DW 9.16 Release Notes

Release date: September 21st 2023

Dynamicweb 9.16 is one of the last Dynamicweb 9 releases and contains various small changes and fixes previously released on 9.15.

Please note:

  • Our PDF print components have been updated. The new version is not pixel-perfect compatible with previous versions
  • After applying this update, you may have to open and save all integration jobs due to changes in underlying providers

Here is a list of all included work items and features:

ID Work Item Type Title
10544 Feature Override ironpdf renderdelay setting through globalsettings
11726 Feature Add IsWebServiceConnectionAvailable and IsLazyLoadingForProductInfoEnabled as current.items in live integration
11964 Feature Skip tracking cookies when headers have been sent 
12270 Feature Make api public
12320 Feature Added ToStringInvariant ProductViewModelExtension
11784 Feature EcomDestinationWriter - timeout configurable
11902 Feature Translation on Order States (DW9)
12284 Feature Add option to get carts by customer number in webapi
12371 Feature Handle tax child order lines from BC in DW liveintegration
12382 Feature Make shipping calculation api public
12401 Feature Pass the result XmlDocument to OnAfterErpCommunicationArgs
12619 Feature Use fallback values for receiver address information in Shipmondo delivery provider
12686 Feature FieldDisplayGroup - Make it visible in backend ProductEdit, when selected to be shown in frontend
12703 Feature Add option to use customer information for labels
13147 Feature Add stock status to productviewmodel
13178 Feature Shipmondo: Make it possible to limit shipping products
13224 Feature Handle default favorite list
13226 Feature Shipmondo: Rewrite to not use Quotes endpoint to limit available shipping products
13308 Feature Ensure order state emails are only send once per recipient
13887 Feature Add option to limit upload extensions in forms
13886 Feature Add post authenticate endpoint to users controller
13973 Feature Make UI usable while caching ProductCategoryFields and their field options
13983 Feature Add sorting to orders endpoint and set better defaults for paging
14282 Feature Always give 404 for inactive products in ProductCatalogForViewModel
14301 Feature Make it possible to edit orders by setting unit price without vat.
14337 Feature Add order reference to validation
14391 Feature Remove AutoLoginNotificationSubscriber
14315 Feature Implement RibbonBar.DataContext.Initialize(_prod) for PIM
14516 Feature Do not log threadabortexception
14528 Feature Enable analyzers for copyfields
14681 Feature Add description to favorites endpoint
14401 Feature Extensive amount of database calls when having both Ecom navigation enabled and Assortments activated
14645 Feature ECOM  provider: ORDER BY VariantGroupProductRelationSorting (without breaking changes)
14811 Feature Add FeeRulesSource property to ShippingViewmodel
14863 Feature Add setting to control urlindex timeout
14876 Feature Add GetPageOrLanguage to pageservice
14896 Feature Remove Beta lavel from Shipmondo
14908 Feature html decode values for CSV
15253 Feature Changes to sitemap.xml generation
15307 Feature Primary Group - Do not set, when create Product below Warehouse
15602 Feature Remove license restriction for new permission model
15603 Feature Make the cart viewmodel more resilient to bad data.
15606 Feature Optimize cart