11/2021 16:37:54
Last post: 07/12/2021 11:46:07
Integration with NAV2018 - Getting productGroups
Hi guys, I am starting a project that is supposed to integrate with NAV2018 (see my other post). One of the features of this integration is to get the Products and ProductGroups. In the documentation here: ...
Adrian Ursu
07/08/2018 12:21:39
Last post: 02/12/2021 17:21:11