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Error in public/getimage.aspx

Daniel Hollmann

Hi after upgrading from version 9.10.14 to 9.14.6 the DW function public/getimage is returning an error 500.
This means that all of the preview images in the /admin can be viewed, and all of our Swift items that uses the functions does not work.
I tried locally to set the customErrors mode to “on” in the web.config, but I get nothing but the status code 500.
The uploads work fine, and I can see that the file is placed in the wrong folder. However when DW used the getimage function, it fails.

Any idea on how to move forward from this?

2023-01-10_16h21_36.png 2023-01-10_16h23_36.png


Daniel Hollmann

Hi I was able to find the problem myself.

There was some new dependentAssembly that was added in the web.config, that I had not moved to the new web.config, which was causing the problem.
After I alligned the dependentAssembly under the assemblyBinding tree, it was working again!


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