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Dynamicweb Swift is a plug-and-play standard solution for Dynamicweb Ecommerce which allows you to create beautiful mobile-friendly Ecommerce websites with minimal effort and almost no coding with awesome performance, wcag support and much more...

In practical terms, Dynamicweb Swift consists of:

  • Files folder containing templates and other static ressources
  • database with demo data - pages, products, paragraphs, etc.
    • Password for Admin: Admin1
    • Password for Administrator: Administrator1

If you find errors in Swift, please don’t hesitate to contact us

These are the requirements for Swift packages including a database: 

  • Swift 1.21.0 requires Dynamicweb version 9.15.5 or newer
  • Swift 1.20.0 requires Dynamicweb version 9.15.4 or newer
  • Swift 1.19.0 requires Dynamicweb version 9.15.2 or newer
  • Swift 1.18.0 requires Dynamicweb version 9.15.1 or newer
  • Swift 1.17.0 requires Dynamicweb version 9.14.6 or newer
  • Swift 1.16.0 requires Dynamicweb version 9.14.5 or newer
  • Swift 1.15.0 requires Dynamicweb version 9.14.2 or newer
  • Swift 1.14.1 requires Dynamicweb version 9.13.11 or newer
  • Swift 1.14.0 requires Dynamicweb version 9.13.11 or newer
  • Swift 1.10.0 requires Dynamicweb version 9.13.6 or newer
  • Swift 1.6.1 requires Dynamicweb version 9.13.1 or newer
  • Swift 1.5.0 requires Dynamicweb version 9.12.9 or newer
  • Swift 1.4.0 requires Dynamicweb version 9.12.5 or newer
  • Swift 1.1.0 requires Dynamicweb version 9.12.3 or newer
  • Swift 1.0.0 requires Dynamicweb version 9.10.14 or newer

The baseline database is a bacpac file created using the MS SQL Server 2016 standard (version SQL server 15.0.2080.9) using SQL Server Management Studio 2019 version 15.018040.0.

Requirements for all Swift versions on GitHub.

You can not upgrade from Rapido X.X to Swift. The item types and templates are not compatible with Rapido.

The Swift 1.21.0 Github release contains files folder contains the corresponding design files, images, and other static resources (css, js, etc.)
These are Swift hotfixes before our final quarterly releases, which does not include the final database. Please use the database from v.1.19.0
This Folder contains a build frontend files. If you download it directly from Git, you need to build your frontend files before deploying if there is changes in js/css files

 File name Size   Date 145353 KB 27/04/2023

The Swift 1.19.0 (Q4-2022/Q1-2023) database contains example pages, users and products. The Files folder contains corresponding design files, images, and other static resources (css, js, etc.).
If you download Swift from GitHub then you can download the corresponding demo product images in a separate zip file (the products folder needs to be placed in the Files/Images folder).

Please follow our guide here for installation.

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Like other ‘pre-packaged’ solutions, a Swift-solution consists of three things:

  • files-folder with design files, images, and other static resources (css, js, etc.)
  • database with example data – pages, products, users, etc.
  • A Demo Product Image folder - with images of the products displayed in Swift

The basic installation procedure may also be familiar:

  1. Prepare the hosting environment
  2. Install a Dynamicweb application
  3. Download the Swift Files-folder and database
  4. Follow the guide to installing a pre-existing solution
  5. Download the Swift Demo Product Image folder and insert the folder here Swift/Files/Files/Images/Products

If you're a tinkerer and prefer using GitHub see here.