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Error in public/getimage.aspx
Hi after upgrading from version 9.10.14 to 9.14.6 the DW function public/getimage is returning an error 500. This means that all of the preview images in the /admin can be viewed, and all of our Swift items that uses the functions does not work. I tr ...
Daniel Hollmann
10/01/2023 16:24:03
Last post: 11/01/2023 08:59:39
LanguageCulture - System.IndexOutOfRangeException
Hi. I’m trying to upgrade a custom solution that should go from 9.10.14 to 9.14.16 (latest). What I did was this: 1) Downloaded the new Application folder and placed it with my other appilcaion folders. 2) Copied the new .dll’s to my cust ...
Daniel Hollmann
19/12/2022 10:28:08
Last post: 23/12/2022 08:38:32
Issue on Smart Search Filter
Dear Nicolai, I would like to report the issue that we are getting when creating smart search by using the filter in the attached image however it return the SQL error. Could you please suggest on this? We are using DW version 9.14.5 however this iss ...
Yoon Peti Nwe
09/12/2022 05:21:28
Last post: 16/12/2022 03:58:19
Deployment tool 9.14.5 Content compare returns status code 500
Hello On a 9.14.5 solution I am trying to upgrade Swift v1.12.0 to v1.15.0 via deployment tool and when I compare Content I get the following error: 2022-12-05 12:19:46.660: Exception of type 'System.Web.HttpUnhandledException' was thrown.. S ...
Tobias Nordvig
05/12/2022 12:30:18
Last post: 06/12/2022 12:53:33
Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler dll missing
Hi all, I installed DynamicWeb.Admin v9.14.4 NuGet package on a new and clean solution. Everything ran smoothly until I opened "Integration Framework Batch" page. Please see screenshot attached. It's something missing with my installati ...
David Miguel Luis dos Santos
21/11/2022 19:45:51
Last post: 03/01/2023 16:43:01
Event viewer not found
Hi. I'm upgrading a solution from version 9.8.13 to 9.13.11 I have sevarl issues, but a big one is that the event viewer can't be found. I get this errror. Any tips on what I should do? ...
Daniel Hollmann
22/08/2022 16:34:46
Last post: 22/08/2022 20:46:03
Error on Marketing module email send
We are getting error on Marketting module when click email send. solution upgrade from 9.13.3 to 9.13.8 ...
Shiwanka Chathuranga
18/08/2022 10:57:20
Last post: 14/11/2022 11:22:53
Swift Related products slider issue
Hello DW, When using the related products feature in the products slider, it says that it will create a slider for each related group. That is also true, and it does create two sliders if you have two groups, the thing is that it pulls the same produ ...
Martin Ottesen
12/08/2022 14:11:40
Last post: 15/08/2022 12:36:25
Adding catalog as paragraph app results into XmlException
Hi guys ... I just upgraded a solution to the newest (9.13.8) admin because of errors when adding custom product field to my 9.12.4 admin solution. It helped, no problems there anymore. But now I cant add a Product catalog app anymore. The old ecom a ...
Peter Leleulya
13/06/2022 14:26:52
Last post: 15/06/2022 12:28:59
Update requires an Ayden2 >= 1.0.1 .... but only 1.0.0 is available
I'm having issues with custom product fields in my 9.12.11 admin solution, so I'm trying to update to the latest 9.13.8 Admin .... But it requires an Ayden2 >= 1.0.1 .... but only 1.0.0 is available .... What can I do? Ik force uninstalled ...
Peter Leleulya
13/06/2022 10:17:26
Last post: 13/06/2022 10:39:10
GetString and quotes not processed correctly in Razor template
Hi We have upgraded a solution from v9.6.9 to v9.13.6. Now when running a Razor template (a master.cshtml file) GetString and quotes does not get processed correctly. The first problem (first image) is that GetString() set in between sinlge quotes re ...
Lars Larsen
20/05/2022 10:05:07
Last post: 20/05/2022 10:33:49
DW 9.13.2 / Rapido 3.4.3 - Including email address in URL with ?LoginAction=Recovery sends wrong email
After upgrading from 9.12.5 to 9.13.2 I am experiencing that I can no longer include the email address in the URL to the recover password page in Rapido. It then auto submits the form and send an email using a wrong template. Can this be fixed so the ...
Roald Haahr
16/05/2022 10:04:04
Last post: 06/06/2022 03:11:06
Facets are not the same
Hi, I have updated a solution from to 9.13.5 which is currently under test. I have copied the \Files\System\Repositories folder from the not upgraded live environment to the upgraded test environtment but it is missing some filter options, th ...
Eva Sommer
09/05/2022 10:05:02
Last post: 20/05/2022 11:33:23
Issue in product list page
Hi Find issue which appear only 1 time, in products list page, after any upgrade or Application folder change, but if try to refresh page all is ok and this exception disappear. Saw this issue in local and after in 2 LIVE solutions, after upgrade to  ...
Andrejs Zavorotnijs
09/05/2022 09:01:00
Last post: 09/05/2022 15:32:48
Upgrade to 9.13.5
Hi After upgrade Live solution we find an issue with Orderlines in 9.13.5 I try to investigate this issue on my local solution, got same issue on local solution with 0.00 All OrderLines Price tags are empty in 9.13.5 I try to comeback to 9.13.4 and h ...
Andrejs Zavorotnijs
05/05/2022 08:38:06
Last post: 06/05/2022 08:32:57
Reset password encryption
We use the Extranet module and use reset password by sending email with link to reset-password-site. When I use this my password is NOT encryptet and is visible in clear text in DW (AccessUserPassword). Password encryption is activated and if I chang ...
Jesper Splidsboel
04/05/2022 16:36:10
Last post: 05/05/2022 13:16:32
Customized URLs for products
Hi there :) We recently upgraded a shop from DW 8 to 9. After we did that that, it appears that customized url's were reset somehow. Anyways, we selected the settings that we believed the client used for eCommerce. But it turns out, that while th ...
Bjarne Rosendal
02/05/2022 13:50:22
Last post: 16/05/2022 14:49:38
Duplicate email sent in webfarm situation
Hi, folks We have a customer with a webfarm. After they upgraded to 9.9.7 they started getting duplicate email reciepts sent after checkout. They finally found a hint in the logs yesterday: the message is getting sent by both nodes simultaneously. An ...
Sean Meade
27/04/2022 18:09:40
Last post: 05/05/2022 08:08:29
Saving csproj file on update
Hi guys, For some nuget admin updates visual studio prompts me a gazillion times to save/cancel the csproj file. I cant seem to understand why or how to get rid of it ... I have to actually pay attention to the update which takes a very long time and ...
Peter Leleulya
21/04/2022 12:09:34
Last post: 09/05/2022 14:12:36
Sitemap cant detect "Shop" page
Hej. Im currently working on a project on DW version 9.13.4 and im trying to make a sitemap. The problem im having is that the sitemap template cant find the "shop page". This means that i cant iterate through all the groups and product i h ...
Emil Emerek
08/04/2022 15:46:09
Last post: 19/04/2022 09:23:40