T3: Platform Developer

T3 is an advanced course, which aims to teach you the basics of extending basic Dynamicweb functionality with custom projects. After following this course, you should be able to pass the C3 certification, which means you will be a certified Dynamicweb Platform Developer.

The course consists of a number of tutorials, which will explain various parts of the platform to you, from the overall concepts to the gritty details of e.g. creating a custom DynamicwebConnectorService add-in for the integration framework.

While being T1 & T2 certified is not a requirement for following the T3 course, we thoroughly recommend that you are familiar with the basic functionality in Dynamicweb; Content, Ecommerce, Marketing, Users, Integration, etc.

Unlike the T1 & T2 courses there are no actual assignments included in the tutorials, but we of course expect you to try the examples on your local solution wherever possible, as nothing beats hands-on learning.


Before starting the T3 coursework, you must make sure the following steps have been taken:

There are no additional requirements.

  • Tutorial 1 covers the core concepts such as the application lifecycle, the different types of extension points available to you, and provides you with an introduction to the API, with special focus on the parts of the API which are used to access the database.
  • Tutorial 2 covers the basics of templates, frontend development and the rendering process
  • Tutorial 3 covers extending Ecommerce with a notification subscriber, a custom price provider, and a sales discount provider using configurable add-ins
  • Tutorial 4 covers the concept of items and how to work with them as a developer
  • Tutorial 5 covers the new indexing engine and how to create e.g. custom IndexBuilders or custom macros to use in queries
  • Tutorial 6 covers data integration, including how to create custom data integration providers, use table scripting, etc.

To become a certified Dynamicweb Platform Developer you must pass the C3 Certification test.

  • C3 is a multiple choice test consisting of 50 random questions relevant to the role of Platform Developer
  • The test must be completed within a time limit of 2 hours.
  • You cannot save a test and resume it later
  • Some questions allow you to select more than one answer

Certifications are personal - and are valid for 2 years, after which you must be recertified.

The first attempt costs EUR 110 - each subsequent attempt EUR 50.

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