DW 9.14 Release Notes

Release date: August 30th 2022

Dynamicweb 9.14 is a transitional release which – due to the imminent release of Dynamicweb 10 – contains mainly minor feature requests & improvements, in addition to security-related features.

The main focus has been on improving our ViewModels and tweaking web api behavior, as well as maintenance on some of our payment & shipping providers.

One significant PIM feature is released – namely the ability to set permissions explicitly on product fields.

Here is the list of improvements in Dynamicweb 9.14.

You can now set permissions on product fields – standard AND custom – by navigating to Settings > Ecommerce > Advanced Configuration > Field Permissions (Figure 2.1). This makes it possible to directly control who can see what in frontend and backend.

Our various ViewModels have been improved:

  • NavigationViewModel
    • A new property – IncludeFoldersAndHidden – makes it possible to generate e.g. breadcrumbs, sitemaps, and more.
  • UserViewModel – added properties:
    • Stocklocation
    • Currency
    • ShopId
  • ProductListViewModel & ProductViewModel
    • The default sort & parameter values from product catalog added to model
    • Removed StandardFields property due to redundant data & performance issues
    • Added a DiscountViewModel
    • Added metadata keywords & descriptions to models
  • Content ViewModels
    • Added comment count to ParagraphViewModel
    • Added a Contrast-method to the ColorViewModel
  • FavoriteListViewModel
    • Added quantity property
  • OrderViewModel
    • Added TrackAndTrace information
  • Various extension methods implemented

For Ecommerce, we've made minor improvements to two payment gateways:

  • Added new payment methods to QuickPay Payment Window add-in:
    • Apple Pay
    • Anyday split
    • Google Pay
    • Ideal
    • Resurs
    • Klarna payments
    • Mobilepay Subscriptions
  • Altapay is now Altapay again instead of Valitor

Our API has also been improved with a set of often requested features:

  • The Cart-endpoint now returns more information about a cart, e.g. name, created date, modified date, shopid and cartid.
  • Made location api in tracking public
  • The GetUserByExternalId method is now public
  • Regions added to International endpoint
  • Support for assortments in Products endpoint
  • Made the ExportProducts endpoint async, so that it first returns an OK/NOT OK to the client, and then afterwards returns the zip with product data

In addition we've implemented the following minor features:

  • Content: Visual Editor mode now supports permissions on content
  • PIM: Improved performance of PIM Export to Excel
  • Repositories: Added additional skip-options for the ProductIndexBuilder; SkipOrderHistory, SkipCampaign, and SkipAssortments
  • Cart Commands
    • The cart command createnew now includes the shopId and can take an ordercontextid
    • The copy cart command now applies the current shop context to a new cart
  • Support for lossless compression of webp images (quality = -1)
  • Added support for .tiff files in image selector
  • Various performance improvements
  • Various security fixes