DW 9.17 Release Notes

Release date: January 31st 2024

Dynamicweb 9.17 is one of the last Dynamicweb 9 releases and contains various small changes and fixes previously released on 9.16.

Here is a list of all included work items and features:

ID Work Item Type Title
15911 Feature Add country selector and new options to ShipMondo provider
15586 Feature Add timeout (deadline) option to QuickPay
15588 Feature Add website selector to the LiveIntegration
15716 Feature Check shop type before invalidating url index
15730 Feature Show variant name instead of variant id in price list in backend
16305 Feature Add a product key to index
15746 User Story Make order field for storing Channable OrderId selectable
16550 Feature High Volume URLS
16382 FEature Implement paging on Feeds
16425 Feature Optimize URL Loading
16649 Feature Add additional settings to customized urls
16233 Feature Introduce Unit handling for AX
17890 Feature Lazy load properties to improve live integration performance