Dynamicweb 9 is distributed in two ways:

  • As a standalone application in  a manner similar to previous versions of Dynamicweb
  • As a collection of packages which can be updated dynamically from our NuGet feed

The standalone applications are released as follows:

  • Majors (DW 8, DW 9) are released every 2-3 years
  • Minors (DW 9.1, DW 9.2) are released biannually - in January and August
  • Service releases/Hotfixes (DW 9.1.1, DW 9.2.2) are released on Tuesdays, on a need-to basis

Packages for package-based solutions are released on a running basis, although select packages are released only when majors are released.

Read more about our SLAs.

In our release policy, you'll get a quick overview of how long the recently released versions and upcoming Dynamicweb versions will be actively supported, for how long they will be bug fixed and include security fixes/improvements.

To better understand the meaning of the color schemes, please read the bullet points below:

  • Active Support: Dynamicweb versions that are currently supported
  • Recommended version: Versions with this color will still be maintained with bug fixes
  • Security: Versions with this color will only include security-related support  
Figure 1.2 Planned Scope of release policy as of 30/08/2023