Latest Releases

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  • Next major is 9.10, scheduled for January 26th 2021
  • Hotfixes are released on a need-to basis between major releases, usually on tuesdays

Custom solutions and 9.7+

Dynamicweb 9.7 requires .NET Framework 4.7.2. This is a necessary step towards making the application .NET Core compatible. Please ensure all self-hosted solutions have .NET 4.7.2 installed before upgrading to DW 9.7.

Custom solutions and 9.6+

When upgrading to 9.6+ for the first time, please delete the following dlls from the /bin folder:

  • Dynamicweb.Content.Social.Adapters.FacebookAdapter.dll
  • Dynamicweb.Content.Social.Adapters.GooglePlusAdapter.dll
  • Dynamicweb.Content.Social.Adapters.LinkedInAdapter.dll
  • Dynamicweb.Content.Social.Adapters.TwitterAdapter.dll

You must also overwrite web.config (or merge non-standard content with the released version).

As always, stop the application pool before upgraing - if not, dlls which are in use (e.g. ABCpdf or ImageGlue) may not be properly overwritten.

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