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Issue in product list page

Andrejs Zavorotnijs


Find issue which appear only 1 time, in products list page, after any upgrade or Application folder change, but if try to refresh page all is ok and this exception disappear.

Saw this issue in local and after in 2 LIVE solutions, after upgrade to 9.13.5

Try to investigate this problem in local solution and find out that this issue starts from 9.13.4 version and still exist in 9.13.5 and 9.13.6 (in 9.13.3 all is OK)

Don't think this issue is critical, but anyway :)





Morten Snedker Dynamicweb Employee
Morten Snedker

Hi Andrejs,

This is a known issue. It will be resolved in upcoming 9.13.7. In the meantime you can resolve the issue by obtaining most recent Dynamicweb.Indexing.Lucene at nuGet and have it replace the existing file in the Applications \bin folder.

Hope this helps.



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