T5: PIM Implementer

T5 is a stand-alone intermediate course which aims to teach you the basics of working with Dynamicweb PIM. The course consists of a series of tutorials which will explain different aspects of Dynamicweb PIM to you – from the overall concepts and data analysis, to the finer points of enriching products.

T5 is scenario-based, and each tutorial begins where the previous tutorial ended. It is recommended that you follow the tutorials in a sequential order.

The structure of T5 is as follows:

  • Tutorial 1 covers core PIM concepts & basic setup
  • Tutorial 2 covers the tools available for managing the product portfolio
  • Tutorial 3 covers the tools for product enrichment
  • Tutorial 4 covers the tools for publishing products to various channels

While T5 is a stand-alone course, it is helpful if you are acquainted with the Dynamicweb platform in general – in particular products, product fields, variants, and other Ecommerce concepts.

After following this course, you should be capable of passing a C5 Certification, which will make you a certified Dynamicweb PIM Implementer.


Before you start this course, you must have access to a clean Dynamicweb 9.5+ installation with Rapido including PIM installed on top. This could be a local solution or a solution provided by us as a part of a course.

You should also have a basic understanding of how to work with Dynamicweb in general – if you’re a novice, check out the Get Started section on the documentation portal.

To become a certified Dynamicweb PIM Implementer you must pass the C5 Certification test.

  • C5 is a multiple choice test consisting of 40 random questions relevant to the role of PIM Implementer
  • The test must be completed within a time limit of 90 minutes
  • You cannot save a test and resume it later
  • Some questions allow you to select more than one answer

Certifications are personal - and are valid for 2 years, after which you must be recertified.

The first attempt costs EUR 110 - each subsequent attempt EUR 50.

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